обзор накладки YINHE (Milkyway) Earth II версий Soft и Hard – чем хорошо учиться топспину

My greetings to all
table tennis lovers!
Today we are going to know
a rubber by Yinhe – Earth.
It’s the second version. Though Maxim
keeps calling it Earth, like the cartoon.
But it’s Earth by its main dictionary meaning.
Earth is one of the mysterious rubbers by Milkyway.
Because there is a lot of contradictory
information on the Internet.
We’ve read and watched lots of it,
and there is a lot written about it.
One writes it’s heavy, others – that isn’t,
has friction and doesn’t.
sponge is soft or hard, so we didn’t
understand what this rubber is about.
But at the same time
think about word “Earth”.
It’s something special, as every stuff
by Yinhe is named after space objects.
As the Earth is the planet we
are living on, it has to be special.
We are going to test it on blade
by Yinhe – V16 kevlar-carbon.
By the way, there is three version
of this rubber: soft, medium and hard.
We put on hard and soft to see
the difference between them.
As you see, it’s blue.
Like Earth.
Let’s start with pushes.
Let’s see how it’ll go.
Let’s try.
We’ve just played pushes,
so, what can you say?
My first impression – it’s controlling.
Due to soft sponge and slight
catapult effect you may underspin.
I managed playing heavy
underspin with hand swing.
Let’s now try drives.
We’ve played drives.
It was comfortable to play no-spin balls,
and even wanted to start hitting.
Maybe you shall try it,
as an expert in no-spin game.
I usually test pips, and it’s pips-in rubber.
But okay, let’s do it.
Let’s try.
So what can you say?
Angles are a bit different,
but I quickly adjusted to it.
It’s similar to some pips,
and it’s comfortable to block.
It’s really controlling.
There is no shot or something,
simple angle placement, and with soft rubber
the ball is no-spin, you want to hit forward,
and hard allows spinning, so now
it’s interesting to counterattack.
Let’s try and see counterattack against loops.
Of course, there is needed
good athletic preparation.
But at the same time the
moves are short, BH and FH.
The speed is high, but everything
is controlling. What can you add?
Yes, the shots were good.
Interesting to see in loops.
Yes. I return it for you to spin,
play opening attack, so let’s see…
So, you’ve played loops, by the way, opening
attack was heavy, so what can you say?
It’s good to spin. I was
surprised by heavy opening attack.
I think it’s due to no catapult effect,
you may move your whole
body and play heavy opening attack.
And you don’t have to be afraid,
that the ball flies away.
As you say a lot about control,
let’s try chop-blocks and defense.
Let’s try.
So, what can you say
about chop-blocks?
Not bad. As you saw,
there were some good hits.
One time it was twice
jump-off on the table.
Let’s conclude.
You may imagine the big corporation Yinhe,
where people in white coats
with the same inscription
are trying to invent different types of rubbers.
And after all they created rubber Earth.
Earth. I think, after testing it, the rubber is
good for tactics, when you play long serve,
play placement, attack and
so on. What can you add?
I think you may play with
the start code, play heavy loop,
as you saw when to add the power.
And then you may add counters
from the table and so on.
Counters are great with it.
And what about loops?
Who would you recommend it?
I think to those people, who want
to make their loops better.
Lots of players put on tensor
rubbers and fail to play loop,
but they need to put on this
one and practice speed-up,
and only then try more powerful rubbers.
That’s all. We are Maxim Cherepnin and Sergei Baranovskii.
See you!

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