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Alright guys first web site, then I’m gonna show you that where you can start making anywhere from $2
So like twelve or thirteen dollars per game is called play test cloud.com
Okay, this is a really cool website for first thing you need to know is that it takes big-time game developers and partners them up
With game testers the testers are yourself and me
We are the people that when signing up to start testing these games and get paid to do it
Now if you’re playing your video games right now on
Your mobile phone and this is really this website is geared toward mobile phone game play
If you’re playing games right now on your mobile phone, you’re a perfect candidate
Why not get paid to play games and have fun while you’re getting paid now what they want what they’re trying to accomplish
Basically is they want some feedback from you while you’re playing the games. They want to know how you’re feeling about the game
Do you find any issues what you don’t like about the game? You can be telling them how you feel?
I’m gonna be telling them what you thought about the game
Each game is gonna take anywhere from you know
15 to 30 minutes the longer the test and the longer the game takes the more money you can earn anywhere from $2 to
$13 and what these developers do is before they release a game during the prototyping development and soft launch?
they’re going to this big website called plate vodka calm and they’re going to
invite testers like yourself and me to start testing these game to get paid for they even do it after a release the
information and the feedback that we provide to these big-time game developers is
Vital to their success because they need to know if these games are going to take off
They’re gonna sell they want to know
What the typical game player thinks about a game that hasn’t even launched yet?
So important to these companies that they’re willing to pay you to do this now this particular
Website as you can see here. This main website is basically for the actual game developers
Now if you want to become a tester
You’re gonna go to this become tester button up to the right on the right top of the computer screen here
I’m gonna click on that and it’s gonna bring you to this page
Now they do pay via PayPal and they do hire from many countries
You do have to speak English in order to be hired for this
Particular website now what you’re gonna do you’re gonna sign up you’re gonna put your name email address all that stuff
What kind of iOS Android device that you have? Okay, you can you can see on the drop down
It shows many different options if it’s an Android you pop that in there
It’s other like a computer with a microphone you pop that in there the more
Devices you have the more money you can make because you’ll be able to do it on several different devices
Okay, you’re gonna fill in this information right here. These are common questions that you might have right now
Well, you can click on any one of these and it’ll it’ll answer any question that you might have for instance
Do you only pay via PayPal?
Yes, this is because PayPal the lowest cost for sending international payments and is the best digital method for transferring payments?
So you might have some questions go through these questions. Okay, can I play test with kids?
When will I get paid we try to process payments or play tests as soon as possible after they have been reviewed
So you should not have to wait more than a few days to get paid
There’s no minimum amount that you need to reach to be paid, which is really neat
so check out these questions and answers and
this might be a really good opportunity and a really good website for you guys to join get hired as a
Tester to start playing games. Alright, if you guys are enjoying this video so far
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That actually work in your area. All right, guys, let’s get right back into the video
So the second website I want to go over is get paid to calm
So basically you get paid to play games basically the same idea
Okay, it even shows you the most popular games right now
I’m sure you some of these look really familiar
But you get paid basically to play these games and here’s how it works
Sign up for your free get paid account and launch the games arena to start playing
Step two you start playing play a white select
Some games including word arcade strategy cards and puzzles get paid for playing your favorite games online
See your points balance stack up and basically you can cash out those points
Via bank transfer of money straight to your account your Skrill account a bitcoin eutherian
Amazon.com gift card or even straight to your PayPal it’s free to join
Another fantastic website where you can start earning money playing games, you know, guys we do this
Oh, we do plea play games too as a pastime. We play games to enjoy some leisure time
Well, you know what? Why not monetize that time why not start making some money doing some things that you absolutely love
Playing games is fun. You know, what’s even more fun playing games getting paid? That’s even more fun
But anyway, let’s go to their offer wall right here
Okay, so you can join for free browse our online offer wall for easy points
You can make get all these points you can do tasks
Again, you get paid via all of these particular options here
But there’s many ways you can actually get paid but the point of this video is playing games and getting paid to play those games
Really really cool. You can join now for free the third website
I want to show you which I really really liked looking at this website
It’s called inbox dollars
first of all as soon as you sign up
You’re gonna get a $5 bonus right there just for signing up for the free account. Okay, really really cool
You can make money just several different ways. Not just by playing games
You can make money watching TV taking surveys shopping different cash offers that type of thing
They even have a really easy quick video that you can watch
To kind of explain how you can earn dollars or cash dollars for all the things that you’re doing every day
Anyway, okay this how it works brands paid them for consumer input
they recruit members like you you do online activities like paid surveys paid very
Cool bonds paid shopping playing games and you earn real cash that they do not pay in points guys
This is real cash and they pay via PayPal
Here is some different ways. You can earn money how you’ll earn free cash taking surveys
watching videos cashback online
reading emails coupons and of course for playing games
Really neat website lots of different ways you can make money on this website and not just by playing games
They are partners with huge huge corporations Netflix Target H&R Block Walmart
Publishers Clearing House, they make it real simple
If you read this right here since 2000 they’ve been around since the 2000 for 19 years
They’ve been around in machs dollars has paid over
Fifty six million dollars in cash awards to its members for doing everyday online activities like reading emails
taking online surveys playing games watching videos and
TV so guys another great way where you can start making
Really fun money while you’re doing the fun things that you enjoy doing like playing games online
So as you can see guys, this is a great way to earn some extra side cash
There’s a great way that if you’re playing video games that you can actually start
Monetizing your fun having fun playing video games and making money at the same time
But the only problem with this is that you’re trading a lot of time for just a little bit of money
Like I said a great way to earn some side money
but this is not going to make you rich this is not going to give you financial freedom and if you’re looking
for that financial freedom
If you’re looking to break away from your nine-to-five if you feel handcuffed to that
You’ve been working there for years and years and you’re trying to find a way to break free from that
Or if you’re trying to make money while you’re on vacation
enjoying your family enjoy exotic places
Or having fun in the Sun at the beach
With your family and with your loved ones and having leisure time and not having to hit that alarm clock every day
Or if you’re just sick and tired being stuck in traffic
Going to work every morning coming back from work
Every evening and you’re tired of the stress and of the anxiety of being in that bumper-to-bumper traffic in the city
then I’m gonna show you a way that
you can make
passive income income while you’re sleeping an
Income that works for you where you don’t have to invest the time every minute of the day in order to get that income
There’s gonna be a link down below
To my number one recommendation to start making a full-time passive income online
Right now starting today if that’s what you’re looking for
Click that link right now and it’s going to take you to a video of me
explaining a little bit about the next step and
Believe me guys, you’re gonna want to make that next step
It’s always important to understand that it’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself

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