😲 I EMPTIED The Pipe With 90 F2P Rubies and This Is What I Got… | Mario Kart Tour

😲 I EMPTIED The Pipe With 90 F2P Rubies and This Is What I Got… | Mario Kart Tour

All right, so Now, we did a huge, massive 405 ruby pull before. Some of you guys have seen that video where we said Oh, we’re gonna keep on going a little bit more, a little bit more and then we just like spend all of our rubies. Now, we’re at the end of the tour. We’ve got the login bonuses of like 50 rubies I did a couple bonus challenges which are like the bingo cards you get some of those. And now we’ve got 114. So we’re gonna be dropping 90 rubies on this banner. It’s gonna be great. Now, a lot of you guys, if you saw the previous pulling you guys notice that after my first pull of ten I’ve got two high ends on there and then I immediately reset the pipe. A lot of guys may have thought hey you know that was a miss play shouldn’t have done that. But now since I did do that I Have access to even more high ends out of this thing. So, I mean it’s kind of like sunken costs, but I’m gonna drop the 90 anyway. So in here we are going to get four High ends, that’s really good looking at it. You’re gonna get the high end spotlight within 90 rubies. We’re gonna get it. There’s no surprise. The high end driver. We’re going to get row one, which I really hope is Pauline Party Time. That would be killer. That’ll be really killer if we got Pauline Party Time. The second one is gonna be a high end kart. I don’t know a Platinum Taxi would be pretty cool. I’d like that. Is that even in the karts? Yeah, Platinum Taxi right there, that’d be great. I’d love to have that one and then we get one more glider. One more glider. Um, give me the New Year’s 2020. That’s kind of what I’m hoping. So that being said, we’re gonna do it. Thanks so much for coming. I’m excited for it. And there’s going to be how many supers left? There’s one super character. Oh, man I wish there was more Super characters but whatever. I’m ready. You guys ready? Let’s go. Give me some hype in the chat if you guys are ready for this pull. And then once we’re done with the pull, We’re gonna jump into road to ranked and then we’re gonna try to get this high score. It’s gonna be good. Hopefully. Well we get the Quickshaw. So the Quickshaw I’ve got a little literally boost up in points and then go from there. So Alright here we go. What’s that star mean? We won’t get any “what’s that star mean?” No, we’ll get one. We’ll get one, but it’s okay. This is what the bottom of the pipe looks like ladies and gents. Unfortunately for me, I had to go to the bottom in order to get the Quickshaw. So here we go. Ladies, thanks much for coming. Gold pipe, called it. There’s no, there’s nothing crazy about it is what it is. So again, forgive me for being a little sick, but Time is running out and Mario Kart Tour does not hold for any coughs or None of that stuff. All right, here we go. Ladies and gents. Let’s go. I’m excited for it I want to see exactly what happens in this in this pipe pull. I think we get like maybe two high ends. All right, let’s go. It’s not exciting for me. It’s at the bottom. We know what’s coming out. Okay, that’s actually really exciting for me. Wicked Wings, you crazy? Yo, that’s like swooper on steroids. That’s actually really good. That’s my glider that I’m getting. I’m not getting the 2020 glider That’s just, it’s gone. I’m out of high ends here. So we’re at the end high ends. We just got to go. Droplet Glider is lame. Roy is super lame. I like, you know, I like that that little And that’s her Pauline. Come on, baby. Oh Come on that’s so bad. That is so bad. Oh no Oh no, oh no Oh I got her. Out of of all the high ends that I could have had. I wanted a new one. But now I got a level two. I mean that’s 12,000 coin value, but still. That’s real bad. I mean, it’s great look great character mushroom cannon’s awesome the thing is I already got her during the Paris Tour. So I don’t need another one. Hey, what do you know Pipe Frame. It’s fine. Oh dang, I don’t need another Blue Badwagon. That’s a little sad. That is a little sad. Because I already have one. That’s my high end man. Agh. And here’s your Quickshaw logic. Landship, oh my gosh Quickshaw is gonna be at the bottom of the pipe, watch. That’s unbelievable. BBIA, Buy em every day. Haha. Alright, Not bad, three high ends in a pull. Look, guys just tuning in you’re missing out. This is not my first ten pullin. You have three high ends No, this is a very end. On The banner where you get nine high ends in the pipe. So it’s okay. It’s really unfortunate. I like this. I like the swooper a lot, or whatever the Wicked Wings. I think it’s really good. I think this is a Waluigi Pinball. Yeah, we could use that tomorrow. I Don’t have a high end ticket for it though. So that’s kind of unfortunate. Alright, take a look, pay attention. 45 rubies. Oh my gosh. Can you believe this? The Quickshaw is at the very bottom. In the in the comments right now, I want you guys to predict. I want you guys to predict which place, The Quickshaw is. Remember, there’s 10 so you can type 1 through 10 and then you guys can possibly get it right. That’s so bogus that it’s at the very, very bottom of the thing. So other than that, All my other high ends are gone. Alright, so I’m going to get, look this is the bottom of the barrel. I’ve never done this before. I’ve never pulled until the very bottom of barrel. It’s not really something that’s ever worth it from you. We’re gonna at the one high end, We’re getting one super, two supercars and then three normals. One normal car and then two normal gliders. So that’s exactly, we know what we’re going to get. This is the bottom of the barrel. So these are the bottom of the barrel blasters. Alright, we’re gonna pull the ten, and we’re gonna call it. You’d be a fool to pull just five. Just calling it right now. Don’t do that. You want them all hmm. So anyway, you guys have your Predictions in the comments. It’s another gold pipe. We know it 100%. Ha, “How to 100% predict a gold pipe” Featuring yours truly. All right. You have your predictions I’m gonna say it’s gonna be on the seventh one. Wouldn’t it be funny if it was on the tenth one? Oh my gosh, that’d be so bad. It’d be really bad. Anyway, here we go. We know it’s coming Quickshaw is guaranteed, we emptied out this pipe. There’s Baby Luigi, I don’t need him. Go for Baby Mario. Baby Mario’s in ranked mode right now. It’s frustrating man, but we know the commons, right? And those are not the commons that I want. Hey, okay so number three. Who said three? Michel. Michel said three Oh, dude. Good job, Michael. Some of you guys said three. There we go. Well, we got this new kart. So I’m kind of excited about it. Only took me four hundred and too many. Flame Flyer is trash. Oh my gosh. Dang, dude. I want like some exclusive banner stuff. I got one more. Toddie Bugatti. Mr. Bugatti, nice to meet you. He’s a level 3 now. Toddie. He’s not good. He’s not useful in anywhere. Wow, Droplet Glider. Dude, where’s the minion glider at? Let’s go. Baby Rosa, level three Baby Rosa, right? Still a turd. Haha Even if the turd has a cute little, Little crown, it’s still a turd. Bullet Blaster, useless karts. These are just really filler. It’s real trash. And a Soda Jet, wow Look at me and a Soda Jet, that’s actually really bad. So it’s a bad pull, outside of the QuickShaw. Cuz there’s really nothing good in here man, it’s really garbo dude. Oh my gosh, alright, so look it was the end of the pipe. There was a couple supers in there, you got your high end. It took me the entire pipe to get Quickshaw. How sad is that? It’s like, it’s almost like Nintendo and DeNA know, That everyone needs a Quickshaw for ranked mode, because it’s a really high-end cart. I’ll give you guys a little bit of context right now. And if you fire over here again, it’s gone. Your pipe is gone until you reset it, That’s pretty interesting. Need 0% all the way down. We got all of our stuff, That’s great. We got everything out of there 0% for everything and we are done with the pipe. OK, so let’s give you guys a little bit of context here. Tokyo Blur, 2R, which we’re gonna be going into. The Quickshaw was what we needed for this one. Quickshaw was the only one out of like these other rare cards that is available for this. Okay, so I absolutely needed that. And then the crane and then this other coin glider you’re fine with right? Okay, next up Dino Dino Jungle R. I Think we’re fine with it. Yeah, we’ve got all top shelf. No, we’re good. We’re absolutely good with that one. And then Waluigi Pinball. Walu, This thing and then look we got this brand new swooper, but like I was happy about the swooper, But now that I’m looking at it, I have a level one. Sorry not “swooper” it’s like what’s it called? Its called a Wicked Wings, so It’s a level one Wicked Wings. But with the level and boosts that you get yes, it’s top-shelf 10% combo time, which is great, but when I’ve got a level 3 super Which is top-shelf 10% plus than two times bonus points boost. It only makes sense that I’m going to be using this one. So that’s super glider. Maybe it’s going to be useful in the future. But right now and it’s okay. What we really wanted was a Quickshaw. So now that we got the Quickshaw, we can jump into road 2 ranked and we can do some work. But of course we should indeed level this bad boy up. I got 20 of these tickets, So now is the time to burn them. A lot of you guys ask; “Hey, when should I use my tickets?” You should really only use your tickets when: You are, you’ve already used your 150 experience for the day. You pull something brand new the out of the pipe and then like you need it for the time where you’re going to be going into Rank Mode, I think that’s the only time that you could use them. Other than that save them. There’s really no rush to use them, so. Um yeah, it was good, it was good. So I’m gonna level this thing, out we’re gonna max it. I think it get maxed at what like 400. We’re gonna burn all these tickets. I don’t even care. Let’s burn it so that we have the most points possible When it comes to ranked mode, and then we’re set. What else are you guys using for the points of tickets anyway? You’re not there just collecting dust and you guys probably have like 50 or 60 glider points up tickets like that You guys are not using for anything. So there we go ladies and gents driver points tickets paid up in full this thing is at a 400 right now. And we’re good to go. So I’m ready to do this racing. Anyway, good luck on all of your pulls. Let me know in the comments what you guys pulled on this banner. And did you guys drain it? It’s it I think it was worth draining because we got extra high ends and that’s every high ends worth like 10,000 to 12,000 coins So you might as well do it. Anyway, good luck! Captions provided by RockingFox88.

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  1. Hey Abdullah I’m a pretty big fan of you I watched you a lot on you tube but I got a new phone and I had to make a new account but I still love your vids

  2. Dear @AbdallahSmash026,
    in many of your videos you call it F2P. But you cant call it F2P, when you use a Goldpass account.
    The reason is, you get much more important stuff, which is often necessary at tier 3, and much more rubies to use.
    Real F2P must sometimes play with tier 1 and 2 stuff, and can often just pull once, if was good in rank mode.

    That is not your case , but you try well and play for your scores, that i respect really.
    Even if F2P sounds nice, maybe telling that Goldpass is within, is more honest.

    Emrah T

  3. Stop complaining but i still love your content okkk I’m just going to shut up I’m just being jealous but I wish I had your account

  4. Did pulls again and man my dream combo I finally got it. Party time Paulin. Platinum taxi, and 2020 New year's. The kart and glider are level 2 and my Paulin is level 3

  5. I just emptied the pipe for the very first time ever bc I asked for iTunes gift cards
    For Xmas and I got all the spotlights….and I still have 5 pulls left but…all the percentages went down to 0 except for a few supers..I also got Pauline party time and king boo the spotlight purple dude and a few high end karts oooh and black clouds and all of the high end spotlights features in the Pipe…so emptying the pipe does pay off….but …I still think the whole pipe system is horrible and that Nintendo got extremely greedy w the pay to play system in this game 🤬🤬

  6. I got Pauline Party Time and I already have her and you don't, You got Kimono Peach and you have her and I dont….. wanna trade?

  7. 8:03

    There is no conspiracy theory, Abdallah. Dumb luck has it you had to fire off 113 shots for Quickshaw while I mine with 3. 103/110 vs. 1/30, respectively.

    Rule of Thumb with gambling: Sometimes you win, other times you lose. This time I was the former, while you were the latter. [Insert boasting laugh here]

    Ah, but it's all fun and games. Delighted. Until the Ice Tour!

    Notable NEW pipe gains: Quickshaw, Todd Party Demon, Para-kartpa, and baNaNa glider…oh and thankfully, none of the Mario/Peach alts. Haha

  8. I pulled half of the pipe and got absolutely nothing, not even a new common Kart… I inmediately uninstales the game and after thinking about it a while, I won't come back, this is not Mario Kart anymore

  9. Honestly I thought you got quick Shaw and everything and Idk how I got Toad PartyTime and I didn’t even do his pipe

  10. 600k sub 4k views what’s happening. Dude your super Mario odyssey game play video hits 500k views in Chinese video website even without subtitles. You are so good bro

  11. So you quit FEH because it’s a gacha and now you play this!?!?! Which is also a gacha!?!? Come on man…..

  12. Me and my sister both did one 10 pull at the exact same time. We both got a gold pipe. She wanted the Glam bruser and I wanted the quickshaw. I ended up with the Glam bruser and she got the quickshaw. We were both livid. 😂

  13. I wish I had those top shelf gliders for ranked mode. I got my Quickshaw on my second 5 ruby pull, which is good, but I never get the gliders, I always get the carts….

  14. Dude the quickshaw was my 11th pull never got happi Mario and I will lose in ranking also I got Pauline party time from that pipe🥳

  15. expert tip about the tickets. only use a ticket on an item if the message that it'll be maxed Doesn't comes up.
    if the message that the next ticket will max it out. STOP. while the tickets will give you 50 exp on that item, it's a waste if you only need 30 exp to max out the item. just do the remainder exp as part of your daily exp grind instead.

  16. Uffff what happened to your voice? Haven’t watched your videos for a while…. Sounds very nasal, like a cold

    Get well soon akhi!

  17. 3:28 "I wanted a new one".
    Reminds me of my first 10 pull on this pipe. I saw the star and got Pauline…who I already had. I reset the pipe since I got another high end and pulled again several days later. I got another star and it was Pauline again. As a result, I have a level 3 Pauline (which isn't a bad thing), but I do wish I got other characters. I feel for those who also want Pauline who don't have her (0.25% chance means that she only appears once about every 400 pulls).

  18. I got Mario Hakama on my first 20 pulls! Then later I got the Rainy Balloons on my 40th pulls. And the last one was Rosalina Halloween on my last 10 pipes.

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