🤯4-4! SPURS BEAT MAN CITY!🤯 (Llorente handball goal, VAR offside, Sterling goal + more highlights!

🤯4-4! SPURS BEAT MAN CITY!🤯 (Llorente handball goal, VAR offside, Sterling goal + more highlights!

It’s City vs Spurs in the Champions League And City Have handed out some free flags! Maybe That’s to hide the empty seats… Home leg… Alli, Later… See You later! Gotta hit the goal… Shit, he hit the goal… But son changed the atmosphere… I play much better when Harry’s not here… Harsh! We’re pretty much through with this! Yeshhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Time flies by… No! It’s barely 15! Silva scores! Bye bye Champions League! FFSSSHHH! There’s a final spot! That I’m dreaming of! I did say you’d be #spursy, Again! We’re beating Tottenham! Spursy Tottenham! What could go wrong? How about an “accidental” injury to your star striker?! They’re beating Tottenham! #spursy tottenham! Well buy you next son! What?! Nothing! Yeah we’re 4-2 in front! Ah, it’s time to kick back! Coz we’re sailing along! We’ll be playing Ajax! Time flies by it’s The Final 15…Stick it in! Handball! Handball? Oh Please! We’re on top! Yes I’ve scored! No you’ve not! Dreadful luck! #classicspursy Beaten by Tottenham! Super Tottenham! It’s cant go wrong! Ow, my other ankle Beaten by Tottenham! Super Tottenham! Though I’ve bought no one! See you Saturday! Bring my shotgun! And things like this are why I never let you play… Subtitles by the Amara.org community

100 Comments on “🤯4-4! SPURS BEAT MAN CITY!🤯 (Llorente handball goal, VAR offside, Sterling goal + more highlights!”

  1. 1:10 Llorente has no beard
    1:13 In the VAR screen Llorente has a beard
    A not many are really Champions League conspiracy, i think yes.

  2. Spurs lost in the final 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    I’m still a Yid COYS

    YID ARMY glory glory Tottenham Hotspur

  3. CITY thought they’d won it but Tottenham brought it back Sisoko in the middle Llorente in attack Sterling scored the winner the Etihad went mad
    The ref went to the camera and it got disallowed ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ

  4. Ajax was probably Tottenham’s best UCL match ever. Not their absolute best in history, but up there

  5. Spurs should of never won against city. City were battering them and it shows that spurs can only win with a cheat goal

  6. I think this was One of The best game în The champions league ever. 4 goals in only 30 minutes… Amazing.. Honestly i want City win but I was so happy in The final

  7. 1:13 he did score it hit his hip to the goal in the replay.

    Never mind I checked it did hit his arm and then his hip before going in.

  8. Tbh man city should have won cause llorente scored a goal with his hand…so its unfair for man city and the fans…

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