10 Weird Websites That Will Cure Your Boredom!

10 Weird Websites That Will Cure Your Boredom!

oh my gosh okay hold up hold up
hello and welcome to a brand new series
10 websites that will completely waste
your life today we’re joined by Brian
right here wave to the camera not your
face just your hand dude I gotta warn
them before you show your face so guys
make sure you give this video a like if
you want to see more of this series and
make sure you suggest some sites that
you think are weird wasteful or just
plain silly or stupid down the comments
below your comments maicon spam but i’ll
go through spam and look at them anyways
so also guys if you want to check out
some of these websites links are down in
the description below we’ve included all
the links so you can waste your life
just as much as I have
this first sight is called
showerthoughts thoughts from the shower
usually stolen from our showerthoughts
okay so they’re stealing stuff from
reddit that’s great that’s that’s just
great i’m gonna have red altima but now
no thank you read it I recognize click
play almost every time but still want to
know what that child celebrity looks
like today the only reason i read
comments on reddit is to find someone
who has the same reaction to a post as
me but can communicate their thoughts
more better more better you can plug me
to the iphone 7 or its accompanying
headphones into the new macbook pro I
feel like I could just you know read
these over some solemn footage of myself
and make like a really entertaining like
short film whenever I see WTF written i
immediately think what the f
but when i see LOL i think of it as LOL
my personal email is used one percent
for email and ninety-nine percent for
logging into random crap if you see an
apple store being robbed
does that make you an eyewitness it’s
weird that I feel unsafe while sleeping
without a blanket but I feel perfectly
fine riding in a car a hundred and 40
km/h with only a seatbelt
the next site is called hand net k dot
whoa oh my gosh okay hold up hold up
this is trippy do you think each one of
these balls actually can go from the top
of the screen all the way down to the
bottom of the screen
okay we’re gonna follow we’re gonna
follow one he’s going down he’s going
down here he gets a little squish role
he’s right here
she’s gone oh my he’s right here he goes
boom down here all the way
Oh gets up gets down man he’s making his
way down slow
Wow can you imagine oh my gosh she’s
going oh I was lost them is right here
holy crap how long would this have taken
to complete its just like one giant oh
it gets incinerated right there
he didn’t make it all the way down i
found you on the system a wrinkle in
oh my god no you have to find the one
that actually makes it to the end I
don’t have that kind of time
this next site is called staggering
shake vigorously what the heck does that
ohayo warning contains flashing lights
okay that may be a serious warning so if
you if you’re prone to at the left
epileptic seizures just skip Lowe this
doesn’t look right let’s hear it Oh like
chill dude holy crap man geez no oh oh
my gosh oh my eyes my brain hurts but
moving on
next website is called i love you like a
fat lady loves apples so i have this
lady she’s following my cursor here i’m
assuming I’m gonna take this underhand
this Apple here but i can grab it
oh hey why is your hand so small come
here baby come and get in my belly
get in my belly oh well she ate the
whole apple core and all
wow just like this for more dude whoa
where’d that leg come from that’s it is
this the entire whoa dude what is this
what’s the purpose of this what is the
purpose of this website
why am i acting the purpose of this
website when the entire purpose of this
series is the show websites that have no
purpose my brain parts used for other
arm like now i cant why is it up like
this though
who eats an apple like this Brian let’s
try this ok what you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna roll me that Apple this is
how she had a hand right so we’re going
to see to see if this makes a difference
I don’t know how she is out right now oh
good sticker
this next website is strange i look like
Barack Obama dot-com we have two
pictures here one of Barack Obama and
one of the dude that looks nothing like
Barack Obama
hi my name is Trevor and I look like
Barack Obama no you don’t buddy no you
don’t i had lots of people stop me on
the streets ask me about taxes and
healthcare and things like that my
thought I create a website to clarify
that I’m back not Barack Obama here’s
what I don’t get
who’s the who’s stopping him on the
street telling him he looks like Barack
Obama oh my gosh this is the resemblance
this is how he thinks people look to
this guy thinks people look like robots
Brock and I are different in some ways
for example both of us are half white
rocks other hat is half is black but my
other half is also white but i’m also
halfway and also my other half is half
uh-huh this next website is called slim
macro that’s it that’s the biggest
website is dear fans Slim is in rehab
again his comeback tour is on hold until
further notice
click here for concert details okay is
he a real person CD of slim history of
slim who lets history because i have no
idea what back this guy’s about my gosh
that is a wall of text
special that’s what I’m talking about
video of slim let’s check out a video
big shock
this is the music video that pulled up a
tiny little web browser with nothing
plugin is not supported in fact this all
seems like a scam to me i’m just gonna X
out of it entirely this next website is
called pointer pointer the idea of this
website is that i will put the pointer
the cursor my mouse cursor over the
image it’ll read where it is and then
find a picture on the internet with the
person pointing exactly where my cursor
is let’s land here
well yeah look there’s a hand pointing
directly to it oh dang and I moved
let’s do it right here now points are
located pointing that’s creepy dude I
don’t know man i’m gonna put it right
she’s pointing directly to it i’m gonna
put it right up here in the corner all
everyone’s pointing up in the corner
forget what about this corner you’ll
never find me here you’ll never do it
wow I beat the system through this
oh no he found it all shirtless dude
what’s next imagenext image i don’t like
it why was she right there is that
Natalie Portman let’s do right here like
this is like I can’t stop
he’s pointing directly to it was right
in the center you can do it
oh yeah I can’t stop I have to see the
next image I have to see the next image
wow so bizarre
where are they pulling these images from
look at this guy he’s pointing directly
at it here’s the thing though I’m
noticing a theme people hardcore
partying with booze evidently once you
get a drink in you just point you just
point your just points
number nine on this list is called SI
typer dot-com I want you to know that
this site could be a dangerous site for
you especially if you’re still in school
right if you’re still in school
this site you can use potentially as a
humongous crutch
all right don’t do it be strong but I’m
gonna go in because i don’t have school
anymore so I don’t worry about this
oh no it’s finals week and I have to
finish my blank SI immediately what kind
of essay youtube let’s let’s see if we
can write a YouTube SI loading truly
youtube the modern youtube normative
critique houses smart okay none of these
none of these things work
I just have to start tidying my own
essay does it give me like pointers
along the way or something like that
once upon a time i type 3 keys
youtube is an American video-sharing
site what it’s writing the essay for me
check this out guys I’m a genius and a
super-fast typewriter huh
let’s see what it says
the service was created by 34 paypal
employees in February 2005 in november
two thousand six it was bought by google
for 1.65 billion wow dude it’s although
writing an essay form you wait i will
not be fooled by this you know what I
think this is I bet it’s just pulling
straight from wikipedia i know i know
it’s pulling straight from wikipedia
that’s actually really clever
ok so if you want to get in serious
trouble suspended potentially expelled
use this site it will work turning your
essay and your teacher will be like
plagiarizing let’s see if we can pull
the guys in the office on a topic that
they just randomly pick say i have to
write an essay on give me a random topic
china china ok don’t write an essay real
there you go read it
china officially the people’s republic
of china is a sovereign state in the
East Asia with a population of over what
I’m fast essay writing I wish I knew
you’d school
give me a random topic right now
boogers boogers longers no I don’t want
to do that is gross
nothing came up with different won the
debate debate
ok checkup
alright it’s good si beginning debate is
contention in argument strife dimension
quarreling controversy debate is a
method formerly presenting an argument
with what you think it does for you is
how’s your pardon my that’s pretty quick
with us Martin I say it very much
number eight is called the quiet place
project communication with quiet place
will be operated via the spacebar gently
squeeze that key now welcome to the
quiet place in a quiet place there are
no caps there’s also knows facebook
notifications or Twitter no Twitter
Google+ Google Plus have you ever
noticed how many things require your
attention you’re probably thinking right
now about always great notifications
you’re missing out
try to be patient just for a couple
minutes just clean your head for a while
just clean your head for a while
no thanks already did you shampoo i can
assure you that you’re not missing
anything important that can wait and if
you’re worried i can sum up here for you
some friend you don’t know made a silly
observation about something about
recently happened
hey that’s like all of my tweets chill
okay you hear that music coming on
I’m gonna spam the spacebar let’s see
what we do
oh my gap for 20 seconds don’t do
anything else you can do it dang it
alright class board feels great doesn’t
know I was incredibly bored very bored
and it wasn’t a good feeling
smiley face was bandaged again and found
the end it just wanted me to disconnect
from my social sites but i’m not going
to the next website is called map crunch
this website will take you to a random
street view anywhere in the world
randomly completely randomly view of the
day we’re on an unnamed road in
Greenland wow so this is my google
street view all this is sad but it would
have taken me to a graveyard belgium
that looks like Idaho next 10
what is this uganda yeah uganda look at
that look at that and I can just keep
going down the street in Uganda oh my
gosh that is incredible
my mind is blown by this is so cool to
just randomly pick places in the earth
to go to Slovakia this looks like
Florida now this looks like California
weird it’s so crazy how like little
things change and I mean like if you
told me all this places in America
besides besides you’ve gotten us out of
them like yeah it looks like America do
you know though that i have i have a
nice big green button that will do this
to me in real life I could just
transport from place to place
check it out here’s my special button
this is a secret button
you may have seen it but it’s not like
this button this button when you press
this will take you to a random place
anywhere in the world
what the heck I’m just downstairs
that was really actually looks like next
to hit downstairs always in the world
this big took me downstairs all right
we’re gonna try this again one more time
more time
look I’m not in front of the building
the Great just just fantastic thing is
oh man I couldn’t breathe doing button
was working what’s that we’re in my it
but it well for him and the club the
hall closet right right my arms are
stuck I can’t reach the button
Brian Brian no don’t leave right my arms
are stuck I can’t the button
no no no now guys make sure you click
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high five

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  1. Wikipedia isnt 100% acurate because back in the day (not sure now) but we could change the answers to everything to random wrong answers

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