2016 Gallaudet Football Preview

The Gallaudet University football team continues its build towards success heading into the 2016 campaign.
It was a long season for the Bison during a winless 2015 but last year’s results are history.
A new younger and energized team has assembled this August in the nation’s capital
and the Bison are eager to taste victory once more.
GOLDSTEIN: “We are in the process of building a program.
We have a lot of young players who don’t have a lot of experience,
who are working hard and learning what to do.
We are teaching everyday. We are improving everyday.
We are just really excited about the team we have.”
Improved team chemistry has been on display during preseason camp
as new leaders have emerged among a squad with a lot of potential.
Gallaudet’s coaching staff went back to the drawing board and worked even harder
on the recruiting trail and in coaching meetings to redesign its offense, defense and special teams
as they focused on the 2016 season.
GOLDSTEIN: “It started with our offseason last year. Our players worked hard.
They were committed to the weight room. Now, they are really excited to compete again,
opportunity to compete again.
This year we brought in another great recruiting class.
We are hoping that our young players with our players from last year will
be ready to “Rise Up” for the challenge this year.”
FENTON: “Last year, we really struggled with injuries
and we had a different offense and different defense.
The team had issues throughout the season, together, but this year it is a completely
different environment. We are a different team.
I don’t recognize everyone the same way that I did last year.”
SMITH: ““The goal this year for the football team is to take one day at a time
and take one game at a time.
The focus is not on the complete season but the first game. We are trying to win
the day and win everyday in practice.
Soon the games start!”

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