2018 NCAA D2 Football National Championship Game

begins the Bulldogs taking on Valdosta
State the Blazers from Georgia in their
first ever meeting on the biggest stage
ever say hello and welcome in with Tom
Luginbill I’m Tiffany Greene now
certainly these two teams know how to
put up points and we expect to see a lot
but we’ll have a great quarterback duel
as well we certainly will and you don’t
get to play for a national championship
Tiffany unless you have outstanding
quarterback play and these two
quarterbacks we have on hand here today
for Ferris State Jayru Campbell for
Valdosta State
rogon wells have combined for an
astounding 91 touchdowns
either by air or on the ground oh and by
the way both of these teams ranked
within the top eight of division 2
football running the football
so defensively today Tiffany both these
teams better pick their poison averaging
52 points a game Valdosta State comes in
leading the nation and scoring office
first time two undefeated teams have
made it back to the national
championship game and Division two since
2015 great crowd on hand here at
McKinney McKinney ISD Stadium outside of
the Dallas area this is a high school
stadium hard to believe but a beautiful
facility for an awesome football game
that we’re expecting today and awesome
weather how about these fans for Ferris
State I think they took the opportunity
to leave Big Rapids bitch again come
down here to McKinney Texas for a nice
sunny and 60-degree day I don’t know if
their players are gonna know what to do
Kukoc tony anis said they will certainly
appreciate and soak up all of this Sun
as we’re just about underway back to
receive for Valdosta State in the black
Kenny Benjamin and Seth McGill and
Benjamin brings it out from just about
the goal line Benjamin with a ton of
speed and he’s brought down just near
the 25-yard line what we mentioned him
in the open road Ian wells the redshirt
sophomore out of Fort Mill South
Carolina has led a prolific offense this
season yet not only is he an
accomplished runner nine touchdowns on
the ground and what is a very balanced
offense you see some spread principles
mixed in with some multiple pro style
principles but it’s the improvement in
the vertical passing game be on the
lookout for an awful lot of explosive
plays down field from Rogan wells in
this blazer offense was coming in with
better than 27 hundred yards in the air
and back to pass on the first play some
pressure coming from the outside and he
was pushed out by Austin Edwards taking
a look at who the weapons are for the
Blazers well Rogan wells certainly has a
ton of them to go to he’s got just a
little bit of everybody in one of those
really special playmakers is Jamar
Thompkins who has come on and emerged in
that running game as you mentioned time
and you look at them they’re all young
they’re all gonna be coming back for
what is an undefeated football team
coming in the air for the national
championship 13 NO on this season
Valdosta State coming from the both
South Conference and wells on the ground
picks up a few brought down by Syntel
williams pick up a 5 taking a look at
who’s protecting him up front well you
got a point to the center and their
leader Jeremy King the 5th year senior
out of Macon Georgia and not only his
head coach Kerwin Bell feel like he’s
the best center division to football he
feels like he’s got the best offensive
line in Division 2 football as evidenced
by their ability to rush for almost 260
yards per game interesting third down
there are two of ten last weekend that
win over Notre Dame College we’ll see
how they fare here
Wells takes his time surveys the field
and hits Trayvon Roberts & Roberts picks
up the first down the sophomore out of
Miami and slammed out of bounds but they
convert here taking a look at the Ferris
State front seven and they’ve got a
couple of deep inside a lansing area
that really can cause some havoc up
front yeah Austin Edwards Parker
Underwood and tall this is a very long
defensive front and at the Division two
level you don’t see a lot of bodies
built like Ferris State on defense are
built to stop the run another pass once
again rolling out to his right and it as
lets it go and completes the pass
Michael Henderson the true freshman out
of Bellevue and this is just a basic
corner run you see the little stab and
then get up vertical quarterback bends
him over to the sideline a really nice
job there by Michael Henderson as you
mentioned just a freshman not very big
five foot eight neither not any of these
receivers out here for Valdosta State
are very big but they SH are explosive
DeSean Florida jr. one of the leaders in
that secondary they’re being tested
right now first run of the game tomorrow
Thompkins bounces outside in the
touchdown saving tackle by Syntel
Williams Y son till Williams you’re
right Tiffany saving a touchdown on that
great cut back there by Jamar Thompkins
who Kerwin Bell said hey we knew he was
fast new he’s explosive we didn’t
realize until we got into the season
that he was the complete bat the power
the ability to fall forward break arm
tackles wasn’t able to break that one
though yeah but we are talking about a
guy who is averaging better than 10
yards home I got carried that’s
jaw-dropping numbers oh yeah so second
end to the Blazers continuing to drive
on their first possession Tompkins
through the tackles and he picks up the
first down you mentioned Kerwin Bell the
head coach of Valdosta State who’s got
this team absolutely
rolling right now they won the gold
South Conference in his third season
with Valdosta State been a very
successful coach at the FCS level – at
Jacksonville University highly
successful coach Trinity Catholic and
Ocala Flordia at the high school level
13-year professional football career
Tiffany I remember him in the Orlando
Thunder in the old world league with the
fluorescent green uniforms and now he’s
all about the red and black his team in
the red zone well surveying the field
throws it up and well covered as the
intended target was Joe Fortson well
this is an area where Valdosta State has
done amazingly well this season 91% of
the time they’ve come in the red zone
and score at that second best in
Division two yeah and this is where the
game is won and lost you know everybody
talks about total defense and total
offense and all of those things really
what it’s about is can you get off the
field on third down and are you
efficient in the red area and that’s one
of the reasons why the top house the
state’s averaging 52 points a game on
the season
second and ten now from the 13 Wells
elects to keep it all the way right up
the middle and a strong run by Rogan
well as you mentioned just how well you
can run with his feet good example right
there yeah and you know you have an
extra man now on offense you got an
extra gap created when you use the
quarterback as a runner that enforces
Ferris State to have to walk down an
extra body in the bonds if they don’t do
that continue to watch for Valdosta
State took hand the ball off to their
quarterback he’s got nine touchdowns on
the season he’s been a weapon for them
in the run game set McGill to the left
of wells and the handoff going outside
to the right gets the corner and edge
and steps out of bounds just before the
goal line and a penalty marker is on the
holding off in number 87 10-yard penalty
grad Carol our official giving the call
so holding penalty on Valdosta State
that backs them up just a little bit
number 87 there and in the the head
referee who was right behind it didn’t
make the call it was the back judge that
threw it late I could have thought I saw
holding as well
and I looked immediately to the head
referee no call and the flag comes in
late Travis Taylor stays on the field
along that right side now the offense
ready to go once more backed up now
third and 11
Wells over the middle
and not able to come up with it is
Deshawn Blair the ball didn’t come off
of Rogan wells hand very well right here
you see the wobble off of it the end
result a very accurate throw this is
good coverage little bit of the right
arm around the waist there but not a lot
of jostling to get to the football
probably why you saw a no-call right
there and just a a tough attempt at a
catch with the Sun coming right down on
the intended target size 31 yard field
goal attempt as Andrew gray is on the
senior eyes down the field goal puts it
and no good so one of those rare
opportunities we’re about thus the state
does not score in the red zone and
that’s a big lip for this ferret state
defense when it’s huge you take four and
a half minutes off of the clock and you
come away with no points you have
penalties inside the 10-yard line not
the way you want to start off this game
in the first quarter and not even close
on that one for Andrew gray the kicker
the senior out of Johns Creek Georgia
and now we’ll get our first look at
seeing J Ruth Campbell the junior
quarterback out of Detroit Michigan and
Harlan Hill Award winner just named
yesterday for that prestigious honor
given to the best player in Division two
the double pass and nobody is there down
the sidelines the trickeration to start
things off and keiondre Craig in for the
eighty yards on the first play for
Ferris State on offense and it was a big
I love the aggressive call listen you
hold them on defense you miss a field
goal you know you’ve got that you
practiced it you said hey you get the
right situation this is what we’re gonna
come out with out of the gate in or you
get an overly aggressive Valdosta State
defense takes the bite on the bubble
screen what a well-executed play for
Ferris State Antonio nice trying to
bring home that first ever division 2
national championship trophy back to Big
Rapids Michigan
well the double pass think Javon Shaw
for this one he finds his homeboy
keiondre Craig down the sideline and
he’s able to make it into the end zone
untouched para state on top 7 News
J root Campbell always finds a way to
get involved in scoring plays he’s had
an interesting journey to make it to
Ferris State for more let’s bring in the
third member of our team and Alex
courtroom Thank You Tiffany well Jay rue
Campbell was a highly touted recruit
from Detroit Michigan he was receiving
offers from the likes of Notre Dame
Alabama and Michigan State but Campbell
was involved with two incidents that
cost him the opportunity to play at
those schools he assaulted a school
security guard landing him in jail and
after his release he pled guilty to a
misdemeanor charge of domestic violence
involving a girlfriend and several which
caused more jail time but Campbell went
to Junior College and from their coach
amis and bear state gave him a second
chance he’s now helped the Bulldogs to
go 15 and oh he won the Harlan Hill
trophy last night as the d2 Player of
the Year but he wants to win a national
championship we’ll see if they can do
that today thanks so much
Alex an incredible journey and in
talking with coach Tony anis just about
the background run that they had to do
to find out if this was the right fit
for their program they really did their
due diligence and they had to and it was
it’s a great story of redemption but
when you understand when you’re making a
choice like this you’re not just making
the choice as a football coach or the
leader of a football program you having
to make it as a university so you better
start vetting the right people to make
sure you feel completely sound in your
decision and this young man has not left
them down he has helped build this
program to do a national power and here
they are playing for a national champ
Valdosta State back on the field their
offense and wrapped up and brought down
as Rogan wells their first Austin
Edwards now eight and a half sacks on
the season that’s a negative five play
you see Austin Edwards number eight he’s
gonna come inside move on the offensive
tackle their route singleton for
Valdosta State this was an area Kerwin
Bell was very concerned about the head
coach heavily involved in the offense
for Valdosta State could they handle the
defensive ends for Ferris State and pass
protection Edwards the leading tackler
for the group the junior out of Lansing
Michigan and look Tony anis has a couple
of guys who could go on to play at the
next level
Austin Edwards one of them but what he’s
been able to do in his seven seasons
they are in the midst of their best one
in program history over the last five
years he’s done an amazing job and they
find themselves in their first ever
title game 22-year highschool head
coaching career three-year junior
college head coaching career which he
went 30 and 7 I believe now you see this
job at Ferris State which many people
told him not to take what a remarkable
job he’s done in seven seasons wells
with time
finds this man in the pass is complete
to Kenny Benjamin the leading receiver
on the team coming into today’s game
this is just a nice little seam route to
isolate the safety see in the middle of
the field this is an area where Kerwin
Bell the head coach and Kate Bell his
son is the offensive coordinator felt
like Rogan wells made great strides in
anticipating throws throwing balls to a
spot throwing guys open that’s a prime
example right there
and now the handoff to Tompkins and
Tompkins trying to move on that outside
and is able to pick up some extra yards
swing through that secondary turn I
referenced earlier when when coach Bell
said we knew he was fast when he was
but then the make people miss then to be
able to lower your shoulder and get an
extra two to three yards always be
falling forward though it’s easy to look
at these teams and say wow they’re
number one and in the country and their
conference and pull yards and total
offense but they run the football better
than they throw it that’s what makes
these team so dangerous in Tompkins
has broken wells with the run but
Tompkins is a player who redshirted last
year had some time to learn the system a
little bit more and has come on as you
mentioned how great their rushing attack
is a school record of 273 yards per game
when you’re running the football that
effectively you are forcing the defense
to add somebody to the box you get
one-on-one coverage and that provides
more opportunities in the passing game
and that’s why he’s excelled so much
here in the second year wells
pump fakes trying to go down the
sideline pass incomplete to David White
when you look at this Valdosta State
offense and everyone knows coming in
just how good they’ve been all season
long they put their foot on the gas
immediately on that first Drive but what
do they come back out with given the
fact that they weren’t able to get a
points well you can tell that they’re
not backing off at all we’ve seen the
throw down the seam for four plus 20
yard game we just saw the attempt down
the sideline they’re gonna do what they
do and they just need to get into a
little rhythm it just seemed to be out
of sync ever since they got a holding
yes one offside saw a free play
opportunity there for Valdosta State
just couldn’t complete going down the
sideline again and complete the Kraig
but that one will go against Ferris
State most likely and Rogan wells is
gonna wish he had this ball back he knew
he had a freebie but you’ve got to give
your target a chance to catch it keep
the ball in bounds keep it up high so
you at least have a 50/50 ball knowing
there’s no danger because of the penalty
he fit number 32 five-yard penalty third
Sam tie for the guilty party for the
Bulldogs and we talked about Jay Lou
Campbell and obviously he was the winner
of that partner in he’ll a trophy but
Brogan wells on the other side was a
final issue put up some great numbers
this season responsible for 44
touchdowns on the year
the handoff tompkins with room and he’s
wrapped up and brought down by Deshawn
thrower that’s the type of run I’m
talking about the initial contact right
there with made four yards previous to
where he landed that’s what you’re
looking for out of your back to get a
little bit more maybe if you know you’re
not gonna win every footrace and I can
make everybody miss but you can’t go
backwards you you you got to create your
own forward momentum I think Tamar
Tompkins there’s a really nice job of
that seven-yard pickup good enough for
the first down we saw a heavy dose of
passing in that first drive now a little
bit more mix of run and Rogan wells and
see anybody down the field and he’s
brought down by Sam Jared ah yeah let’s
if you take a look at this you know from
from a high angle and and see what Rogan
wells is seeing here he’s gonna come
back he’s got a nice little play-action
but there’s nowhere to go with the
football so he does the smart thing
right you don’t want to risk it you’re
in the red area don’t don’t throw the
ball up into coverage take what you can
get your plus one now instead of
potentially turning the ball over or
having a negative six set now from the
31 yard line the handoff to Tompkins and
Thompkins continuing to find little
holes Jamar Tompkins the redshirt
freshman out of Miami Florida picks up
seven that’s a big gain now because
third and three is a whole different
ballgame than anything third and seven
plus it’s opened up the playbook here
for Kerwin Bell Kate Bell the offensive
coordinator at Valdosta State this is
this is an opportunity for them to get
momentum back coach Bell said to us this
week when we have momentum we have to
seize it and we have to keep it right
now they don’t have the moment
philony marker on the field not sure
what they called here Tiffany there’s
seven seconds left on the play clock so
it can’t be delay of game both the back
judge and the side judge have thrown
their flags
so we’ll hear from Brad Carol
there is no foul
that’s what we said we looked for one
but we couldn’t find one
and so now Valdosta State trying to
answer here after Ferris State had an
80-yard one play touched down on their
opening drive here in this d2 national
championship mogera with the carry
up ahead and he’s a guy who adds an
extra dimension to this running game
compliment in taco shell quick he got
through that hole now he isn’t very big
he’s kind of like a little Jackrabbit
cleats right it’s about five nine barely
185 pounds but he gets from zero to
sixty in a hurry so he is you’re right
he’s a compliment to Tomkins with a
little bit of a thunder and lightning
aspen first in ten from the 21 Blazers
continuing to drive marching into
Bulldogs territory closing in that red
zone going forward
and the catch is made by the Andre
the 21-yard strike to gala wore boots
Valdosta State on the board with the
chance to talk
well there’s your answer Tiffany
momentum back onto the sidelines for the
black jerseys for now Big Mo is so into
Thornton and it will be traded all
throughout this game I’m sure again we
expected to see two of the best offenses
in Division two put up a lot of points
right now we’re at 13 and now 14 points
here in this fourth first quarter and
plenty more likely to be happy
this is a double post concept between
the two slot receivers first post Hicks
covers out second post is right there
the NCAA Division two football
championship won’t you buy McDonald’s on
each hash mark that means the number of
touchdowns that janggu Campbell has been
responsible for this season and for more
on that we send it down daleks Tiffany J
brew Campbell has accounted for 47
touchdowns this season for Ferris State
he has been stellar his dual-threat
abilities have been on display so to
display those footballs to pick up all
of them off the field we needed not one
but two heavy-duty trash cans take a
look over here these bins are totally
filled up we’ll see if Jay Roux can add
to this today but how about this we
don’t need to Oscar the Grouch we got
footballs in these trash cans so when
you got up at about 5:00 a.m. to line
those on the field how long did it take
you to long safe answer there as Deon
Earl’s on the return for Ferris State so
Jay route Campbell first-team
all-american for the Bulldogs we
mentioned out of Cass Tech in Detroit
you see 47 touchdowns and how that
matches up with all the other guys that
play football on the division 1 level in
FBS and not only that 20 of them are on
the ground and when you look at him in
terms of physical stature you say ok
this is a classic drop back thrower you
don’t realize how well he can run and I
think that even surprised head coach
Tony anis once he got him in the fold
after the play personal foul kicking
number 55 15 yards from the end of the
ride first down
Dante carpenter on the personal foul
penalty and I know that’s not going to
make Kerwin Bell too happy at all that
moves now Ferris State across midfield
great starting field position and what
to take away momentum yeah you come off
and you score you look they can make a
great tackle inside the 30-yard line –
now the offensive series for Ferris
State who scored in their first play of
their opening stanza is inside the 50
yard line 80 yards to tie their longest
play from scrimmage this season let’s
see what they come back out with on
their second possession its whistle
before anything gods starting and likely
a false start it’s like we’re gonna have
a false start the left side of the
offensive line wall start offense number
68 five-yard penalty still first out
Tyler Allison the left guard out of
Clinton Township Michigan for those
skilled positions on the other side for
the Bulldogs Deon Earl’s we see him a
speedy guy along with key Andre Craig as
well at wide receiver in motion is Shaw
boo Campbell blood he’s brought down
just near the 42 yard line big hogs
protecting them up front at left tackle
is Devin Johnson an all-american All
Region first team as well and a guy many
believe could perhaps play the next
level when you look at his measurable
yes 6 7 310 pounds a really experienced
guy as well Marvin Campbell cutting
through the middle and a solid one and
pick up on first down that moves the
chains as well a gain of 16 coach atonia
needs for Ferris State described him as
being low powerful and very compact
which means he may be on the shorter
side but he’s not small and so very nice
run right there in the course you get
the big quarterback run for 6 yards
after the penalty just keep it on the
ground now you find yourself with a
fresh set of downs driving the ball the
way you want to man in motion
Campbell looking for Craig found him
but so did the Blazers defense Stephen
Denmark was right there and looking at
their front seven bringing pressure do
you like the guy by the name of Joseph
Mazzone yeah I think he is a load to
handle at the defensive tackle position
he’s got some Division one traits about
him and this is also a pressure defense
they’re gonna come after you probably
more so than most of the teams at Ferris
State seen so far this year out to Earls
and oil is quickly wrapped up and
brought down for a loss right there was
Raymond Palmer one of the leaders of
that secondary in this secondary is an
eclectic group you’ve got Raymond Palmer
there who’s a captain a safety suffered
some tragedy here the next week we’ll
get into that a little bit here in our
broadcast but the two corners Doris
Dotson and Stephen Denmark and then
Riveria stripper’s rivers and Denmark
are former wide receivers they’ve
transitioned a corner and played really
really good football jamesu Campbell
getting it out to Campbell
Marvin that is again nowhere to go so
fast on defense are the Blazers when you
watch these two teams on tape I think
that’s the one thing that stands out
that was gonna be the greatest challenge
is how does Ferris State match up with
the team speed of Valdosta State when we
asked coach anis you said it to him
yesterday of all the teams you’ve played
who does Valdosta remind you of he said
nobody we haven’t played anybody like
these guys so that’s a real telltale
sign from a coach he’s undefeated coming
to the game absolutely the athleticism
that they bring he said well maybe Grand
Valley State and that’s a no-no word
when you’re talking about Ferris State
because that’s one of their rivals
52-yard field goal attempt is up and
good Jackson Dieterle puts Ferris State
back on top not too often do you see
52-yard field goals made huh Wow he
crushed this one in a much-needed kick
after what was a two steps forward one
step back series for Ferris State on the
board 10 7
first time two undefeated teams and back
of the TG national champion
and a terrific season the spark 13 and
oh we talked about how great they are on
offense they put up 52 points a game to
lead the vision one the engineer that
offense Rogan wells or defense pretty
solid as well seven TVs and they’re
seeking their fourth Division two
national championships trying to bring
home the hardware for the first time
since 2012 that seven defensive
touchdowns will up that per game point
average I’ll tell you that
and Benjamin watches this one that sale
over his head so Valdosta State will
start this drive at the 25-yard line
rogon Wells has now had a passing
touchdown in every game this season to
bring the total to 34 on the year behind
Jay route Campbell they scored on their
last possession you’ll see if this
high-powered offense can get it going
again but you have to credit Ferris
State’s defense thus far at all yeah
they have held up they’ve really only
given up one play of over 20 yards that
was the concern is how do we limit the
explosive plays because that’s what
Valdosta States has been all year long
and the clocks run pretty quickly that
benefits for his fair state rolling out
to his right Rogan wells throwing trying
to find his man it completes the pass to
Brian Sean’s songs
the sophomore they like to call buzz out
of Darien Georgia we’re gonna call him
all right what an amazing journey he’s
had we talked about just he goes from
high school not really recruited then to
the Army National Guard that he goes and
is a high school assistant and then says
hey coach I think I could play for you
we got would you give me a spot he was
attending junior Kyle
but not playing football while he’s
coaching high school football and comes
to an open tryout and so here he sits
and he’s been beat we don’t one of the
go-to guys if you look at the receivers
Tiffany on this team you know it’s not
like you got one guy with 75 catches and
a bunch of guys in the teens
you’ve got catches from songs 34 all
right you got Leandre gilmore 32 a David
White’s got 18 and it they just spread
the ball around they don’t target
individual they attack areas of the
field with spreading the ball
horizontally and spreading it vertically
five of ten four wells the handoff here
– ivory Durham a Durham one of the
backup quarterbacks for the Blazers but
we go back to Brian Sean’s a guy who
last year was a 21 year old freshman he
served some time in the Army National
Guard on the right sky than the darker
camouflage and sons who has been a great
addition to this team and his
unconventional journey has been one that
I’ve enjoyed learning about what when
they timed him in the forty they said
okay we’re thinking we’ll take it is in
the four four is routinely third and
four now is Valdosta State has been four
or five pretty effective here today as
Ferris State spins a timeout and that
was a concern coming in given the fact
that last week we mentioned they didn’t
even convert on a first down in that
first half of that national semifinal
game last week
well for Ferris State how they made in
here they had to take down a lot of
phones going 15 and OH in the season 20
272 rushing yards but more impressively
they were able to capture the Great
Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic
Conference championship
Antonio nice The Conference Coach of the
Year picked up his 300th career win last
weekend as they took down the highly
favorite Minnesota state group in
Mankato nonetheless and here they are
and Sonny McKinney taxes were at 60
degrees on a fine December 15th of 2018
and playing for a national championship
third and four for the Blazers Logan
Wells keeps it himself
find them all the way down where the
Bulldogs did he get enough to pick up
the force down we will see I think so
did the ball came loose late and head
linesman on our side of the field
immediately blew it dead is the
quarterback counter and see if the ball
is neat Oh
Monta bell was bringing up to the ground
and let’s see did he pop it loose before
he hit certainly what it looks like it
yeah certainly looks like it
while the state may have gotten lucky
there I was right into the hands of
Kenny Benjamin and Benjamin picks up the
first down and once more Blazers are in
the red zone
very well thrown ball there by Brogan
wells and smart to snap it quickly his
that place should have been reviewed
that ball I believe was outed by Brogan
wells on the previous play it was it was
skipping across the carpet there but
quick snap here and a nice conversion
there for a first hour well it was
Ferris State who jumped on the board
first the answer from the Blazers and
Alphonse Austin State trying to take the
lead when you come back to this d2
national championship
10/7 as we’re about to start the second
quarter in this d2 national championship
in Valdosta State also known as title
town trying to bring home their fourth
championship in these players have made
it from the Division two level to the
NFL mounts of Butler out of West Alabama
Adam Thielen out of Minnesota State
stayed in his home state just brought a
uniform no problem at all and then to
reek ill out of West Alabama as well now
with the Kansas City Chiefs the red-hot
Chiefs as well so we could very well see
the next talent making it to the big
leagues on the field here today
certainly rogen Wells has had a great
season thus far the sophomore has his
group in the red zone
plenty of time in the pocket not
fighting anybody awesome over he’s got a
hand on I’m able to shred him and wisely
throws it away that is a really smart
and play there right Rogan Wells number
one he’s working through his
progressions as he’s coached to do comes
under duress a little bit once he gets
away don’t risk the football in that
situation understand where you are on
the field throws the ball away live the
play the next down minimize risk to
start in this second quarter you see
Valdosta State has really had the ball
for the majority of this game thus far
over 11 minutes and Counting this
Bulldogs defense has been on the field
quite a bit already
wells following Tompkins along that left
side he’s brought down a pickup of three
the launch Stephenson is there the
first-year standout quarterback lead
counter here with the tailback tomorrow
Thompkins is the lead back and see
defensively number 11 of Vontae Bell who
wasn’t even a starter for this Ferris
State defense of the season starting
because that good practice player even
coach Tony Andy said it’s one of those
guys you got to get to the flow of the
game and realize all right we have to
play this guy because he’s just not that
guy that shows up in practice made a big
tackle there that could have been a
touchdown and now a big decision here
because this isn’t an offense with big
tall receivers Tiffany so you don’t just
have jump ball options
well into the end zone and finds this
man at the back of the endzone if Kenny
Benjamin nine yard score and just like
Valdosta State has grabbed the lead back
but this offense really seems to like
the corner route we’ve seen them throw
it in the field for big gains so far
here this afternoon and then on that one
a touchdown into a tight window into the
boundary top of your field
very impressive throw and you play on to
a tip the extra point
now the penalty marker comes out on the
got an encroachment here looks like on
behalf of fair state on defense outside
defense number 12 that penalties
declined the try is good okay you’re
gonna see number four right here out of
the slot round he’s just gonna run your
corner out gonna get up vertical and
again I said the receivers are very big
look how explosive he is at five foot
seven Kenny Benjamin that’s a lot of
space created through quickness and
explosiveness to separate as a route
I think Ferris State defensively was
expecting the corner open to the top of
the field to maybe sink back and take
that route away and force the underneath
throw and that didn’t happen good
anticipation by Rogan wells and Benjamin
in a small frame as you mentioned just 5
7 about 178 yards but a very versatile
player for Kerwin Bell and this Blazers
offense he plays 75 yards just about 315
ticked off the clock
on that last scoring drive for Valdosta
State they leave 1410 pearls collects it
and is smacked just across the 20-yard
line will its full season and tonight at
9:00 Eastern on ESPN and the ESPN app
Middle Tennessee Tech Tennessee State
takes on Appalachian State from the
Superdome and the R and L carriers New
Orleans Bowl I love it with job games
off starting Friday today like starting
at 12 o’clock and they continuously go
you can just continue to feast on it not
only over Christmas but throughout the
new year
Derek Portis to the right in the back
here with Campbell the handoff to Portis
Portis slithering up the middle and he’s
brought down as he’s body slammed by
were various rivers the redshirt junior
out of Georgia one of those big hitters
for the Blazers they again another one
of those players it was a wide receiver
Justin maybe have great ball skills but
had a good skill set to transition over
to defense in his transition well second
team all-american after playing safety
for the first time in his career
the fake from Campbell’s he keeps it and
he’s met by a bevy of black jerseys and
brought down just near the 41 yard line
it’s important for this this very
systemic offense to be able to
effectively run the football
early down to Valdosta State they want a
pressure you they they want to get you
on your heels but it’s tough to do that
if you’re struggling to stop the run on
the early down so second and short
ideal for where you want to be if you’re
Ferris State Portis once again and
cannot escape the speed on the outside
by Raymond Palmer moved to corner last
week suffer great tragedy as you alluded
to earlier Tom Ross’s dad last week
was able to still plan the
as they have the fuel this week and then
they feel I’m here yesterday got a
standing ovation from his teammates when
he arrived
marvin campbell picks up the first down
all the best to Raymond Palmer and his
family I can’t imagine number one losing
a loved one like that playing in the
game just a few days after then leaving
your team to go to a funeral come back
and you’re playing in the national
championship with special young man the
idea of harnessing all those emotions
just missed this man Malik Taylor Taylor
was one of those threats the last two
years in this offense the leading
receiver all-conference last year but
he’s missed most of the year because of
a hamstring injury but they’re glad to
have him back he’s been back now this is
his fifth game coach Tony anis felt like
that he was the one NFL tight guy that
they had in terms of their offensive
skill and they really shut him down the
second half of the season and then saved
him for the playoffs
which has been a smart move and they
continue to keep it on the ground thus
far Tom J roux Campbell has been held at
bay we talked about him being the
basically d2 version of the Heisman
Trophy I own in that Farley whore
Harlan Hill award three for four today
and negative nine yards passing yeah
when you’re not having the type of
success that you’re accustomed to having
you can get frustrated in the offense
all of a sudden sputters a little bit
and you’re not used to that so they’ve
got to get out of this funk a little bit
now you’ll find out a little bit about
his maturity and ability to handle
adversity now pass right there and just
through the hands of Devante Harrington
this is all about feet
Tiffany land accuracy at the quarterback
position starts from the ground up when
you watch J rule Campbell’s feet see the
nice little fake off of that but it’s
just stiff his front left leg is he
never Stefan to throw doesn’t drive off
through his back foot and really the
last two throws he’s made have been like
that and as a result have been off
target part of the woes for this offense
there’s state punch it away Brian songs
watches it continue to balance and he
wasn’t able to recover it the ball is
loose who has it’s better state a huge
play on special teams for the Bulldogs
but special teams Tiffany’s so important
get rid of the gift just get away from
the football
Brian songs have been so reliable has
been a guy that they can count on should
have been nowhere near that football so
now you all of a sudden pump the ball
you flipped field position and you put
your offense on a short field because of
a mishap in the kicking game forgot Asda
stay Jacob Allen number 47 and white was
right in front of songs as he was trying
to field it he’s the one who recovered
the fumble what prompted him to even go
forward on that football the poor
decision in the return area to the
Bulldogs offense back on the field now
in striking distance man in motion and
it’s Jay route Campbell he’s trying to
take it into his own hands he’s got the
first down and they’re within two yards
of the goal line know anytime you have
that jet sweep action coming across
without widens the defense and that
creates wider gaps inside for Jamie
Campbell was very well executed up front
by Ferris State but you see the
influence of what that jet sweep action
does to open up things inside they like
to score in the red zone and they do
Campbell on the two yard scamper
and grabbing that momentum right back
for the Bulldogs
very important Drive Tiffany as we
mentioned Ferris State Jamie Cambell the
Harlan Hill Trophy winner was struggling
it couldn’t seem to kind of get into
rhythm and then you get a spark from a
kicking game mishap you recover the ball
two big plays on the ground from the
quarterback and a little bit more
confidence going to the sideline
Dieterle on to attempt the extra point
and it’s good 1714 Ferris State and Jay
route Campbell taking advantage after
the mishap on special teams come
number seven and white punches it in
happy holiday is from McKinney Texas the
d2 national championship going down and
look a great quarterback do we mentioned
it in the beginning now what does well
girls do now he’s got to answer the toll
you know he’s started off sputtering a
little bit and has really responded in
the latter part of the first corner in
the early going here of the second
quarter really good throw here on the
corner out the end zone good
anticipation timing a nice route there
by his intended target any Benjamin so
this offense getting hot a little bit I
think Valdosta State they’re so not that
they’re an up-tempo offense Tiffany but
they are so accustomed to scoring
quickly then when they’ve had to sustain
Drive you can become a little impatient
and that’s not the norm for them so for
him to settle down it is realized hey we
have to earn it a little bit more
against these guys very few times where
they’ve actually trailed in a game this
season they’re used to being out ahead
last week was one of those times as well
as Benjamin collects it and they’ll
start at just about the 30-yard line but
you go back to last week and you say
okay for Notre Dame College you know
they take on a group where they were in
an unfamiliar spot oh yeah you have to
go all the way back to Bowie State a
couple weeks ago in the playoffs where
they trail to nothing new and prior to
that they had not really been tested or
challenged outside of week three against
West Alabama
best starting field position for the
Blazers in this game when Tompkins with
the carry
as we send it down to Alex Tiffany Tom
one of the things that Kerwin Bell told
us yesterday that one of the keys for
his team was going to be keeping the
momentum we obviously saw just there
that Valdosta State did not do that but
it will be interesting to see how Rogan
wells responds yeah Alex it’s kind of
been back and forth nobody’s been able
to sustain it they’ll steal it from one
another a little bit but this is a big
drive for Valdosta State to see if they
can have an answer going downfield and
he finds caliber pass catch touchdown
Boston State
well another theft of momentum there now
listen is Anthony just as we’re we’re
talking about it it happens 66-yard
touchdown by Leandre Gallimore coach
Kerwin Bell is definitely pleased you
know and they say that they teach that
they’re not a team that teaches the
50/50 ball jump up and catch it when
you’re contestant they teach the
over-the-shoulder drop the ball in allow
the receiver to track and run underneath
it that’s how they coaches that so they
teach it that’s how they practice it
that was a prime example of it right
there Syntel Williams on the coverage
but Gallimore showing off his Miami
with a fender
down Dossett state is able to get on the
or make them look good
the NCAA Division two football
championship boots you like dumb then
plus care the care makes a man stronger
couple of undefeated teams going head to
head trying to take home that beauty
right there the d2 national championship
trophy and it’s Valdosta State who gets
back on top 21 to 17 you talk about a
quick straight offense and how prolific
they’ve been that’s the 20th play of the
season that they’ve scored in under a
and that’s what they’re accustomed to
and that’s what I was mentioning earlier
about when you have to sustain dries and
you’re used to being able to just score
it will you can get frustrated you
become impatient it was a really nice
series there for them to kind of get
back to what they know and what they do
the Faroe States gonna have to make
adjustments because they do not match up
well with fell off state speed on the
offensive side 20 plays 70 yards 40
seconds as Deon Earl’s takes a knee in
the end zone will we talk about yeah
Valdosta State can can strike quickly
but so is Ferris State they’ve done that
today on their first play of the game 80
yards in 28 seconds the second
possession or excuse me the last
possession that they had 13 seconds 13
seconds capitalizing on the turnover and
the in the kicking game now I want to
see if they can sustain some consistency
on offense and mount a drive that’s
where general Campbell has been a little
off schedule so far today they’ve
struggled to maintain consistency on
offense in Campbell who ran it in for
two yards on that last possession now we
may see a little bit more of Campbell in
the running game as well racked up
better than 1300 yards on the ground the
season coming in to today and now the
first team all-american is showing why
he is a dual threat I’d keep running him
on the ground until valdosta state is
forced to add another
member into the box to defend the run
right now nobody in the Nova field
defensively and that’s what they do they
keep the ball with Campbell but the
Blazers defense is ready they bottle him
up a pickup up one Craig watts in on the
it’s a lot of team speed Ferb Valdosta
State on defense and not a very big
group but with dose of his own and the
75 to tackle and then some of their line
very speedy just not very good because
at Craig Watson Jamie on Gaskin just 511
219 pounds
they’re down the toss out to Robert
Thomas and Thomas near the marker and he
picks up the first down Tom when you’re
looking at these division two programs
what’s the difference from Division one
and the FBS level and the FCS levels as
it relates to scholarships well really
you’ve got the FBS level that’s gonna be
eighty-five scholarships those are all
or none then you’ve got the FCS level
and you’ve got sixty three scholarships
that you can be split up they’re not all
or none and at this level here we see
Jeffrey Campbell taking off to run once
again on a wise decision at the Division
two level you have thirty six
scholarships of which almost all of them
are split up so you see this 36 number
down here most programs at the Division
two level are going to provide full
scholarships to interior players and
defensive front the offensive front is
what that’s what championships are won
and then they’re going to divide up
their scholarships amongst the other
players on their team so when you
consider a Division one bounce-back
transfer somebody has been at a Division
one school and their look is not working
out they’re looking for a place to go
you’re gonna have to offer a full
scholarship to that player because
there’s gonna be competition for that
player so it’s almost like running a
spreadsheet Tiffany all the time I’m
trying to figure out all right who’s
getting books who’s getting tuition
who’s getting meals who’s under full and
you got a manager injured player down on
the field for Valdosta State Alex
Williams Kerwin Bell coming on and check
on as player will step aside quickly
here from McKinney Saturday December
29th on ESPN and the ESPN app it’s the
games you’ve been waiting for the
college football playoff semifinals at
4:00 Eastern third ranked Notre Dame
battles number two Clemson and the
Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic followed by
the Capital One or
as number four Oklahoma faces the number
one team in the country in Alabama and
time I can’t wait to get your thoughts
on those matchups
I’ll come to your after this place I
love the tease of making the viewer wait
to see just exactly what table Godot is
thinking right now
got a dangle the carrot and look if
they’re taking long it’s not the ball is
their engine is climbing Campbell
it’s a short run but then looks like
he’s dragged down out of bounds no
penalty flag coming out as he had Isiah
Satan wrapped all over all right so
let’s get to those college football
playoff matchups I think one of the
interesting things about the Notre Dame
Clemson matchup is that with Notre Dame
everybody talks about Ian’s book but I
think Dexter Williams has been the
biggest difference that has been a team
that has effectively run the football
essentially it will but nobody’s gonna
run against Clemson so something’s got
to give there and then to have the
Heisman Trophy winner in calimary versus
the Heisman Trophy runner up the number
one team versus the number four team
all in one match up and the Kryptonite
of Nick Saban a running quarterback it
doesn’t get any better than that
you mentioned the Heisman Trophy winner
and Kyler Murray he’s from nearby Allen
Texas just down the road and so they are
proud of in Texas of that young man and
what he’s been able to do this season we
had Kyler Murray in the Under Armour
all-america game and I remember talking
with our staff when we were evaluating
the quarterbacks and as a group we all
kind of look each other and said if this
guy was four inches taller he might be
the best person that we had seen come
out of the high school ranks and maybe a
decade to see Oklahoma taking on Iowa
State at Iowa State and I walked away
from that game and I was I couldn’t
believe I was myself but I said this
team is actually better with Connor
Murray then they were with Baker
Mayfield and I truly believed in saying
this if he was four inches tall he’d be
the number one overall pick in the NFL
Draft yeah but you also have to show
some love and see the success of some
yeah Tiffani you might have a half an
inch on okay but you can’t measure his
ha he’s got all the other stuff man I’m
telling he’s got all the things you
can’t coach both of those quarterbacks
to a man Kyle so after the timeout Jamie
Cambell finds Malik Taylor and Taylor
with the collision but he’s good for the
first down Campbell’s first pass for
positive yards of the game got another
injured player here I think that was
Raymond Palmer who was in on the tackle
he may have collided with Malik Taylor
League Taylor one of the few kids it’s a
big kid out there he’s 6-3 200 pounds
and not a lot of sizes we’ve referenced
on defense a lot of teams speed for
Valdosta State but not a lot of size I
tell you I I don’t care if it’s Division
two whether it’s the FCS level the FBS
level I don’t know why anybody in their
right mind would want to coach defense
in today’s landscape is called trouble I
mean I remember the old days when you
gave up 350 yards as a defensive
coordinator they fired you now you could
give up 500 yards a game and still win
the game I mean that has got to be a
nightmare to coach defense in today’s
climate at any level Dani ver Pell the
dc4 Valdosta State we’ll just a reminder
to our viewers that the FCS football
champion will be crowned Saturday
January 5th at noon Eastern in Frisco
Texas on espn2 for more information go
to ncaa.com the official online home for
all 90 NCAA championships and that
matchup is going to be a good one
between North Dakota State and Eastern
Washington the Bison have been in the
championship with a won six of the last
seven I mean they are just a powerhouse
they really are and then what a great
hire by Kansas State this the right type
of guy and Chris Klieman and he’s earned
that elevated move the game not over yet
but Eastern Washington likely to punch
their ticket they’re up 52 19
misty on girls finds a lot of space
along that right side and he’s able to
tiptoe out just steer the nine yard line
so Ferris State you talked about
sustained rise rights the ninth leg
coming up of this drive and they’ve had
some nice wrinkles there first wrinkle
was to double fast resulted in the
touchdown and then Deon Earl’s here on
the end around using his speed again not
very big a lot of speed and quickness
not like some of the things that that
Ferris State has come in knowing they
have to compensate for Valdosta State
speed have been executed very well here
this afternoon
Marvin Campbell lined up in the
backfield Jay route Campbell keeping it
going up the middle and did he lose the
football bad hasta status saying yes the
officials coming in to make the call and
the Bulldogs look to recovery it’s gonna
look here and he did lose that football
way prior to going to the ground
Darius smalls number 99 looked at I’ve
gotten the hand on it as he was wrapping
him up tough to tell
that was amongst a lot of bodies and
lots of legs and lots of elbows
second and goal side Barnett in motion
rolling to his left Jamie Cambell
looking down goes to the back of the
endzone and it was nearly picked off as
tourists Dotson was right there so they
wanted to get into to the flattened
Wyatt plant here and number six and he’s
covered before it would an ill-advised
throw in the red area thrown across your
body if you’re Jay route Campbell the
Ferris State quarterback very fortunate
to not have that ball intercepted third
and goal and the weddi a play would he
call in here Tom third and goal here I
would continue to go with the
play-action pass he been very successful
with the jet sweep motion trying to
create some space but if they do that
quarterback run here is not out of the
question they’ve been very successful in
the red area man in motion talk about
that Jeff sweet there’s the handoff
Devante Harrington
it’s been very successful
what had been a very impressive balance
of run to pass in this drive as you
reference Tiffany this is the first time
we seen them sustain a drive and that
jet sweep action is really strained this
felt off the state defense sideline
aside Harrington rushing for the number
on this Jersey to get into the end zone
the extra point
on the way 24:21 Ferris State with the
lead the bought a Harrington on the jet
sweep and he’s got a convoy in front of
him for fair States answer did he go
back up ahead here in the national
24:21 with 509 remaining before the half
and this is a barnburner really between
these two teams and that’s exactly what
we expected Devante Harrington capping
off an 11-play 75-yard Drive to put the
Bulldogs back ahead
so far what we’ve had here we’ve had
five lead changes we’ve gone back and
forth with momentum swings for the most
part outside of the kicking game play
we’ve had dirt clean football by two
very well coached football teams well
prepared typical teams today Benjamin
just passed the 35 yard line and he’s
brought down will Valdosta State thus
far today this is how they’ve started
and where they’ve ended the last three
possessions with a touchdown when we
began our broadcast this afternoon
Tiffany we talked about the explosive
plays of twenty yards or more Valdosta
State already has six and we’ve got five
minutes to go here in the second quarter
somehow fair State’s gonna have to
change some things up because they don’t
match up well with Valdosta State speed
outside they’ve given up way too many
big plays in the kick in the passing
game downfield
Seth McGill bounces outside McGill is
dragged down by Avante Bell second team
all-conference and also second best of
tackles and sacks for this group I just
loved hearing that coach Tony Inez talk
about him but he didn’t really start for
us in the early part of the season and
well why was that good
didn’t play good in practice he didn’t
practice good and then he got to the
games and started watching the tape we
got to play this guy and some guys are
just like that but it’s hard to get on
the field if you’re not gonna have the
same practice habits that you have when
you’re playing in the game they’ll just
skip some swish when he gets on and they
say it’s hard to switch off when he’s on
there and then that’s what they want as
well looking around he does his check
down to set the gill and is that
something that you’re impressed with in
terms of his progression this season
very much so and that’s a little bit of
the the multiple Pro style approach that
Kerwin Bell has in this offense to mix
with some of the spread elements he has
four and five we pre progressions free
snap though you’re probably gonna
eliminate the first two and then it just
came down to a three-man read with the
check down being right in front of him
very good patience there by Rogan wells
Magill on the carry and really nowhere
to go as he ran into Deshawn throw it
nowhere to go to the tune of a nice five
yard game though and I’m telling you
right now Kerwin Bell will take that
every single time offense and then he’s
a guy that wants to throw a night I
think that’s what’s impressive about
quarterback coordinator head coach guys
and what do they want here they want to
throw the ball but two really good ones
gonna run the football I mean Steve
Spurrier people out of people don’t
realize he spurred his best three teams
at Florida but he’s head coach led the
SEC in Russia but everybody thinks of
him as the fun and gun the good
quarterback coaches and coordinators run
the football
well the ability to run really does open
up the passing game as well stepping
back and finds to expense and Spence
takes a lick from Stephenson but he
picks up the first down this is a guy
Stewart spins who tore his ACL five
games of go
he’s coming up with the big reception
here listen to this captain the law
Stevenson who about office of state
fields excuse me
Ferris State Fields is their best
secondary player is their nickel
defender being forced to play in a
linebacker role sometimes you’re the
hammer sometimes you’re the nail
and McGill that set but there’s a
penalty marker on the steel this one in
the area of a hole
personal foul hands to the face he
fancied number 91 that penalty half the
distance to the goal in an automatic
first down
really seeing that called more and more
whether it’s in rundowns whether it’s in
passing downs and if you look at the
left guard on offense you see the hands
to the face right up here and that’s
exactly where they got it it’s a nice
call by the umpire that’s standing right
behind in goddess stay away from that
head and neck area up underneath the
facemask there extends this drive for
that also stayed on offense
so Austin Simpson Richey party prepare
estate trots off
and now you can the Bulldogs territory
Logan wells tucks its runs and he’s
brought down after a pickup of once
until watt Williams in on the stop
that’s kind of the invoke playing
college football right now and you’ve
got an athletic quarterback too to have
the motion going opposite of where you
want to go and then pulling your guard
pulling your tackle pulling maybe you’re
tackling your edge back which ended up
becoming quarterback counter and now you
know you’re almost having to play 11 on
11 instead of 11 on 10 when the
quarterback can run you got to play all
11 then that creates real challenges for
well as with time surveys this man in
the walk
what a hit holding on to the football
except McGill as a flag comes out and
the lawn Stevenson was the one who laid
the lick remember I told you sometimes
you’re the hammer sometimes you’re the
nail that time he was a hammer you see
if they decide this is a potential
targeting foul or not personal foul
targeting defense
are you let’s see if some of the points
when it comes to targeting that’s gonna
be very very interesting does he crouch
does he launch I didn’t feel like he
launched but he did lower his head a
little bit and then with the shoulders
oh yeah I just think it was I honestly
think it was just a good hit as he goes
down and then McGill kind of pops up
from that what do you say – I actually
may say no in the sense that his helmet
is well below the head or neck area the
shoulder pad is up but he led with the
shoulder didn’t lead with the crown of
his helmet I don’t believe this is going
to be taught I think this is going to be
overruled which will be a big deal
defensively we’ve got shoulder to
shoulder contact not contact with the
crown of the helmet and a launching or
crouching mold and going up towards the
head or neck area so let’s see what the
officials come back with here now this
would be big because as we talked about
Dylan Stevenson fair States probably
best secondary player particularly as
Nichols you take a look at the targeting
rule there Tiffany yeah 15-yard penalty
and an ejection when targeting is called
for a forcible contact to the head or
neck area and as you mentioned Tom it
didn’t look like you thrusts after let’s
see what the preview there is no
and I’m in agreement with that call as
we look back at it it just looked like
it was just a really good and solid hit
yeah it was and listen these types of
plays the bangbang play it’s so hard to
coach it during the week in practice
because you’re trying to maintain the
health of your own team you’re trying to
teach proper tackling techniques which
have changed dramatically it changes the
way that we’ve practiced it’s changed
the way that we drill how we approach
ball carriers but I actually think that
was a good utilization of the rule there
by the officiating crew a big third down
coming up for Valdosta State
first third-down of this dry broken
wells hands it off to Tompkins and
Tompkins tried to sneak into the end
zone and I think he’s gonna be close to
that first down I believe he picks it up
it’s gonna be first and goal first and
goal inside the one Merry Christmas
who doesn’t want that under their tree
Chand every year
so this could be big for Valdosta State
as Ferris State will receive it in the
second half very good use of the clock
here too as well by Valdosta State on
offense understanding the game and the
part of the field there in Tompkins
trying to push forward but he stood up
I call it timeout here a fine than they
do all right I’ll send Edwards in on the
stop so a timeout taken by the Blazers
and just a reminder coming up at
half-time a conversation with the
Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray Plus
images of the year and first-half
analysis that’s coming up in just about
30 seconds on the clock here from
Carla Murray he’s such a bull tn2 a
tongue of a low and really doing Haskins
for that matter getting to know all
three of those guys as it went through
the recruiting process two very quiet
mild mannered kids but highly
competitive don’t mistake their demeanor
for the level of competitiveness because
what you see in all three of those
players is whether it’s good or bad they
maintain an even keel and they’re
managing their emotions and you know
what your team responds to that weight
our leaders not panicked okay we’re good
all right and it’s so you can’t be a
what I call a yo-yo player you’re up one
series down the nets up one series down
the next and all three of those
finalists I think exhibit those traits
and Kerwin Bella says he’s seen some of
that leadership develop in his sophomore
quarterback in Rogan wells
and now second and goal
from the one Wells decides to keep it is
he able to sneak in I don’t know
white jerseys and he’s nailed up just
short will that defensive front from
Ferris State is holding steady right now
two inside players six four three oh
five six four 295 and their edge guys
six five 275
well done and 65 to 70 in talking with
Tony who needs to head coach at Ferris
State he said our defensive line is
built for these this style of play we
want to we want to be stout at the point
of attack not get moved off the football
that’s exactly what’s happening Austin
Edwards was in on that stop one of the
leaders along that line for Ferris State
and this is going to be under review as
to whether Rogan wells made it into the
end zone
from our angle up top that looked like
just before he cross but it looked like
he was maybe pushed back a little bit
but we’ll see how far he was in a lean
too tough to tell there because you
can’t tell where the ball is and if the
ball was able to break the plane off of
that angle off of that angle I agree
with the the mark of the side judge and
the head linesman without being able to
see any further evidence to the contrary
when you look at this Ferris State
defense and the fact that they weren’t
going to be able to perhaps keep up with
the speed of Valdosta State high pasture
review the call on the field stand
third down with the way they’ve been
able to stand up these Blazers in those
tight situations well I think it helps
them actually being backed up against
their own end zone because now they
don’t have much field to cover they can
really focus on the Box realizing that
their secondary is a little bit
protected by the back end line and the
two sidelines of course so that might
kind of fit into the mold of this pair
of state heba’s keep them on this is a
Ferris State defense that lost 15
seniors off of last year’s team coach
Tony anis didn’t even imagine that they
would have the type of defense that that
worth the effort to have an undefeated
team so it shows you the depth that
Ferris State has as well tumor power
number 44 the defensive tackle the only
one of the turning and Thompkins moves
and we’re waiting for the signal the
spirit state comes out with it but still
it looks like fuck is running yeah
somebody better call a timeout there we
Kerwin Bell is upset and he should be he
thinks to touch down and while
everybody’s discussing it the clocks
running down
ran all the way down to two seconds and
did he get in or not can we get another
look at that because it looked like
Tompkins may have been able to sleep
underneath I thought it looked like now
if the review is off of that angle now
this angle may be an entirely different
story that’s still very very difficult
to tell now it looks like he’s over but
it’s an indisputable video evidence to
reverse the call in the field this will
be our best angle I think that’s a
touchdown I think so that is snuck in
but boy that is a tough call because
those angles are not as definitive as
you would like them to be yet at least
two of those four angles he looks like
he’s over this is gonna be a very very
difficult call for the replay officials
remember the call on the field was that
he was down correct so is there another
video evidence to overturning
game of inches
Latonia needs the head coach of Ferris
State there on the bottom waiting for
this call
what a pleasure he is to talk to he is a
breath of fresh air when it comes to the
coaching profession no paranoia all
he wasn’t tight he wasn’t miserable he
said the only the last thing I want to
do is be miserable going to work or make
my assistant coaches miserable going to
work the professions hard enough he just
has the right frame of mind after review
the call in the field
Wow now people may say their Tiffany
well mom he was in he was it that
there’s not a disputable video others
please set the Gamecock for five seconds
at this point Tom are you gonna go for
it are you gonna kick fair state gets
the ball coming out ha I’m gonna kick it
I’m gonna kick it I want points I think
this thing is gonna go back and forth
back and forth back and forth and here
comes the offense that all the other way
now that’s the state going for their six
of seven on fourth downs in the playoffs
interesting two of ten on third downs in
the playoffs but six of seven on fourth
down see being in the shotgun right here
surprises me now you’ve got essentially
half a yard to go I get under center
here whether we’re gonna run the ball
from a sneak standpoint or get out of
the pocket as we see a fair state
timeout being called coach Tony in the
East screaming down the sideline
is the fastest player on the field down
there I’m with you Tom sometimes you
just want to see some old school
football where everybody just crunches
it out down right in the trenches and if
you’re believing in your damage up front
Farris thing that’s then I want to see
you power it in yeah if you put if you
put the quarter and I understand that
they’re not an under center team but by
getting up under center you now at least
create the illusion that you could have
a quarterback you can run the Jets sweet
which is a huge staple of the Valdosta
State offense behind them still do some
of that play-action stuffing if you want
to get out of the pocket with Rogan
wells which is what I would do here
because Rogan wells is not only a passer
but he’s a run so if you get them on the
perimeter outside of the pocket in some
form of a play-action if you feel like
you’re not gonna run it you at least
give him the run pass option of tucking
it or throwing
the gold lines stand you remember this
was first down and then the Blazers go
back out again on second down still
don’t oppose but this one was the one
that really thought he may have crossed
it instead he’s down just short of the
goal line and a big play as we’re
talking about momentum on the way here
can Valdosta State punch it in
Seth Miguel leaps over and he’s in a big
score before the half for the Blazers as
they go for it on fourth down and are
successful well if we run the inside
zone enough times we’re actually gonna
get in on one of them this is just a
nice job and you could see Kerwin Bell
during the timeout getting a little
fiery on the sideline with his guys and
I guarantee you that was about offensive
one you better make this happen because
we’re gonna run it and it’s gonna be on
the extra point from gray so a four
point lead with two seconds remaining in
this first half and some chip enos near
the goal line as flags fly out looks
like both Ferris State and Valdosta
State players and each other’s faces and
the officials will talk it over really
no after-school shenanigans kids we will
turn this car right around we saw just
how important that was for both teams
and Valdosta State able to grap lead
after the play unsportsmanlike conduct
kicking team number 51 that’s his first
course tonight he will be assessed on
the kickoff that against Ralph singleton
but when you have all these emotions and
if you’re the Blazers you’re frustrated
that it took you four attempts likely to
get in the end zone even though you’re
happy that you were able to do so mean
what’s the discussion like why are these
guys so upsetting him I don’t think
Kerwin Bell is happy with the
officiating I think that it starts right
there I think he felt like they scored
on the second play with with Rogan wells
and I think he feels like they scored on
the third play and to your point it took
him to the fourth play and then you get
the extra curriculars afterwards I think
the best thing that can happen to Kerwin
Bell and his football team is to settle
down and get in the locker room just get
the locker room take a breather
you know you’re gonna have to come out
and play defense go and bail very fiery
guy right now listen you mentioned it
earlier here in the first half they’re
not used to being in games we’re number
one they got a sustained rise they’re
used to scoring at will they’re not used
to being in close games so this is a
great challenge for their football team
I think Ferris State kind of relishes
these types of games this is their brand
of football they knew coming into this
game they couldn’t go down 14 or 21
points in the first half because they’re
not built to come back that way so we
got a great second half in front of us
here Tiffany apps
lutely you don’t want to go anywhere of
course the halftime report coming up and
then the due to national champion will
be decided in the second half short kick
falls down and boy what a first half
here between ferrous state and Valdosta
State undefeated records only one will
remain perfect at the end of this one
the Blazers able to get on the board
with a late score they go into the
locker room with the lead and Kerwin
Bell I imagine will have a few things to
say to his players but nonetheless he’s
got to be pleased that he’s ahead right
now as we send it down she’s standing by
with Kerwin Bell
Alix coach Bell a lot of momentum swings
in this first half you scored right
before going into the locker room what
what’s the mindset in this battle well
we’ve got us we got to continue to stay
aggressive on offense there’s gonna be a
lot of points scored
hopefully we start slowing my down beat
again a little bit on defense but
they’re really good we making a couple
bad pill and these personal fouls we got
cut that out and but it’ll be a great
second half we’re enjoying it this team
has always risen when they’ve been
challenged they’ve always risen to the
challenge and they’re do that again
today coach we saw you fired up there on
the sideline a lot of self-inflicted
mistakes like you mentioned how do you
address it with your team well you know
I’m just a little bit of aggravated at
some of the things going on with our
with the game the way it’s ran but
listen we got to keep our head we talked
about it all week so if you get a
personally go to locker room we’ve sent
a couple block room but you know we’ve
got to make sure we keep our cool it’s
going to be a dogfighter down to the
ends they’ll be four quarters we told
them that and I like the way our team’s
plan they’re they responding their plan
well and I look for a great second half
coach thanks so much Becky it’s been an
exciting one thus far 2824 Valdosta
State leads coming up after the break
we’ll join the studio with the halftime
big plays hard picks Valdosta State and
Ferris State doing literally whatever it
takes to try to capture that d2 national
championship as we say hello and welcome
back in top luginbill dippity green at
the start of this game we said it was
going to be about the quarterbacks out
they performed in your eyes
well Rogan wells I think has been
exceptional you know this has been an
offense that’s predicated upon explosive
plays in the first half alone
the Blazers have produced six plays of
20 yards or more offensively and not
only has he done it through the air
after getting off to a bit of a rocky
start early he’s done it on the ground
as well maintaining that balance of this
offense he’s been very very accurate
he’s his throw to kenny benjamin there
in the back of the end zone his targets
are not very big at Valdosta State so he
has to be very very accurate in terms of
where he places the football he has been
particularly towards the latter half of
the second quarter and Ferris State
Tiffany is going to have to come up with
some answers on defense to get off the
field and limit those explosive plays
well thus far the Blazers have held the
Harlan Hill Trophy winner Ju Campbell at
bay for Ferris State but the Bulldogs
will receive in the second half so come
back to McKinney I as the stadium
after the second
just before the start of the third
it’s 2824 Ferris State down by for an
hour Alex Cory got a chance to catch up
with the Bulldogs head coach in Tony
hey there Tiffany and Tommy Asst coach
and knee saying that time of possession
has been a major problem for us also he
wants his defense to come up with a big
play he says that Valdosta State has
converted too many third downs
offensively very pleased with the way
that they have played he says hey we’ve
got the ball here to start the second
let’s go out there and execute but
reminding his team here with 30 minutes
left of leg we need our defense to come
up big for us and that was something
that he challenged his group with last
week in their win over Minnesota State
at the half he said look or where the
five minutes goes that we be a hero he’s
going to be our hero was Austin Edwards
that the end you helped to seal the deal
let’s see who steps up here is Javon
Shaw gets out to near the 25-yard line a
late penalty flag coming out near the 40
yard line that flag came really really
out of left field from the umpire that
was a good 25 30 yards away from the
return curious to see what he saw where
after our pretty smooth first quarter
things kind of slowed down in that
second quarter saw a lot more penalties
for both sides
you’re a holding penalty goes against
Ferris State on that return that
backside luck a little bit more Jamie
Campbell could not really get anything
going right in that first half for 4 7 4
negative 3 yards and the first three
completions he had were all for negative
place so you know really nothing to be
had they’re very fairly one-dimensional
first half on the ground for this
football team and really his worst start
of his career has the handoff to Marvin
Campbell and a pickup of four well and
you can’t discount how big that penalty
was on the kickoff there’s a difference
between starting off on the 26 or 27 and
then starting off on your 14 that’s a
whole different mindset as a play caller
worst field position start for fair
state of the game tonight
with Deon oils on the end around coming
back the other way and Earl’s loses the
football at the end as he was wheeled
down at the 46 so that’s a big splash
play for the Bulldogs office tremendous
success on the end round here they ran
this in the first half inside the red
area got inside the five yard line
essentially the same result very well
executed at the point of attack
Oh to get to the edge turn the corner
then off to the racism finally getting
out of a hole there from a field
position Stan Deion olds who stayed at 5
today junior out of Chicago shuttle or
toughness there as well Campbell
surveying the field rolls out to his
left looking downfield nowhere to go
moves by a couple of defenders down the
sideline and that’s where he can be so
dangerous time it’s not so much being a
designated runner all the time it’s the
ability to extend the plane which is he
does here now you got tucked that
football in there smart young man now
switch it to the other side great
awareness there where the bad guys are
coming from they’re coming from the
inside switch the ball if you’re Jay
roof handle but you you end up turning
what could have been a potential
negative into a positive
burn an injured player on the field for
Valdosta State
Jeffrey Stokes on the far sideline
we go back to that first half and for
Ferris State they were able to get on
the board because of big planes too now
this is the opening play of the game
with the fake bubble screen and the
double pass down the sideline gained
momentum a 52-yard field goal longest of
the season for Ferris State really
nailed that thing so they kept creeping
in and in this right here this was the
play on the forced punt after Ferris
State offense early Tiffany had really
been struggling you have an error by
Valdosta State you recover the ball
inside the 10-yard line and you
capitalize with a touchdown
that’s why Ferris State is in this ball
game right now and we’ll see if they are
able to sustain a drive again one of the
things that Coach anis told Alex coming
out of the locker room was the fact that
time of possession has not been in our
favor Valdosta State has held the ball
just about seven minutes more we did see
the longer drive in that second quarter
can they put together
a good one here Marvin Campbell wrapped
up for a loss of one and that was a
busted play in the backfield that time
and too many guys going in opposite
directions of where they were spoiling –
Javon Shaw number 13 created the mix-up
there in the backfield lack of execution
fifth tackle for a loss for this Blazers
defense and now third and three just
across midfield it’s Campbell trying to
go once more and he is tripped up and
held short as the Blazers defense hold
solid at the point of attack
j’ai vu campbell run into the sideline
real quickly trying to implore his coach
to go for a fourth down long to call his
own number he feels like he sees
something Ferris State’s going to keep
the offense on the field trust in their
quarterback you just won the Harlan Hill
trophy well he says he’s been a great
decision-maker all season long the guy
who’s played with a ton of confidence
and on fourth and one they go forward
here Jamie Campbell wants it and he gets
it and a penalty marker on the field so
we’ll have to see what the call is but
nonetheless you got a like the gutsiness
and the determination of your
quarterback in jammu campbell saying
let’s go for it in Ferris State thinks
this is gonna be a call against Valdosta
the play would then stand personal foul
hands to the face
first time that’s against ISIL Abajo
jaga day they like to call them Jags we
will we will see big six six guy
originally from Lagos Nigeria who was
really new to football and playing a
whole lot he played basketball at the
junior college level but said let me try
it this football thing out yeah you know
he played basketball and his clock ran
out because at the Division two level as
opposed to the FBS level you don’t have
a clock that starts one tear a full-time
student so that preserves your
eligibility at the Division two level
which has allowed him to give football a
truck that was a huge 15-yard penalty as
Campbell somehow able to elude attack
clears he’s brought down by Staton but
j.crew Campbell continuing to as you
said extend plays with his feet yeah
after a 15-yard gain and now he’s
responsible for that free rusher off the
end which is David Brown number seven
he’s coming right to his face Dibble to
pull down the ball and again extend
those plays you don’t have to be ripping
off 30 to 40 yard and runs but make them
chase you out a little bit
Turner mishandle there is Marvin Cape
Campbell trying to recover that one
think it was trying to run with the
football before he got it now they’ve
had success Ferris State running the
ball between the tackles dis entire
Drive little curious as to why they
would all of a sudden go lateral where
the speed of Valdosta state’s defense
actually becomes a disadvantage for you
brings up another fourth down for Ferris
State excuse me third down for Ferris
four of seven today Earl’s in motion
decides to keep it and again able to
pick up the first down J room Campbell
is deciding to put this team on his back
and keep this drive going I really I
really like the play calling here from
Ferris State put the ball into hands of
your Bell cow make sure he’s maintaining
possession of that ball throughout the
course of the play
use all the misdirection trying to
create a numbers advantage but make sure
your best player has the ball in his
hands on the most critical downs of the
drive and if your dandy BER pill for
about Dawson State how frustrating is
that well you know he talked with us
about the frustrations of dealing with
the triple option which they faced and
felt like during the week he was telling
his coach coach out we might have to
score 50 60 points I don’t know how
we’re gonna defend this well some of
these principles when you get into the
zone read action and you’re you’re
isolating a defender that you’re
choosing not to block and the
quarterbacks reading that defender it’s
a lot of the same option principles it’s
gonna you’re gonna have to play sound
assignment football leveraging the ball
but most importantly you have to account
for the quarterback running and that is
a difficult thing to do each and every
snap or an injured player on the field
for Ferris stage of on Shaw who threw
that 80 yard touchdown strike on the
first play of the game for the Bulldogs
he gets up and goes to the sideline more
importantly Tom as Coach anis said
earlier and we’ve talked about all game
long sustaining drives now tenth play of
this Drive coming out of the locker room
for Ferris State and they’ve really been
aided by a penalty here against Valdosta
State the personal foul penalty moved up
ahead 15 yards now they’re in the red
Cambell moving to the outside Cambell
can’t get enemies just pushed out but
look they’re using all runs on this
traffic well the thing that’s
interesting about that and you may not
have seen it when the ball was snapped
but that was going to be a quarterback
run that was quarterback counter the
fact that he mishandled his snap and
created that slight delay actually
helped open up the play because that’s
what they were gonna do anyway but it
delayed it just a little bit created
some more space and sometimes you’re
misshapen the backfield ends up
benefiting you so now first and goal
wrapped up was Marvin Campbell right
there you know Tiffany you mentioned the
time of possession and how important it
is for Ferris State because coming into
the game I think they felt like that was
going to be an advantage then all of a
sudden it became bailed off the state’s
advantage and they were giving up
explosive plays that can’t happen this
is a huge drive here at Ferris State
sports and Marvin Campbell pushes ahead
to take the lead Ferris State with an
impressive Drive
and the Bulldogs back on top
the extra point is good and the Bulldogs
on top serum passes thrown on the
opening offensive drives in Fresno State
as they cap it off on the ground to take
the lead once again here in McKinney
Botox fans are certainly pleased with
their 15 and 1830 move on the 28 over
Valdosta State and that last Drive they
showed why their 8th in the nation in
Russia come on as we mentioned prior to
the break zero plays through the air and
a lot of extended plays on the ground by
quarterback Jamie Campbell just doing a
nice job of taking what the defense
gives him accounting for free rushers
and using that big six-foot 5 220 pound
frame to ward off would-be tacklers
shake off arm tackles but it’s really
this delay right here what was going to
be the quarterback counter because you
mishandled the ball the backfield
actually end up benefiting Ferris State
offense early as they pound it in there
for their opening scoring drive of the
third quarter so Benjamin brings it out
just past the 30 yard line and solid
starting field position for Valdosta
State but you said all rushes on that
drive 12 plays more importantly and more
than five minutes eaten off that clock
if you ask any coach in America
regardless of level if they could have a
12-play drive and not have to throw the
ball and score they would take it every
single time it’s like the old adage it
was an old coaching saying that when you
throw the ball three things can happen
and two of them are bad
as a former quarterback though Tom how
does that make you feel in turn you’re
not putting it in the air but oh well
you better make sure you don’t throw it
to the other team that’s the way it
makes you feel
Austin Edwards on the stop for no game
seven of the lead changes in this
national championship game Ferris State
trying to bring home their first ever d2
title never made an appearance in the
championship game for about Boston State
you try to bring home their first title
in six years Rogan at the rallies
stopped by a Vontae Bell for a pickup of
two and third and eight has not been a
familiar down in distance during the
course of this game and third down
during the course of the playoffs for
Valdosta State has not been well
executed they want to of ten over the
course of the playoffs for Valdosta
State third and AIT’s not a healthy
recipe listen to the Bulldogs fans as a
this is a big one
Wells going up top has a man and Brian
songs songs with a huge catch when you
need them
Brian songs is there good for 36 now
this is a fade route from the inside
slot and this ball is thrown really back
shoulder under thrown intentionally to
the sideline because really two things
are gonna happen either going to get a
forced pass interference which is good
or you’re gonna have a reception there’s
not a lot of negatives to the back
shoulder throw across the field
here’s Trayvon Roberts Roberts almost
able to sneak by and that’s good for
another first down
Azeem hosen ain’t on the stop you see
all these guys in their black jerseys
and you got Trayvon Roberts 510 172
you’ve got 100 gala Morrie’s 510 171
there they’re all little small explosive
guys that are so difficult to him a long
one and we get these tongues dragon for
fair state on defense and this feels
Valdosta state’s first drive putting
their foot on the gas the big plays
going over the middle
and it’s incomplete Darrell Myers
the intended target one of the few
throws that we’ve seen today that was
not well positioned by Rogan Wells if he
throws that ball on what’s called the
bang eight post which is an on-time post
drought that balls got to be thrown a
foot in front of the numbers and if he
places it there even though he’s got
some tight coverage he puts it within
the catch radius of the intended target
that ball was thrown well behind with a
few inaccurate throws who’s seen today
from Rogan wells
now second and ten the handoff to
Thompkins and he’s brought down by Sam
hi boy
Kerwin Bell said he wanted his team to
remain aggressive that’s what they’ve
been all season long
and now another third down as Valdosta
States eight of ten today on third down
conversions it’s a big turnaround from
the previous three weeks and solutely
and no time left on the play clock and a
timeout is taken by Valdosta State just
before then so we will step aside along
as well 6:34 to go in the third
in CA a division 2 football championship
brought to you by Philadelphia Cream
Cheese it must be the Philly Bulldogs
making a difference having some
community service during their stay in
McKinney the teams went to two different
schools engaging with the kids and
different activities and Cheers art and
reading and certainly McKinney has been
a great pose how about a beautiful
facility here nearly 12,000 seats newly
built 70 million dollars poured into
McKinney Independent School District
Stadium and now a big third down on the
way for Valdosta State
well going across the matter any fines
can drink rather Joe Ford soon
Fortson with the 16 yard t-d catch
Valdosta State expecting man-to-man
defense goth man-to-man defense with
pressure off of the edge
seven plays 68 yards capped off by a 16
yard touchdown
– Joe Fortson the senior out of Buffalo
New York you’re gonna have this defender
right here he’s gonna come off of the
edge right here now the left side of
your field is the backside post we play
this they picked this up and terms of
protection Valdosta State does on
offense and then you get the post in the
six-foot-six for engine number three
there no underneath coverage to be
worried about and you throw it up to the
big tart it’s had a huge height and
weight advantage over fair state
secondary very well executed Valdosta
State knew what was coming they knew
what their matchup was and the single
receiver to the bottom of the field on
the post route very well done he’s got a
trio of touchdowns now on the season and
more importantly for Logan Wells who was
a quarterback we couldn’t wait to see
coming in he started 3 of on this game
and since then has gone 11 of 13 243
yards and four touchdowns Ferris State
has chosen to roll the dice and play a
lot of man-to-man defense and that’s not
an ideal matchup for them as Valdosta
State’s skill is just superior they can
run their
explosive and they’ve had a lot of
one-on-one matchups that had been
advantageous Robert brother Dion Perez
Bulls still on his feet eyes just out to
the 33 yard line and you feel like is
he’s given the little bit of space he
can fly he was one defender away from
taking that out the gate Valdosta State
very very fortunate there in their
kickoff coverage unit and now we’ll see
a fair state as an answer to come out
and have a 12-play drive to open the
third quarter Valdosta State has
answered they’ve taken back some of this
momentum let’s see where things stand
with Jamie Cambell and the Bulldogs
offense Campbell back to pass feeling
some pressure gets away throws it down
the feeling he’s got man wide open ad
and then it was pop blues after that hit
by tourists Datsun J mu Campbell here is
directing traffic and he’s correct in
what he’s doing here but he puts too
much air onto the ball if he fires this
shot in here the ball gets there quickly
the target catches the ball prior to the
hit it was the level of the throw that
probably created that as an incomplete
pass a bit he wish he had that path back
now Campbell
keeps it trying to get around and know
where to go look at that team speed on
defense for Valdosta State Stephen
Denmark and Raymond Palmer were right
so the question you’ve got to ask
yourself as we see Jamie Cambell trying
to outrun the sideline the sidelines
speed about I’ll sustain on defense is
why are they throwing the football don’t
have a single pass attempt and your
opening drive of the third quarter you
went right down the field running the
ball we’re on it until they stop
third and long
here come the Blazers and picked off
coming back the other way
it’s Alex Brown and Alex Brown that’s
got space and he’s brought down inside
the ten you talked about momentum
Valdosta State and they’re keeping it
after that interception connect exactly
with Kerwin Bell said coming into the
game when we get it we have to sustain
it we have to maintain it and this is
just a poorly thrown ball under duress
late to the sideline a big no-no doesn’t
see the underneath coverage there and
the defensive secondary by sent out
Williams and member zento williams was
the corner on the throw to kenny
Benjamin for the touchdown in the second
so some redemption there for for for the
defensive secondary at Valdosta Alex
Brown the junior out of Valdosta Georgia
this is a rare miscue from J mu Campbell
just as it is it’s interception of the
season the correction for me Alex Brown
24 on the interception just a poor
decision which he hasn’t made a lot of
poor decisions Jamie Campbell has only
thrown five interceptions all year long
we’re talking about a team that’s played
15 games and now this gives the Blazers
great field position after that 36 yard
return from Brown
player down on the field
CJ root Campbell wants to go left and
come down to the crossing route right
there but he vacates the pocket and
essentially runs into pressure off of
the right side of the edge and Alex
Brown stepping in front of what was a
little wheel route from the full-back
going up to the sideline and the
ill-advised throw really the first major
mistake is Raymond Palmer captain of his
defense in Valdosta State with the
injury the first real significant
mistakes of fair state on offense today
and it comes at an inopportune time as
it grills great field position for the
Blazers to strike again already up by
four and looking to add to this lead as
Logan wells tries to throw a strike
sinto williams on the coverage of the
late flag coming out
as well there should be so you know
Darryl Meyers you see the tug on the
Jersey and then the hand around the
waist on behalf of the ferris state
defender that’s a good call
Bobby planted the first she tells having
a tough day today for fair state on
defencing now this puts the ball right
inside the three yard line with a fresh
set of four downs
remember it was
the spare state depends who nearly held
Valdosta State deep in their own
territory put the hand out there and
know where to go as Kenny Benjamin with
airborne Haley was dropped down
reminiscent of the series right before
halftime where Valdosta State just keeps
wanting to run it in there and in fair
state holds up on defense mrs. Benjamin
tried to go airborne here which you
don’t recommend on a regular basis
coaches will tell you don’t need to beat
in this game and they felt das the state
was able to score it could make it a to
score game wells in the back of the end
zone and he finds his man
touchdown for the grazers
Austin leach on the one-yard touchdown
reception that it was all set up by that
young man Alex Brown really nice concept
there by Valdosta State on offense but
the corner flat combination into the
boundary a very simple high-low read
through Rogan wells and he has been hot
since the middle part of the first
quarter a correction there that was
Travis Taylor on the touchdown catch for
Valdosta State the extra point is good
42:31 the defense leads to offense
Blazers moving ahead
ESPN celebrating 150 years of college
well here’s how the two quarterbacks for
each side have fared in this game Rogan
wells has really been the star 306 yards
and five scores for the Blazers well and
what’s amazing is you see that minus
three number therefore J drew Campbell
in the passing game three of those four
completions were for negative yardage
and we’ve got four minutes and 25
seconds to go in the third quarter those
are the same numbers that came out of
the locker room with
amazing and we were scratching our heads
to say well how are they down really
still just in this game after numbers
like that killing me marker on the field
is Shaw brothel kickback Ferris State
cannot afford another field position
snafu here as they have not benefited
well from penalties here in the third
their finger return block in the back
receiving team number 14 opted into the
goal first and as this game wears on Tom
you see fara states starting to shoot
themselves in the foot with some miscues
yeah they are in in its resulting in bad
field position and when you’re playing
from behind and now all of a sudden
you’ve got to get back into this game
you’ve lost some momentum you got a long
field ahead of you those advantages in
that momentum stays on Valdosta State
sidelines so were starting field
position inside the 10 yard line to pass
out to Shaw and Shaw able to give them a
little bit of breathing room does it
pick up a 15 not while I questioned why
they were throwing the football in the
last series I’m actually glad they threw
it right there because Jay root can will
needed some confidence get back on the
saddle give them an early confidence
throw get him back in the rhythm and
feeling good you don’t need your
quarterback in a bad frame of mind when
you’re backed up Derek Portis on the
rush pick up of a few pushed out by
Corey Roberts we’ve seen Ferris State
score in a number of different ways they
started off the game with a double pass
80 yards and a quick strike and then
coming out of the half for the locker
room rather they were able to rush it in
yeah all the way through what will they
dial up here
going down field and sigh Barnett who
has not been targeted much this season
it’s caught up with Dotson and a penalty
marker is out our not just a redshirt
freshman for Ferris State and tangled up
their guitars Dotson
pass interference defense number 15
15-yard penalty from the previous spot
so Tony aneesa’s team continuing to be
aided by penalties from Valdosta State
you can see 15 Datsun just wrapping up
and he’s looking back into the
quarterback while he’s putting both arms
around the waist of sy Barnett to
redshirt freshman they’re tangling up
resulting in a first down for Ferris
State a much-needed one for that matter
five penalties 70 yards for Valdosta
State Campbell looking left all the way
wow what a head from Steven Dean Marquez
Dion URLs may be thinking twice about
selecting that one big hit from Denmark
look at the size of Denmark again a
former wide receiver didn’t have great
ball skills they loved his skill set
come along his arms are matches up he
really shut down half of the field for
Valdosta State defense watch him here in
a little shuffle bail technique comes
back times it up very nicely and Earls
fortunate hold on to the football coach
says he’s been a nice surprise at the
position the toss over
along that right side and Portis is
knocked out and a late penalty flow or
penalty black coming in for the late hit
personal foul defense number six
the wrong
for various rivers now adding to that
personal foul total for Valdosta State
with four and continuing to help get
yards and Ferris State to march down the
yeah and in Ferris State there would not
have had the line to gain so again silly
penalties self-inflicted wounds for that
also state on defense Jamie Campbell up
the middle continuing to move the power
David Brown one of the first to get to
him and that looks like it might be a
first down and another penalty marker
lots of laundry continuing to come out
on the field along this Drive and as a
result Valdosta State defensively
chooses to rotate for new defensive
players into the game right now it’s an
area where they felt like they’ve had a
lot of depth and guys allow them to stay
fresh as a blazer defender is down on
the field well tonight on ESPN and the
ESPN app just reminder that after the
New Orleans falls stick around for
SportsCenter Gucci and Andersen will
have all the highlights for the first
day of
mania plus Texans Jets and Broncos
Browns postgame coverage plus LeBron and
the Lakers take on the Hornets in front
of his Airness that’s coming up tonight
on sports in it well Jamie and Gaskin
the true freshman linebacker for
Valdosta State down on the field and
he’s getting up under his own power and
walking over to the sideline but you saw
the penalty flag come out and let’s take
a look at the personal foul at the end
of the play against Jeffrey Stokes
number 52 in black a little scrum there
at the Bob listen that that was a little
back and forth continuation of the play
that was hardly an egregious flagrant
foul upon that young man right there I’m
a little bit surprised at that call with
Jeffrey Stokes Stokes he transferred in
from Jacksonville University the senior
out of Cape Coral Florida now sees the
Bulldogs march into the red zone
Campbell trying to find some Running
Room in
really nowhere to go picked up two yards
David Brown Craig watts their grita
starting to see a little trend here with
the Ferris State offense the quick
hitting stuff to the perimeter in their
own game and then inside quarterback run
game you know back and forth back and
now David Campbell’s you see right there
ready to complete that play look to the
sideline gave the his hand and a
throwing motion to the sideline 101
yards on the ground so far tonight real
dependence on de rue Kemp Campbell from
the quarterback position is up to keep
them in this game the Jets meet two URLs
and URLs with plenty of room Eddie gets
up on the score there’s a penalty marker
on the field and that will determine
whether the call stands or if it’ll come
hold it up in number 13
don’t second out and that really hurts
after that score is erased for Ferris
State down by two scores that one going
against Javon Shaw maybe up at the
bottom of your screen right there in the
slot and you’re gonna see the Jersey
pull away that that is really ticky tack
I if I’m an official there I keep that
ball that flag in my pocket if that’s
going to be called holding then let’s
just hold up the rest of the game
because that’s gonna happen on every
single snap well in this third quarter
there is that a ton of penalty markers
that have helped the ebb and flow of
this Drive jwu Campbell keeping it all
the way any runs out of bounds so that
brings up third down after that pickup
of for your right tippy way too many
penalties here in the second half
slowing down the pace of play taking
away from rhythm for both teams
offensively but sustaining another drive
as Ferris State did to come out of the
locker room very important to come oil
with a touchdown here
teas in this quarter alone third and ten
tambul then flushed out campbell looking
down feel a tough gorillas positive oh
my goodness
how did that happen keiondre pray 19
Corey Roberts for Valdosta State on
defense is trying to tip the ball back
into the field of play with the hope
that one of his teammates is going to
have an opportunity to intercept it and
instead into the hands of number three
key Andre Craig and jr. cables just
trying to throw the ball away he’s
trying to make the smart play here and
stay on the field on offense the
defensive player jumped from inbounds
tipped the ball back in bounds the first
a player caught it
talking about a rocky bounce and break
for the Bulldogs so let’s see where
Corey Roberts 19 in black is when he
does this and the goalpost takes that
view away from us thank you go folks
well he clearly has the ball of his
hands before he touches the ground
the play is under review but man oh man
the reaction from Jay route cables I
can’t believe it and you can you can get
it you know Corey Roberts just trying to
make a play you know I got he sense a
lot of black jerseys around him maybe I
get it tipped up and we get to play Wow
and he happens to tip it to the tallest
target in the era area with County Craig
at 6 foot 5 215 pounds as the player
hands up tipping it to it filled for
that young man on what he was attempting
to do
we’re from aldo sustained if it holds
they’ve had three penalties that’s aided
Ferris State in this Drive of 44 yards
and perhaps one badly tipped ball this
may give us a pretty good look at it as
Keon Drake Craig is standing to the top
of your screen there on the very right
side he runs into the end zone he never
goes out of bounds either I think that
call stands if it looks like he was
trying to keep it in play but at that
point why keep it in play I just bow
down and take it with you yeah I think
this is a very clear ruling from replay
I’m a little surprised at taking this
you’re curious to know if there’s
something they’re trying to determine
well touchdown was called on the field
you have to have indisputable evidence
to overturn it but this would be huge
for Ferris State if they’re able to hold
tight to this touchdown
we’ll get the call Tony Inez the head
coach of Ferris State will take him
however we can get them after review the
call on the field stands Ferris State
will not go away this is a team that has
continued to find ways all game long
hang in there they’ve led several times
we’ve seen a ton of lead changes in this
game and now they are once again within
a touchdown of the Blazers you question
whether they would able be able to drive
92 yards down the field and Ferris State
able to do so at nine place and listen
Ferris State has found the right mix
it’s inside runs with the quarterback
outside perimeter stuff with their skill
that seems to be the rhythm that this
offense is in now when they’ve gotten
away from that like they did two series
ago and they just came out for whatever
reason started throwing it then they
didn’t move the ball very effectively so
and you saw Kerwin Bell just a moment
ago talking to Cory Roberts on the
sidelines and you know just coaching him
up on the situation understanding you
know what’s happening there you
understand you’re trying to make a play
but sometimes you just it’s almost like
telling a quarterback don’t throw it up
for grabs just take the sack we’ll play
the next down
and again 44 yards of penalties for the
helps Ferris State find the endzone
now they’re within for Kenny Benjamin
from the five Bostick twenty still on
his speed and brought down just near the
twenty eight nine or eight yard loan
their Ferris State making their first
ever national championship game
as we send it down to the third member
of our crew and Alex Corddry what you
well the Bulldog defense was looking a
little bit deflated on the sidelines but
coaches came right over to them they
said hey don’t pay any attention to that
scoreboard the only thing our goal is
now let’s just get off the field on
third down they said we’ve got them in
some third and long situations it’s time
to capitalize
well thanks Alex
start out trying to chase Rogan Wells
and Wells able to find gala Bora the
flat and the change-up now for fair
state on defense zone we are not going
to give up explosive plays we’re gonna
make Valdosta State earn it and in that
time Rogan wells trying to go through
his progression wanted some downfield
stuff didn’t have it got flushed and
Ferris State will take that five to six
yard throw every single time just don’t
give up the 40 yard throw to to gain on
the carry
set McGill on the Gill stop a yard short
yeah I don’t feel Tiffany that the
Ferris State can afford to get into mini
third down situation in any man-to-man
situations they tried to roll the dice
the first half try to play man-to-man
across the board probably more than they
should have got burnt as a result and
now this change if I think is how they
need to play the remainder of game with
a shirt third and short and a big big
third down coming up right here
look at that number call for Valdosta
State Tiffany Wow
exactly what Alex was talking about can
they can
on the carry and I don’t know it’s gonna
be close depending on the spot Austin
Simpson was there he was go by the spot
of the ball from the line judge this
looks like a game of zero so I’ve been
this is gonna be fourth down without
question and that brings us to the end
of the third quarter big decision coming
up for Kerwin Bell will it go for it on
fourth down there’s a deep two title on
the line Ferris State and Valdosta State
in a big battle
what more could you ask for in a
championship game the winner of this one
will go on to hoist that trophy
the winners of division 2 will it be
Ferris State or Valdosta State fourth
quarter will decide it as this is a
championship round of a heavyweight
fight coming up between the Bulldogs and
the Blazers from McKinney Texas
the Blazers trying to go for right here
on fourth down they’ve been successful
already fourth and one Rogan wells and
he picks up the first down
well it’s a big play call considering
Ferris State the drive they had previous
a gain of three right there on fourth
and one you give it to the Harlan Hill
Trophy finalist playing against on Hill
Trophy winner tonight got to have to bet
the ball in the hands of your best
player that’s Rogan wells Wells came up
second in the voting to Jamie Campbell
on the other side on
wells with plenty of time flushed out of
the pocket and he was able to throw it
away keep hearing that name Harlan Hill
the trophy named after the bloomerang
University of North Alabama player back
in the 50s also spent time in the NFL
with the Chicago Bears given to the best
player in Division two football and
there’s the winner right there and J
root Campbell his team down by four
the fact that both of these teams coming
in as unblemished on the year 15 and
over fair state 13 and Oh for Valdosta
State first time we’ve seen that in the
championship game since 2015
another big third down coming up here
fell Valdosta State and you know the
third quarter Tiffany both teams
exceptional on third down six of ten
from Ferris State nine and 12 for
Valdosta State I think in the fourth
quarter here the team that gets off the
field on third down on defense and
there’s light for the team that’s going
to win this game I’d agree their time
we’re now a third and three
for the Blazers see their season average
well above it today Wells finds his man
and Trayvon Roberts picks up the first
down to keep this drive going
really Morgan Mills has done a great job
and you mentioned it earlier Tom about
spreading the ball around he’s found
nine different receivers today
yeah and it’s because they work through
their progressions the coverage dictates
where they go they’re gonna place
certain guys in certain areas of the
field and let the quarterback progress
through and he’s done a really good job
of that
well as once more a wide-open
Leandre Gallimore and Gallimore was
wrapped up by Adrian green first year
start on defense for the Bulldogs
pickup of 16 and we were seeing
blazars offense continuing to click as
their offensive coordinator Kate Bell
who played at Jacksonville does a lot of
the every down kind of stuff and that is
the son of Kerwin Bell a great
combination there as they’re both very
aggressive and it’s paid off well for
them all season long
well as tucks it and runs and he’s stuck
and brought down by Sam 0.98 Kerwin
value Kate Bell both think alike
offensively they they have the same
mindset the the similar approach and by
having that trust in Cave Bell to take
over a lot of the play calling duties
now Kerwin bells the head coach can
manage the game manage the team
situational football substitutes and all
of the things that ultimately the head
coach is responsible for and sometimes
it can get blurry when you’re trying to
operate the offense and call the plays
but also run the entire football team
and you of course the son of a football
coach as well know how to all sometimes
they could be a pretty interesting
though some receptions between father
and son as a timeout is taken by
Valdosta State and will step aside with
them come back with us 11:45 remaining
to national championship
Valdosta State has seen some great
coaches come through the program Dana
Holgorsen now at West Virginia was the
quarterbacks and white receiver coach
how about Kirby smart who’s now the
leader of the University of Georgia Mike
Leach now out in the pac-12 with
Washington State and Will Muschamp
coaching the SEC with South Carolina but
as you and I both know it started with
how mummy did and now a father-son
connection here between Kerwin and Kay
Bell yeah how mommy in the in the air
raid that ended up moving on to the
University of Kentucky and then Tim
Couch and then permeating throughout
college football and then a father-son
duo hair bringing the offense of magic
back to the Blazer program tenth play of
the drive
and the double pass which we saw a work
earlier now a touchdown
to who Brogan was ivory June
the backup quarterback funds
the other quarterback over open wounds
now and we get another look at this this
place is fantastic because there are two
options here for for the first every
Durham to go – both of them are open if
he chooses to throw it and he ends up
making the most difficult throw on the
field and makes a really good throw the
true freshman Jacksonville coach Bell
said he is a special talent we’ve got to
find a way to get him on the field and
he’s showing off here so you get the
handoff right here you shoot the post
trap to the top of your screen down here
to the bottom of your screen you had a
stutter and go and he throws back across
to the quarterback a great job – bye-bye
Rogan wells footballs goes along the
sideline had some awareness knew where
the coverage was rolling up the dicing
captioning our the Blazers what we have
now seen Brogan wells be responsible for
what like six touchdowns today
five throwing and now what receiving
well it’s interesting coming into this
game of all the touchdowns the hat Jay
drew Campbell had been responsible forty
seven one of those was a reception yes
yeah the first time in 111 years of
Bulldog history that he had actually a
player had actually caught brand and
threw for a touchdown and now we’re
seeing Rogan Welsh’s put on an excellent
performance here in this big moment what
makes this game great is that Valdosta
State is having to resort to plays like
that to help them win the football game
that’s what makes a true great
championship game
and a touch back for URLs and I think
one of the things that you know viewers
may or may not know is for many of these
guys in Division two this could very
well be the last stage that they’re
playing and especially for the seniors
on this program and so when you’re
talking about how do you recruit and
bring in guys and play division 2
football knowing that perhaps they have
a chance to go to the next level but
it’s not as likely then you start to
really find out who loves the game
because you don’t have all the bells and
whistles you don’t get all the resources
you’re not pampered you’re playing
because you truly love it
guys like that are most fun to coach and
wrapped up and absolutely nowhere to go
is Jay Rubel Montrell Jefferson in on
the set little bit of delayed pressure
as you mentioned 37 Mon drilled
Jefferson coming through the beat gap
between the tackle and the guard Junior
Campbell just holding on to the ball a
little too long there
the handoff to Marvin Campbell and
picks up a few Ferris State happen to
make another long drive down the field
for yard pickup it’s now third and ten
tambul going down the right sideline
one-on-one coverage with Stephen Denmark
and he’s been able to lock down the
field all season long kion Drake Craig
was the intended target like there’s
some tussling along the sideline there
you see Andre Craig down the sideline a
jerseys being pulled away off in the
shoulder but neither official within the
area feeling it was enough to warrant
the defensive holding and now we see a
we have two three and out three and out
foot either team today in this game wow
that’s impressive and at an inopportune
time for fair stay
fuck boys
just about the 34-yard line and that’s
where the Blazers offense will start
when you come back
the NCAA Division two football
championship want you buy McDonald’s
Valdosta State trying to claim the
fourth time in school history they’re on
top 49
look at that record of three and one
when they’ve made it to the championship
game the last one coming in 2012 when
the Blazers down winston-salem State
this it’s a program it’s got access to
such great players Tiffany I mean you
can throw a rock outside a Kerwin Bell
window and hit a great player
and now septal McGill trying to air it
out down the sidewalk I’m going for
Gallimore we saw that play worth the
last time why not do it again but
everybody’s throwing the ball yeah get
they run back someone I don’t know why
they needed to do that let’s let’s pay
attention to this clock you just forced
the first three and out you’re in
control of the game is actually a very
very well thrown football and I don’t
know if they just felt like hey and we
kept them off guard here it’s over let’s
take a shot if it happens great if not
let’s get back let’s get back to
business I wanna put it out of reach
already up to scores with under 10 to go
Valdosta State has scored 44 or more
points in all but one game this season
and that came last week against Notre
Dame College of Ohio when they put up 30
well and that was the point I was trying
to make for how tough this opponent
Ferris State has been for Valdosta State
when they’re having to pull out trick
plays to try and win the game when
you’ve beaten people 66 to 16 and 61 to
21 I mean that’s a lot of respect for
Ferris State realize we’re in a dogfight
here Ferris State has given them some
good shots have we seen their best shot
now will they answers his third and
looking down the field running around
the pockets still not going down
throws it right into the hands of a Fair
State player keiondre Craig on the
sidelines so that brings up fourth down
a good stand for the Bulldogs defense
and this is the problem when you try to
put that nail in the coffin it backfires
now all of a sudden you’re in second and
ten you don’t have the wealth of the
PlayBook at your disposal and if you
don’t produce on second down you’re in
third long and here you are punting and
Ferris State’s got to be sitting there
on their side of that going why in the
world did Valdosta State do that and
either way saying thank you thank you
thank you we get the bus back we’re
probably gonna get decent field position
so our two back-to-back three and outs
came in the fourth quarter under 10
minutes to go
see girls watches it bounce
and the Bulldogs will have to drive just
about 80 yards and the FCS football
championship will take place Saturday
January 5th at noon Eastern in Frisco
Texas on espn2 for more information go
to ncaa.com the official online home for
all 90 n-c-double-a championship says
Eastern Washington will meet North
Dakota State in that title game after
the play unsportsmanlike conduct
Valdosta State number 34 the 15-yard
at number 34 is first time for tonight
of the game that going against Walker
Schwab and again mental miscues by
Valdosta State helping the field
position of Ferris State really all game
off Kerwin Bell has just got to be
beside himself on the sidelines you get
a three nowt you’re totally in charge of
the game you punt it now you get a
penalty and give him great field
position six personal fouls against the
Blazers so now at the 35 j.crew campbell
trying to engineer a comeback here
Devante Arrington who scored earlier
with a big pickup brought down by craig
watts that’s a gain of 22 more
importantly took the field over and
blazers territory at the 43 are these
two teams I’ll tell you what they do is
they capitalize on the other teams error
both teams have done that all night long
feeling pressure able to a ludic gets it
away harrington once more he’s knocked
out by nick moss that’s just a terrific
display of pocket awareness you come
back you’ve got the free Russia right in
your face you don’t evade him now you’re
looking at an entirely set different set
of circumstances you’re looking at
second at 16 instead of second in five
and a half
manageable second down 32 the yard to
gain or line to gain
and the rush on the outside and standing
on his feet to tone down the sidelines
is show that moves the sticks once again
and you start to feel momentum and juice
going with the Bulldogs see the Blanc on
the perimeter
number five Marvin Campbell right there
that’s a legal blog below the ways
because the players within the framework
of being shoulders shoulder right in
front of you it allows the back to turn
the corner really well executed on the
perimeter there by Ferris State Taurus
Dotson the injured player on the field
for Valdosta State
so a quick cyst
on the field and we just want to remind
you that Sunday at 10 a.m. Eastern on
ESPN catch sunday NFL countdown before
he tries to staff the Cowboys five-game
winning streak ants luck with one-on-one
with his former teammate Matt Hasselbeck
plus Monday Night Football week 15
features an NFL South battle between
Drew Brees of the Saints taken
Cam Newton and the Panthers we were
desperate to win and keep their playoff
hopes alive and you’re talking about a
young man by the name of Jason Vander
Laan who was a two-time Harlan Hill
Trophy winner a quarterback with the
Bulldogs now a Titan in the NFL with the
Carolina Panthers do you know what type
of athlete you have to be to go from
playing quarterback to the d2 level to
even having a sniff of an opportunity to
not only make an NFL roster at another
position but sustain that’s unbelievable
the handoff took Campbell wrapped up by
worried player first time we’re calling
his name today the smear out of
I think it should be noted that both
coaches here Kerwin Bell from Valdosta
State and coach Tony and Nissan the fair
state sideline their coach is on the
rise their age may not tell you that
they are but somebody at the FCS or
maybe at the group of five level needs
to start looking into these two guys
well you asked an interesting question
of coaching these yesterday and said hey
are you familiar with Lance level yeah
Buffalo okay so a guy it was wildly
successful team three level and they out
be out with Division three level excuse
me and then moves up and takes over a
buffalo team and now you’re seeing Tony
nice leaving is
to the first national championship game
in their school history Deon Earl’s
trying to shake a couple of the fingers
dropped out by Jamie and Gaskin that’s
good enough for a first down and then
you look at Kerwin Bell as you mentioned
on the right side in Brian Kelly won
four national championships at Grand
Valley State in Jerry Kill was it
Saginaw Valley then went to Emporia then
went to Southern Illinois then went to
Northern Illinois up to Minnesota he
wanted every where he was at and I think
there’s a lot of substance of guys that
win when they don’t have all the
resources Jamie Campbell right up the
and this Ferris State team is just not
going away they have found creative ways
to stay in this ball game even though
you and I mentioned that they may have
been out matching terms for speed but
when you got the best player in Division
two leading the way for you
a lot of good things can happen over a
hundred yards on the ground or
separation and now
this Blazers defense Jegs and to take
them down
well Jax just blew that up big number
eight from his tackle position and
that’s really the first time at Valdosta
State hasn’t fallen to the end around
that’s been a big gainer for Ferris
State on offense except without what
wasa five now
a critical one
under six to go in this national
championship in Division two Campbell
has a man open and the flat just bounces
it to Malik Taylor and now fourth down
decision time that looks like the
kicking unit will trot on the only thing
that helps them there is that the ball
hits the ground and the clock stops so
you get an opportunity to get some
points on the board
the clocks not draining right now and
you’re gonna have to count on your
defense to make some plays
Oh Jackson beat early on for the 31-yard
competed in a 52-yard attempt that was
the longest of the season here from 31
and it’s good we’ve got a ball game
eight points
separates fair state from Valdosta State
come back
she found this pistol you truly Oh
they call it tidal town for a reason
Valdosta State trying to close in on
their fourth the first one coming back
in 2004 against Pittsburgh and then in
2007 downing a powerhouse in d2 and
Missouri Northwest Missouri State in
their last six years ago against
winston-salem State
the national championship game for the
first time back in 2002 there were
match that number
here today
all time and national championships and
on the return his Playland Patterson
can they try to track down Grand Valley
State and get time with them North
Dakota State as we mentioned is now
moved up to the FCS level in North West
Missouri State who’s been the Big Dawg
six titles in total the thing that we
touched on when we came on air with
these two football teams Valdosta State
in particular is all of their playmakers
are back they’re receiving horns back
they’re running back to Richard freshman
quarterbacks just a sophomore this is
going to be a good team for years to
tomorrow Thompkins filing their way
through the defense that 16 yard pickup
moves the sticks
that’s what Valdosta State needs to do
no more these little tricks and getting
cute let’s line up let’s run the
football let’s run it between the
numbers so we get this clock running and
if we got to throw it we’ve got to throw
it let’s not do it voluntarily longest
rush offensively from Valdosta State off
tonight which is coming at a pretty good
time and as you said at the top of the
broadcast Tom the fact that this team
has been able to run so effectively all
season long
and here on first down they decide to go
down feel the targeting Joe Fortson and
the clock stops down and and you’re
shaking your head down you just you just
handed the ball off to your running back
and Jamar Tompkins and I’m shaking my
head because if he just does it again
but the clock was running before that
play started so now you should have
another thirty some-odd seconds off of
this clock before this next snap is
taking place but you see there scored on
seven of their nine drives they’ve
gotten into the end zone for a touchdown
so if you’re Kerwin Bell you’re pretty
confident that your team is going to
find their way to pay dirt once more and
really try to seal the deal here late in
the fourth quarter here you sit with
third and ten Ferro state goodness for
anything more
and now for Ferris States gonna have to
do if valdosta state chooses to throw
the football which I believe they will
Ferris State has to keep the ball in
front of them in tackle in space the
last thing you do here is give up a ball
downfield force the underneath throw and
tackle in space
man in motion Wells looking downfield
keeps them in front of them and the
defense very close to that first down
marker the completion of Brian songs and
just enough yardage to move the chains
that’s a well coached receiving core
because Brian songs goes just past the
yard marker catch us the foot bonds up
falling forward so you know where the
yard to gain is you know where the
sticks are you cannot run a route that
any shorter than that at this point if
you’re Ferris State
you have three timeouts remaining when
do you start using them well hopefully
Valdosta State is it gonna throw the
ball here but if they do and it’s
incomplete don’t worry about it but if
it’s on the ground you’re gonna have to
use one right now
they keep it on the ground your die on
the stop the clock continues to run now
under three minutes
Tony anis still waiting in your mind
wise and he’s still waiting to use those
timer when you see Kerwin Bell right
there telling it softens to hold up hold
I don’t know I don’t know what they’re
expecting to have happen here I don’t
know if they felt like maybe Valdosta
State would try and throw it again
they didn’t what they they played their
local or watch the trends today they
they actually would be gambling in the
right direction they were throwing it
but they keep the ball on the ground
once more to Thompkins and here comes
the timeout so we’ll take a break here
from the Kenny d2 national championship
on the line
2:28 remaining to find out who will be
the d2 national champion of this 2018
season as a reminder to our viewers you
can tune into the ESPN app for the boost
game trophy ceremony immediately
following the game
an all-important third down coming up
blazars look to throw it they’re going
for fortune again and fortune has the
bar knocked away by an Thomas but a flag
comes out
and with Thomas on the coverage it’s
like a pass interference but but again
so aggressive and that ball actually
should have been caught got a big big
height advantage on the sidelines there
on the back shoulder throw
what carpet Bell says you got to be
kidding me
so it takes a gamble on third and four
decides to throw it if that’s not pass
interference I don’t know what is but we
had the holding call earlier to that
brought back a touchdown that was not a
holding call
and the offense appears to be staying on
the field do you like that time well
it’s going it’s not going against Titan
I’ll tell you that
that’s what Kerwin Bell has done this
entire game he’s called this thing the
way he’s wanted to call it with almost
no regard to the clock they get stopped
here it’s a one possession game with a
two-point conversion looking where the
ball would start for fair state on
offense this is a huge gamble a turnover
on downs and the biggest stand of the
night for this Ferris State defense why
would you not pump the football right
there I don’t mind the call of the
tunnel screen although the Ferris State
had the perfect defensive call the ball
gets tipped at the line of scrimmage but
even if even if you pump the ball and
you pun it to one of the corners get it
inside the 15-yard line there’s two and
a half 32 minutes 15 seconds left
there’s only one timeout or two timeouts
for Thursday
so Campbell the Harlem here
flips it out to the vaunting Arrington
Arrington picks up the first down gets
out of bounds
no y’all reception no need to hurry here
I mean you got out of bounds the clock
now the clock runs but stop for a moment
to spot in a way you go you got the
first down
Tamblyn feeling the pressure of coins it
up the middle of the field and another
first down and Jamie Campbell keeping
this one going 11-yard pickup
119 yards on the ground best player in
Division two voted yesterday
can he quarterback this comeback
Campbell finds sigh Barnett and Barnett
down into the red zone the Bulldogs will
not go 35 yards
sigh Barnett does a nice job leaning to
the outside to create the separation and
a window to Jammu Campbell to throw the
ball into just really well well-executed
and Kerwin Bell is my rate coach as he
should be on the play of the pass
interference call that was called off
but the management of this game in the
play selection and the clock have been
literally the responsibility of Valdosta
State and you think to yourself if that
pass interference call is made mm-hmm
games over
the game’s over if you also think to
yourself what if they decide not to
throw it and just run it now fair state
even if they don’t get it you’re fair
seesaw use another timeout this is the
call we’re referencing this was called
initially as defensive pass interference
as you see right there by your line
judge and was called back off and incur
one Bell has every right the head coach
at Valdosta State to be upset about that
call because he’s right but choosing to
throw the ball there and choosing to
throw the ball when you have all the
advantages the momentum the clock is in
your favor and forcing Ferris State they
only you force Ferris State to you to
use one timeout Tiffany and with 111 to
go within the 10-yard line
Tony anis is going to rely
on Jamie Cambell first 3/4 he was 6 of
12 25 yards a touchdown in an
interception fourth quarter 406 74 yards
and no Drive more important than this
one first and gold mine was a minute
left left you got two timeouts they
would have never imagined they’d be in
this position three minutes ago
tambul keeps it himself
up the middle down to the five yard line
by David Brown clocks still running
remember if they score here they have to
convert on the two-point conversion to
tied it up Barnett on the sweep to the
Wow the Jets sweet passion for sidebar
net who’s been a go-to guy on this Drive
got them into scoring position it’s been
a highly successful play for their
offense all night long tremendous
blocking on the perimeter by the rest of
the receiving corps and it comes down to
this hey we’re in McKinney Texas it’s
big 12 territory why not have a big 12
type game what do you call here I think
you got a play-action pass off of the
jet sweep motion they give it the
Barnett the double pass looking for man
in the end zone
unable to bring it in
and that is likely the ballgame Wow
it comes down to the two-point
conversion they tried a little
trickeration just out of the
outstretched hands of keiondre Craig on
the backend line of the endzone off of
the reverse double pass and credit
Ferris State they knew what their two
played point play was they knew what
yard line not what you’re on excuse me
which hash mark they wanted it on
they just didn’t quite execute it and
that right there folks is why it’s
called a game of inches and Valdosta
State Tiffani’s gives me very very
fortunate to be in the position that
they are in right now with how the last
four minutes of the game was managed
Ferris State making their first ever
national championship game appearance
gave it literally everything they had
there’s been an interesting one back and
forth we felt like it would be a barn
burner and for these seniors who likely
playing their final game of their career
for the Bulldogs now as we’ve seen in
this game don’t rule anything home here
okay after that touchdown
now you kick it off you likely will try
an onside kick and you still have two
timeouts that’s plenty of time and
plenty of ways to stop the clock now
this is this is two teens that you can
clearly see why these two teams belong
here explosive exciting have have
answered the the toll each and every
time the other team has made a play or
scored and Kerwin Bell vatos the state
calling timeout doesn’t like the
alignment of this kickoff onside kick
look from Ferris State he wants to talk
this over folks we’re seeing the two
best teams in Division two truly do get
out here
in this title game
Valdosta State
seeking its fourth national championship
there forty seconds away Tony and East’s
and the Ferris State Bulldogs came in
15 and on the season as both teams were
they were looking for their first
that’s interesting we saw Tony and he’s
there and I asked him when we spoke with
him this week because a lot of people
told him not to take this job and I said
so when you took the job what were the
resources what are they now have they
really invest we said no they’re pretty
much exactly the same so we asked people
don’t touch the Cathedral by the side of
the church the size of the Cathedral
judging by his people the onside kick
and Valdosta State recovers
least they claim they have well I saw
one of the line judges on the near side
or rather on the far side say yes but
they’re digging to find the bottom of
the pile and that ball a lot of unruly
unsavory things happen in that pile
right there Tiffany
ball bounces around in between the legs
of a player so it was up for grabs
and there to recover it with Jackson
Bowl and the really Ferris State
targeted the right guy they targeted a
lineman that was on the front line of
the onside kick return team Varya the
worst ball skills of any guy that you’re
gonna have out there ball bounces off of
him and just unfortunate for fair state
not to be able to recover a great
showing from this group out of Big
Rapids Michigan
– really well coached football teams
it’s tough to see a loser today as good
as Kerwin Bell and his staff have been
all year long and looked perplexed by
the last four minutes but boy I told it
tonio knees has been just as impressive
as as his staff and his kids second most
points by the b-two national
championship game as expected –
excellent offenses – quarterbacks who
were among the best in this division
great now Kerwin Bell is just saying can
I go home
can we all just please go into the
locker room get on the bus and go home
remember the trophy presentation coming
up after this game concludes over on the
ESPN app check it out on ESPN 3 man
travelled a long way you think of a 50
nano season for Ferris State coming in
as we mentioned they’re seniors playing
in their last game as Valdosta State in
victory formation Ferris states using
their final timeout
Kerwin Bell right now we are one play
away guys one play of not boxing the
snap taking a knee doing all the easiest
things in football right just to just
the fundamentals this is what we
practice at the end of every practice of
every Thursday and every walkthrough on
every Friday don’t screw this up for
Valdosta State
this is a big moment for them and for
Ferris State awesome job to get to this
point and for many of their players
their seniors this is the final game
their football career no way to stop the
clock at this point you see the emotion
on the sidelines for Ferris State
disappointment on the other side a sigh
of relief as Valdosta State year 2018
division 2 national champions but
congratulations to both of these teams
so well coached
such great players in what a long
journey to get here I mean it is a long
season for everybody but at the division
to the Division three level that playoff
structure is a grind
it’s congrats to crew and belt Valdosta
State tonyia needs and his staff as well
in Ferris State third season helping the
Blazers to bring home their fourth
national championship good exchange at
the middle of the field between those
two coaches man barnburner exciting game
the highs and lows that you would expect
of a national championship it delivered
on all levels Valdosta State ends their
season the perfect
that old record that wraps it up from
Texas as the 2018 division
national champions Valdosta State for
time Luke and billing company
I’m Tiffany green as we send it over to
basketball in the Air Force Reserve
Basketball Hall of Fame boardwalk

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