2018 Yonex Astrox 88 S Badminton Racket Review and Comparison between Arcsaber 11 and Jetspeed 12

2018 Yonex Astrox 88 S Badminton Racket Review and Comparison between Arcsaber 11 and Jetspeed 12

Hey guys welcome back to YumoTube! This is Tommy and in today’s video I’ll be talking about the new Astrox 88S. I’ll also
be comparing it to two similar and very popular rackets the Arcsaber 11 and
the Jetspeed 12. The Astrox 88S is a head heavy and stiff racket that is
designed for front court doubles players. Right now this racket is so popular
that all the top badminton players in the world are using this racket
especially in doubles. Players such as Mathias Boe and Kevin Sanjaya and also
even Victor Axelsen who plays in the singles category is also using this
racket. So there are 2 key features which make the Astrox 88S very unique. The first feature is the overall length of the racket being 5mm
shorter than conventional rackets. What this means is that the front court
players will have better control and handling of their racket. The second feature is the flex point at the bottom of the racket head. This will allow the
racket to flex at that point basically so when players at the front hit drives
or net kills it gives them better hold of the shuttle and this will
improve their control of the shot. So another feature of the Astros 88S is
the new revolutionary graphite that’s used in the racket itself called NAMD. This feature is only found in high-end Astrox models so you only find them in
the 88 77 and the 66 models. What this feature does is for players when they do
a slow swing, the shaft itself will remain relatively stiff so it gives them
better control of their shots and when they do a fast swing like when they hit
a smash, the shaft will flex more so it gives them more power. The last feature of the Astrox 88S is the Rotational Generator System which is
found in all Astrox models. This system applies the counterbalance weight
theory. So they distributed weight throughout the whole racket with the
head being heavier of course since this is a head heavy racket. There’s also weight found at the T-joint and the shaft and at the bottom of the grip. This system will give players faster recovery after their swings and smoother
transitions between swings. What this means is let’s say you hit like a drive
right you push the racket down and then when you come back up it’s a lot easier
and faster because there’s the weight that counters the heavy head at the top. So it basically gives you like smoother swings as you transition from like say
defense to offense it’s like a lot quicker and less effort and makes it a
lot easier for players to do. So before I get on with the comparison I just want
to say that this is just my own personal opinion on the rackets. People can agree
or disagree with what I think and they have the right to do so cause everyone
has their own personal preferences on rackets. And without further ado let’s
begin! So for the comparison I use the 4UG5 version of the Astrox 88S. I chose 4U because for head heavy rackets 3U is a bit too heavy for me so
that’s why I went with the 4U instead. For Jetspeed 12 I use the 4UG5
just to keep it consistent and unfortunately the Arcsaber 11 only comes
in 3U weight so I had no choice but to use the 3UG5 version for
the comparison. And all the rackets were strung with BG 80 at 27 pounds. So the first category we’re gonna compare is the amount of power that I got from the
racket. The racket that gave me the least amount of power is the jetspeed 12. In the middle I have the arcsaber 11 And the racket that gave me the most
power is the Astrox 88S. So out of the three rackets the Jetspeed 12 had the stiffest shaft and the least amount of head weight. So it was really hard for me to generate power as I’m used to a more flexible shaft. On the other hand
the Astrox 88S had the most head weight and also had the most flexible
shaft out of the three rackets so that made it easier for me to generate power
in my smashes and clears. I also want to point out that the Astrox 88S has a
longer racket shaft and a shorter handle compared to the other two rackets. And I
feel that with the longer shaft and shorter handle it makes the generation
of power a lot easier and it makes the racket feel like it’s more flexible The second category we’re going to compare is the speed and maneuverability
of the racket. The racket that had the lowest rating for me was the Arcsaber 11
with the Jetspeed 12 in the middle and the racket that had the greatest speed and
maneuverability for me was the Astrox 88S. So in terms of racket
speed and racket maneuverability the Arcsaberr 11 had the lowest rating for me
I feel because it’s due to the fact that it has a slightly larger racket head and
this creates more drag in the swing and also the head is quite heavy so it also
slows down the racket a bit. I had expected the Jetspeed 12 to be the
fastest racket of the three mainly because of the AeroSword frame that it
has on the racket that would reduce the amount of drag when you swing. But I think for the Astrox 88S because the total length is like 5mm shorter and because of the counterbalance weight theory where they
distributed weight evenly throughout the racket. The racket itself is very kind
of balanced in a way even though it’s head heavy so the swings are very fast
and it’s very smooth compared to the Jetspeed 12 and that is why
I gave it a higher rating. The last category we’re gonna compare is the
amount of control that I got from these rackets. The lowest rating for me would
be the Arcsaber 11. In the middle I have the Astrox 88S and the racket with the highest control for me is the Jetspeed 12. All three rackets had similar levels of control but I will rate the Jetspeed 12
slightly higher just because the head is not as heavy so when you’re at the front
and you’re doing net shots or drives and trying to cut off the shots it’s a
little bit easier and you have more control of the racket it’s easier to
swing kind of, like faster and then for the Arcsaber 11 and Astrox 88S they’re
equally kind of the same. But because the Astrox 88S has a shorter length I
feel that is makes it easier to kind of control the racket when you are changing
directions compared to the Arcsaber 11. So that’s about it for this video if you
guys found it useful give us a thumbs up! Leave us a comment down below and let us
know which racket is your favorite. If you want more information on these
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  1. Hi Sir Yumo, may I comment, if Arcsaber 11 only 3U, must good you choose Jetspeed 12 and Astrox 88S in 3U too in case your video compare

  2. You gave a lot of ratings on different areas, but which racket did you win the most games with or feel the most comfortable with on court? Also, knowing your play style would help with the comparison.

  3. Thanks for the good review and comparison. My son plays junior Under 13 category. Which racquet will you recommend between Astrox 77 and Duora 10 or some other? Thanks

  4. Jan o jogenson and viktor axeleson are using this racket I saw them playing with this on Thomas cup

  5. I play doubles generally and would consider myself as intermediate. I always play with Yonex Mavis 350 PLastic shuttles and essentially a frontcourt player. Which string and at what tension should I use for Yonex Astrox 88s? I don't want the damage my racquet since it is costly.

  6. Hi, I am a doubles front and mid court player, my game lies on placement and quick counters. My smashes are not such powerful. I want to use a racket which gives me more power on smashes. Which racket should I buy out of bravesword 12 or 88s? Please guide.

  7. I’m a singles / doubles player. Smash is my strong point and been using zf2 for the past 2 years. I’m pretty happy with the racket but I’m facing a slight problem as my wrist is not fast enough to move it fast during quick plays . Which bat would you suggest ? I mostly play smashes , flat shots with occasional drops.

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