224U: Flippin’ Great Pinball

Hey Eagles, today we’re taking a blast to
the past with Flippin’ Great Pinball, a
new arcade on Railroad Square.
We’re here with Rob, the guy behind these
arcade machines.
Rob, can you tell us about Flippin’ Great?
Sure, Flippin’ Great is a pinball parlor,
an arcade, that we opened in Railroad Square
Art Park in October of 2016, and we offer
about 25 pinball games, 15 arcade games, we
have some vintage arcade, some fighting game
arcades, even stuff all the way up ‘till
Street Fighter 5, in addition to pinballs
that range from older EM’s from the 70’s
to last year’s hit like Ghostbusters.
So what sets apart, you know, pinball arcades
from at home consoles?
Well there’s a big difference between at
home consoles, one is a social aspect.
So you can come in here, play with your friends,
get a four player game goin’, you get the
competitive juices goin’, I mean it’s,
pinball is something you can actually physically
move, and adjust the ball on the play field,
it’s not something you just have to press
a button for, so you have the physical interaction,
you have ways that you can influence the game
in a way that you can’t reproduce digitally.
Do you guys have any tournaments?
Yes actually, we host a monthly IFPA sanctioned
tournament; IFPA is the official worldwide
reporter of pinball points and the way that
you get ranked nationally and internationally,
and we hold that the third Saturday of every
month from here from 5pm to 10pm, and there’s
no tournament fee just pay admission, but
you can come here, play once, and you can
brag to your friends that you’re an internationally
ranked pinball player.
So do I have to check my couch or my laundry,
pass pockets for coins or anything, or do
you have a different method?
Do you guys take checks?
We have a much simpler method than having
to clean your couch, and that is, we offer
hourly admission or all day admission by cash
or credit card.
No quarters are actually required n the games,
all of the games are free play, you just pay
by the hour or all day to play.
Do you have any specials?
Actually we do, for students we have a $10
student Wednesday, just have a valid student
ID and you can play all night for $10.
And then we have our very popular monthly
event which is $5 First Friday, you can intuit
what that means, pay $5 and you get to play
the first Friday of every month from 4pm to
Thank you so much Rob.
What’s that?
I think I hear Mortal Kombat 3 calling my
You think you can handle my score?
I’m pretty sure my sub zero can handle it.
Then get over here!
There you have it Eagles.
Stop by Flippin’ Great in Railroad Square
for a classic arcade experience with a modern

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