3 Day Trip Planner for Universal Orlando Resort

3 Day Trip Planner for Universal Orlando Resort

Emily Kaufman: If you’ve got three days
to spend at Universal Orlando® Resort, you’re
in for an unforgettable experience.
But, what do you do first? Not to mention
second, third, or fourth.
Well, I can help with suggestions for how
to plan your three-day visit.
Start Day One at Universal’s Islands of
You’ll definitely want to spend some time
in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™
– Hogsmeade™.
And your best bet is early in the morning
or late in the afternoon.
If you’re staying at one of Universal’s
on-site hotels,
you get Early Park Admission.
[rollercoaster rumble]
Plus, if you’re staying at one of the resort’s
deluxe hotels,
you get free Universal Express℠ Unlimited
which lets you skip the regular lines
at most rides and attractions
in both theme parks.
There’s plenty more to do in Islands of
[rollercoaster rumble]
including The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man®.
On-site hotel guests can take a mid-day break.
You’re close enough to head back to the
hotel for lunch
or to take a dip in the pool and a quick nap.
Then head back to the park for more fun in
the afternoon.
In the evening,
I’d catch a performance of Blue Man Group
at CityWalk®.
Followed by the nightlife of CityWalk’s
clubs and restaurants.
There’s even a karaoke club
where you can sing with a live band.
On Day Two, it’s Universal Studios®.
Here, you can explore
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Diagon
featuring all new attractions,
and dining options.
Guests with a Park-to-Park admission ticket
can also ride the Hogwarts™ Express between
Hogsmeade™ Station in Islands of Adventure®
and King’s Cross Station in Universal Studios®.
Experience the thrilling TRANSFORMERS: The
and grab a Krusty Burger in Springfield, home
of The Simpsons™.
Make sure you get a reservation
for Universal’s Superstar Character Breakfast.
The kids will love it.
Then go experience the park’s other fun
including Despicable Me Minion Mayhem®.
In the afternoon,
you’ll want to catch
Universal’s Superstar Parade,
which includes Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants,
Dora and Diego,
and other favorite characters.
And cap off the day with Universal’s Cinematic
the park’s impressive night time show.
For the perfect finale,
make a reservation for the Cinematic Spectacular®
Dining Experience
which combines a great dinner and dessert
with preferred seating for the show.
If you bought a three-day Park-to-Park ticket,
you can spend your third day revising one
or both Universal parks.
You can hit the attractions you didn’t get
and go back and ride your favorites all over
Or, if you bought a Wet ‘n Wild® combo
ticket, you could spend Day Three at Wet ‘n
Orlando’s most exciting water park, located
just a few minutes away.
And, featuring Blastaway Beach™, Florida’s
largest water play area.
Later in the day, once you’ve dried off,
you can come back to Universal CityWalk®
where you can challenge the kids to a game
at Hollywood Drive-In Golf™.
It’s open day and night.
Then enjoy shopping,
live music,
or just take in a movie.
Whether you’re staying three days or longer,
you can find information about all of your
vacation options at UniversalOrlando.com.
So start booking your visit today.

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  1. I've been to this park a few times. Disney I've done so many times as a kid. I want to do something for my 20th birthday, but I need some help choosing. Busch Gardens or universal.

  2. Wtf. I'm literally going for three days next week. And it's on my recommended…

    Btw if your going for less than the 3 day period I got you.
    If you are a thrill seeker, try to ride rip ride, hulk, mummy, rip saw falls, and maybe Jurassic Park. Which are the most thrilling in my opinion which may take a day depending on the wait times. But if you finish those you should ride rides that would interest you in whatever park. Both have all great rides.

    But if you want to ride themed rides or cool rides in general, than forbidden journey which is my favorite with a great ride system would be good, I would ride probably Spiderman and.transformers, et which has a great que and a cool unique ride experience, gringotts, any indoor ride really.

    If you don't really like big coasters or anything like that than some of the outdoor ride are obviously not for you. But still the indoor simulation rides are not intense but are still really fun for everyone. Fast and furious and Kong are just big busses that move around on the same level ground so not intense at all. And the Kong que is amazing like the Jimmy Fallon que. And Jimmy Fallon is a ride like despicable me which is a moving theatre with a large screen. Gringotts had one drop in the beginning that's only like 30 feet and the rest of it is not bad at all. Even if you hate drops it's definitely worth a try. It's not that bad. And mummy is a little more intense than gringotts but overall a pretty good and fun ride that you should at least try.

    If you actually took the time to read all that, then I hope I helped you a little. But look up online pov's if your not sure about something. Idk I just hoped I was somewhat helpful and made at least a little sense because this has taken too long to type and I'm speed typing it not really thinking anymore.

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