100 Comments on “4 Year Old Mic’d up at Hockey”

  1. I agreed on his fact about slavery and how that Hitler hates Jews but I disagree with a the child's statement because if Hitler hated Jews why did he kill them? And slavery was a pro choice not going to lie they wanted to be slaves no one is going to force Africa to cook us food because they never had food in the first place

  2. “I’m gonna grow a party” I think he thought he was saying I’m going to grow a pair. But he just thought the word was party

  3. Lmaooo sounds like the little kid didn’t need to be hooked up with a mic. You could hear him across the hockey rink

  4. as someone from california, where we dont play much hockey at all, i was deadass surprised kids this tiny????? play hockey????? these tiny humans can skate??? AND move a stic??? at the ripe age of 3/4????

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