4-year-old scores try against rugby legends

4-year-old scores try against rugby legends

It’s what little boys often dream of…. playing
their favourite sport with the biggest stars. And for this youngster that dream came true
after he pitch invaded a charity rugby match in Australia. The four year old found himself facing a scrum
of rugby legends as he became the centre of attention after
wandering onto the pitch. Luckily the players played ball with their
new rival and – with a little help from the opposition – he went on to try his luck against the Queensland
Legends. As the crowd roared encouragement, the pint-sized forward ran through almost
the entire defence with the players dramatically falling at his
feet and missing their tackles. As he got close to the posts the boy tired, but luckily one of the Queensland players
picked him up and carried him over the line to the touch
down. After scoring his try, he certainly stole
the show – and it seems the hearts of his new team mates.

100 Comments on “4-year-old scores try against rugby legends”

  1. I searched " how to report a league of legends player if you are not in match with him" and this appeared I think Youtube does not know how to english 😀

  2. "4 year old scores tries against rugby legends " grown ass men pretend to be rag dolls so some autistic could feel good

  3. fricking british voice over it's not called a touchdown it's called a try and it's not the legends its the maroons

  4. that is soooooooooo

  5. With all the horrible things in the news nowadays, I'm glad I caught this clip after work today!. Great work lads!.

  6. if it was a man he would have been pummeled! rugby is one of the few sports where you rarely see pitch invasions, most likely at fear of being destroyed

  7. Real legend was the 4 year old, he just ran past that 99 rated defense like it was nothing in front of him

  8. Sounds like a pohm announcer. Great Caesar's ghost? The announcer got it wrong, he wasn't tired. That tyke was flying at the end there. He had so much momentum he carried the Red #1 into the end zone with him. What a stud.🤣 Great stuff!!!!

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