60M Hurdles Heat 1 & 2 Women Birmingham World Championship Indoor Athletics 2018

the evenly-matched so should be a good race had a a bit of a slip in in Glasgow starting blocks slipped in the heats and just came through but is actually second there if your boons of the Netherlands only fifth and the Dutch Indoor Championships a couple of weeks ago but a good new personal best of 810 the season run that’s in a floor in can island a couple of weeks ago Andrea Vargas of Costa Rica in three Elizabeth 2-0 do of Greece in fourth and stephanie been dropped of Austria just won the Austrian title for a fourth time new personal best of 8:02 which is quick Veronica bossy of Italy the Italian champions 794 she done but that was back in 2013 some way off that new de l’otan is easy look out for other Finnish athletes which is alongside sharika an Elvis who heads as ever this very very strong American contingent in the women’s sprint hurdles the three quickest times the u-turn Elvis Harrison Manning all three of whom are here the United States could could want a clean sweep here but of course there are plenty of others and Sally Pearson at least occurs later so if he burns under Vargas Elisabetta zero do Stephanie Bennett Veronica bossy neural Lata Nazir II and shuriken Elvis there goes in Lane eight first of five heats in the woman’s sixty meters hurdles for to go through automatically in the middle and through come Shirley canal this no now looking very very comfortable and dating they’re a farm on it looked abandoned as well 797 for shuriken Elvis and in fact that is a positive do of Greece who is down the last body of her undoing again just a clear demonstration of what can happen what can go wrong in the hurdles and does either do might well have been expected to come through there but surely canal that’s avoiding such pitfalls and she moves through to the semi-finals and take us through this one : what boards can be difficult for some athletes especially hurdlers because deck seems like a trampoline effect and if you’re not used to that running consistently on these boards you can find it a little bit tricky and that’s what could have happened to the the Greek lady there but shrieking outs and I mean she is quality I think she’ll be looking forward to challenging her fellow countrymen later on but 797 they still kept that through yep still 707 look straight it was a great time I bend right actually the Austrian who then goes so well this season she’s like just clip that body on there but but this time nail this was moving so well yeah a real contrast the Glasgow wasn’t it early part when she struggled because her block slipped but here totally in control and cruised through to a sub eight second performance looking very comfortable indeed there’s Katerina Johnson Thompson getting ready for her first long jump penultimate events in the pentathlon at the moment coming into this event she’s in second place 13 points behind Rodriguez the Cuban but this is an event where she can dominate she can definitely get back into the lead she would expect to it possibly get some daylight between her and the rest of the world sees it’s better personal bests something in excess of 660 would be great Johnson Thompson round one it’s a good job [Applause] waiting to see the white flag it is look at that this is a really good start it’s in and around six and a half meters shake of the head was that good effort athletes you should be pleased with that control the runway really well didn’t lengthen lecture sometimes does plenty of room there great start great start Bertrand vaccine and coach looking on 650 exactly that’s a really good start for Johnson Thompson with Rodriguez to go next and dad each just a couple of points behind the next one after that it’s she needs to lay the marker out put the pressure on the other girls it’s exactly what she’s done be could Rodriguez’s PB is only 629 from this year what she got can she respond what’s around the six meter mark is way down on Johnson Thompson and it’s a foul so Rodriguez the leader fouling the first round under the pressure she would not have wanted I think totally oh the tiniest of Marge’s a lot of girls just leaving the foot out and just drifting but now cats settled she’s got a 656 meters 50 in the bank it’s up to the other girls to put the marker down cat can now build on that 650 so she’s in the driving seat that’s exactly what you wanted from the first round we’ve owned advantage of us here in third place coming into this long job season’s best of 6 meters 35 so down on Johnson Thompson also in a best effort somewhere just over 6 meters therefore that itch as we come towards the end of this first round of jumping 3 jumps only for each competitor and then the 800 meters only to come just decelerating into the board there little bit daddy’s got an indoor best of 641 and has jumped 622 this year so [Music] 629 6 meters 29 there proved owner damage that’s good that’s solid that keator pursuit of a medal on course Catherina Johnson Thompson will feel I imagine Greg Thompson fairly good about that opening John what’s it like when you get and see the white flag you know you’ve nailed something that is a solid job it’s given you a good amount of points she’s gonna feel very confident going into next year absolutely and the great things to do looking at a cat’s jump they’re technically incredibly sound if she comes in with a bit more pressure now she’ll take all the board and she should propel ourselves to a much bigger isn’t she holds a lovely upright position that she’s going from the air as well no over rotation which is really nice so she really put some mustard on that she’ll and she’ll go far today and what are you seeing from the the other girls around Rodriguez and dad itch obviously Rodriguez getting a red flag so that will be you know make her feel a little bit on edge when it she know she’s got to pull one out of the bag dad itch he said was just a little bit on her toes yeah definitely so so what we’re seeing with that mitch is that she’s she’s sort of coming in in a quieter Flex position and so she’s sort of braid kings before she has a chance to take off so she’s elongating a foot she’s not getting underneath herself so so she’s not striking underneath her hips to give it that sort of catalyst to really push off the board and jump fathers and it’s because they’re forcing it a bit more as well that’s the problem they’re desperate to try and get a distance out there that can get close to cap and because of that they’re making some of the mistakes that you really shouldn’t be making the other risk you have especially when you’re stabbing your foot out this is a chance of injury with it so you have to be careful okay let’s get back out then for the second heat for the women’s sixty hurdles deep breath yes the second heats it’s fairly straight board qualification but what a moment for Megan Mars city of Lisbon athlete l’Opera student at the moment and it’s been a long time since somebody for not lie and represent the British team in the championships in fact a mum competed in the European indoors back in 1988 when see in a second to the be up against Christine Manning one of the favorites in this event with Justine Rican Elvis look very calm and straightforward qualification from her 797b others schrott experienced Austrian bronze medalist way back in 2012 there she is she set six personal bests by my reckoning so far this season huge improvement received a night of left invite she didn’t make the qualifying time that wasn’t set by British athletics I would spend that in the second event events in Croatia medicine Norway Medicine former world junior champion yes Megan the idol F once countries have put their entries in had the chance to go further down the ranking lists and send individual invites for those who hadn’t yet qualified and she received one of those invites and accepted it on her behalf so she’s up here against one the best in the world here Christine Manning Cristina Manning missed out on the medal last year at the world champs not by much and of course Kendra Harrison yet to go the USA with three great 60 60 meter hurdlers here so for to go through set [Music] Tennyson it’s maddening and medicine and it’s pause but a buncha bitch taking the third spot I reckon they’re Meghan miles might have got fit I saw like maybe fifth or sixth Collins kind of scoony Spears up going you’ve got that long sleeve anyway we’ll sort that out I think the key about this we’re heading for a USA one two three aren’t we possibly possibly but I’m sure Sonny Pearson will have something to say about that she’s not over here for a joke Steve she’ll want another title here in Great Britain that seems to be a very good place for up but those two Patterson from Denmark we know her quality we seen her many times on the circuit but now world indoors she has another opportunity man in four United States remember she got the invite here because she won the either left or indoors she just missed our automatic selection for the US Championships because she finished third in that incredibly fast time so for me she’s one person who need to watch out for because she’s more than capable of producing the red hot performance when it kid matters as well the bearings did get the fourth spot I just have a little look at Megan Mars here with a huge moment for her and she couldn’t have begun this season thinking she was gonna be competing at the world indoor chance this is a massive moment Steve yes she’s up against some people that she’s watched on the screen for many years most probably and can’t believe she’s actually warming up and alongside them so it’s a good opportunity of her to really experience what it’s like a ended up in six you know right in 828 so should go home and be happy with its bins [Applause] Cristina Manning you’re just watching it back there and you seem to slow down at the end so through comfortably yeah I mean it’s a prelim I just want to get everything going you had a massive performance in Glasgow last weekend to secure your place through through a wild card and on the tour series what’s it been like preparing at the last minute getting ready for this I’ve been you know we’ve been preparing for this all year you know so it doesn’t really feel like last-minute and I didn’t make the US team I was like I’m gonna win Glasgow I’m gonna make that team so I’ve been preparing for it since the beginning of the season as you say the US team it is so incredible you came third in the trials and with an incredible time we still didn’t make the team on that that point but how much does that help push your performance ease knowing that your compatriots are so so good so good it puts just me every time because you know you want to be the best and I’m competing against the best you know so I go out there and I go after it every time fantastic well thanks very much for speaking to us your best about later thank you yeah a nice performance and what a way to keep the draft off your neck just swear earrings that have got pom-poms on the end wonderful Cristina Manning looking good as ever 793 little personal best for Pettersen great performance from her and Megan Mars 8:28 in 6 there are four fastest looser spots but there’s a few heats to come

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