8 Beginner Dirt Jump Tricks To Master | Mountain Bike Skills

8 Beginner Dirt Jump Tricks To Master | Mountain Bike Skills

– Turnbar. ET. One Foot. One Hand. Table. X Up. No Foot. One Hand One Foot. Maybe a bonus. So those are my eight
favourite tricks to do, to learn as well. It can be done anywhere: on the trail, at dirt jumps at the skatepark, wherever. Wherever you can get air,
you can do these tricks. You can do them on any bike as well. So yeah, I think the first one
to start off is the turnbar. (techno music) (laughter) Pretty self explanatory, the turnbar is basically turning the bars. But then you can progressively
get good at them. It’s like basically digging
in the dirt with a spade. Dig, turn, shove, pull. But, the best thing about the turnbar is the very first
beginnings of doing a whip cause you’re turning the bars and it’s all in your hips to to the whip. But that’s another story. Have you ever thought about
doing the biggest jump in the whole world and getting silhouetted
in front of that huge moon up in the sky with a basket
in front of your bike with a little alien in it? No? Oh, anyway. This trick’s called the ET. It’s basically that scene from the movie. Pedalling in the air,
getting away from the police. Another thing is challenging your mates, seeing how many you can do
in the air before you land. I’ve done 70. A little tip when it
comes to doing the ET, is basically pulling up on the bars, curling your feet on your pedals, to lock that bike beneath you. You don’t want it to drop away. That’s the One Hand. Basically taking a hand off,
putting it off to the side, putting it back on. You can start really small. You can do it on small
jump just like that one but you can just this. Gradually, get bigger, get
bigger, out to the side. Just progressive one, get better. Practise makes perfect on this one. Best thing, curl your feet on the pedals. This arm, don’t let it drop
away, keep it up in you. You don’t want that bike
to drop away from you. But don’t pull on it,
it’ll twist your bars. (techno music) That, obviously, self explanatory
again, the One Foot out. This one’s a little bit
easier than the one hand out cause you basically just do a kick. But again, start small. Foot on the pedal, just
lift it up, get it bigger. The best thing is to push away from you. And another thing, still
keep the bike inside. Lock it off, don’t let it drop away. Just kick out, foot back on. One motion: out, slap back in. I love doing this trick,
it’s the table top. Technique wise, this is a
little bit more difficult but still an easy trick to do. It’s all about the push pull movement. But mainly it’s basically
all down in the hips. What I mean about push pull is you pull on your top arm,
push with your bottom. Twist your shoulder and your hips. Drop your shoulder in
to get that Tabletop. This next trick is so old, your nan probably knows all about it. It’s called the X Up. Super old school trick. Basically you just turn
in your bars like this, all the way to the X in those arms. The X Up. Best way to find out which way
is comfortable for you to X, get on your back like this. Tuck your bike in your pedal like that and see which way you go. Like that, I feel that way
is more comfortable for me. You got to make sure it
doesn’t hit your front foot. I’ve got enough space there so my front wheel is not
gonna hit my front foot and like stop me from doing the X. Easy way. Okay so this next trick is the No Footer. You can start on the flat ground. Basically get the motions, like that. Get your feet off the pedals and back on. Get comfortable with doing that technique: getting your foot off and
then take it to the air. Basically, this one’s the
bigger brother of the One Foot or twin because it’s double. Anyway, you can do this
one on a small jump. Just like this one here. It’s progressive. You don’t have to be a
ninja and just go Ah Yeah! Back in and out. Alright, you don’t. You can just lift your feet off the pedals and put them back down. You can go up, out, back on. So long as your feet come off
the pedals, it’s a no footer. So when you’ve mastered
doing it on the small stuff and you’re super comfortable
with doing a No Foot, you can go like ninja time on it and go like super wide legs. Right, this trick is a combo. But, don’t be scared. Don’t be alarmed because it’s super easy. You’ve done these two tricks. You’ve learned them. It’s the One Hand One Foot combined. Basically, a big ass starfish, like that. A big one on your bike, okay? There’s a little technique to this one cause your bike is going to
drift away from underneath you. So what you want to do is pull up on whatever hand
you’ve got on the bar, so it could be your
left or right, whatever. Mine is left. So I’m gonna pull up on the bar and bring the bike up into my foot, the foot that’s on the bike. Basically just do that, bring it back on. But you don’t have to go so
massive ninja star straightaway. You can literally just do that
and then grip and carry on. You don’t necessarily have
to be right hand, right foot or left hand left foot. You can go right hand, left foot. Or, left hand, right foot. Either way, it’s a One Hand
One Foot and it’s a combo. (laughing) Bonus! This one is the Toboggan. See, it looks like a toboggan like that. That is the Toboggan. But it’s two tricks that you have learned. It’s the Turnbar and
the One Hand combined. Another combo. Anyway, to get this started, you don’t want to turn
the bar straightway. What you want to do is get used to going from hand to saddle, hand to saddle, back and
forth to get that motion. When you get comfy, and you go
from the hand to the saddle, twist the bar slightly, just a little bit. Keep doing that and then
you can get like this. Just make sure you don’t land like this. It’s never good. It hurts, trust me. Man, eight of my favourite tricks, wait, nine of my favourite tricks to do. Basic ones that is. But if you add one or
two of those together, in a bit more of a complex
trick, like the 360 or the flip, so what about 360 Table? Super cool trick, I love it. And what about adding
the One Hand One Foot in a 360 as well? That looks sick as well. Or, what about adding a
flip into the X One Foot? That’s a three trick combo. So it’s two tricks, basic ones, in a flip makes it look way more complex. But if you love what you’ve seen, don’t forget to click the
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  1. I always get off balance as soon as I turn my bars. Any tips to fix this? Or is it just a matter of practice?

  2. great vid but am i the only one that noticed that weird guy in green in the background just staring at him at 2:32

  3. I have a dirt jumping bike myself and I use it in my neighbourhood I drive it around and fall off about every 2 days I ride. Not on accident because it's fun, also because it helps me push the limits on my bike.

  4. I started with the x up when I was first learning tricks. Then went to one handers and one hander landers. Both the x up and one handers are good to start with and give you a good feeling for the mental and physical feeling of doing more than just getting air.

  5. I am quite new to mountain biking and jumps and all that but I struggle to lift the bike up to do wheelies. Maybe it’s just me and not the bike but I also can’t get enough lift on the bike. Can someone please help. When it comes to dirt jumps, my bike hardly ever lifts off the ground. I don’t know whether this is to do with the suspension or something but I just have an issue with jumps and have many times, hit the down ramp and gone fo the bike bars 😂
    Please help me tho anyone

  6. Ok so I have a question. I’m left foot forward and I do one footers with my front foot. But whenever I take it off, even if it’s like a tiny little one footer, my back foot goes down. How do I prevent this?

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  8. Going for a one footer, which foot should be where when, and what is the technique for getting your weight distributed properly?

  9. really good tutorial but how is a one footer more easy then a one hander i cant get my foot off the petals for nothin.

  10. Turn bars are kind of the easiest.
    when i was so new to dirt jumping my friend challenged me to do a turn bar on the ramp and our ramp was only a skateboard and a brick.
    and i succeeded to do it yay. but it was kinda small.

  11. Great vid Blake you really explain each nuance of each trick well that other how-to’s seem to miss. You also show the progression of each trick well

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