9 Things Cyclists Can’t Live Without | GCN Show Ep. 361

9 Things Cyclists Can’t Live Without | GCN Show Ep. 361

– From the launch event
of team Bahrain McLaren, welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show. – This week, nine things that
cyclists can’t live without. Will you agree with our list? – I very much doubt it.
– Yeah, me too. – We’ve also got the latest
superfood, break dancing, why fresh breath can
improve cycling performance, and a brand new giveaway. – Plus don’t forget, we
check back in with Ollie as he continues his build up to try to beat the great Eddy Merckx. – Going to be a long build up. – It is, isn’t it, yeah. (upbeat music) – This week in the world of
cycling, we learned that Ollie and international cyclo-cross
star, Laurens Sweeck, have got something in common. – That’s right. Here is Ollie. And here is Laurens Sweeck. See? And we also learned this week that if you really love cycling, you will definitely need some of these, if you don’t have them already, in fact. These being drinking straws made from titanium and
sold by luxury brand SILCA. – Actually, Si, if you really cycling, I think you need one of these. This is the champagne bottle
that Bauke Mollema received when he won Il Lombardia back in October. – Nice.
– Hack or bodge? – Well it’s probably a hack, isn’t it? Everyone loves light tech. – I see what you did there, it
took me a couple of seconds. That drink you saw there looks
a bit stupid in some ways, but it’s actually really cool because it is made using
the leftover material from SILCA’s titanium bottle cages. – All right, yeah okay, fair play. Environmental credentials, I like that. Is it something that you
couldn’t live without then, Dan? – Well, I wouldn’t go that far because I’m not really a
drinking straw kind of guy. – No, who drinks beer with a straw? Question is, though, Dan, what couldn’t you live without then? – As a cyclist?
– Apart from beer. – Coffee. – [Si] Yeah, I wonder
if that’s got more to do with being a human than being a cyclist? – Quite possibly, yes. Right, in terms of cycling things, something that I can’t live without but I really wish I could is competition. – Is that just ’cause
you normally lose, mate? – Exactly, that’s why I wish
I could live without it. But case in point, on
Sunday, as I was continuing Dan’s adventure, a thousand
kilometers before Christmas, I hit an open section of
road in the New Forest with a gale force tailwind, and immediately went back into race mode and tried to steal
myself a couple of KOM’s. – Wow, Dan in race mode. That must be something to behold. Did you smash it? – No, unfortunately I failed dismally, and all the ones that I attempted. The point being that
I’m just two weeks back into riding my bike, and I’m
already trying to compete, which is ridiculous. – No it’s not, it’s just a natural thing. The trick, I think, it’s just to choose a small enough group of
people to compete with, and then you should be fine. – Yeah, true. – Now the one thing, well not the one thing, one of the things that I can’t live without as
a cyclist is carbohydrate, and I’m not just talking
about some weird funky diet, I mean literally, in my life as a cyclist, I think I’ve spent about half of it on the verge of, or completely bonking. And so anytime I ride, my pockets are almost literally bulging with food, otherwise it’s just not a pretty sight. – Well it’s not a pretty
sight when you do eat it up. And you eat a lot off the bike as well.
– I do, yeah. Constantly fueled. – Right, what about data? Questionable one, this one, and again, one that I
can’t live with or without. – You mean you can’t live without it, but you just don’t like
what it’s telling you? – That is exactly what I mean.
– Yeah, okay. I mean, I could live without
data, but I really like it. A bit like lycra, actually. I mean technically I could ride my bike quite happily without lycra,
but it’s really comfortable. – [Dan] Wearing something else hopefully. – Yes, no I’m not suggesting that I go… I mean, I could ride naked, for a short period of time. (high-pitched screaming) But no, lycra is comfortable
and it makes me ride faster. And I guess you could
probably say the same about a lot of cycling essentials, is that you can do without them, except for clipless pedals actually, I’m going to hang on to
those, I genuinely don’t think I could enjoy riding my bikes as much if I didn’t have clipless pedals. – I think I’d agree with you on that one. In fact, the only time you’ll find me riding around on flats, Si, is when I get the old stunt bike out and do some cool stunts around town. – Wow, must be really awesome ’cause I know for a
fact you can’t bunny hop without clipless pedals.
– Well you’re wrong there. I can get at least an inch off the ground with the back wheel.
– Oh really? – On flat pedals, yeah. – Okay, fair enough.
– What about mobile phones? As a cyclist, could you
live without a smart phone? – I mean I definitely
could live without a phone because I mean, I used to, quite happily, before smart phones were
invented, in actual fact, and before mobile phones
were common place. But… I’m not sure I could ride without one now. It’s like a safety net, isn’t it?
– It is, exactly. It means that you don’t have to walk miles to the local telephone box if you have a mechanical problem so severe that no hack or bodge
is going to rectify it, or heaven forbid, you have a bad accident and you can’t move. But there are other uses,
aren’t there, to smart phones? You can capture pictures of your ride, or you can just record your ride, or you can send your planned rides to your head unit from your smart phone as I’ve been doing for my rides. – Yeah, hashtag Dan’s adventure, if you haven’t got the message yet. You know what I think, mate? I know you’re concerned
about sounding middle aged, I think that last paragraph possibly sounded the most middle aged, extolling the virtues of
smart phones to generations… – I mean, I don’t generally remember a time before smart phones. – You could take photos, you could let people know where you are. – You can send your rides
from your smart phones to your head unit. – That’s right, okay, next one. I could not live without
saddle to bar drop. – What?
– Yeah, saddle to bar drop. You heard it. So I cannot get comfortable on a bike unless my handlebars are
lower than my saddle. I’m not very fussy about bikes generally, but that’s the one thing,
which is quite ironic actually, that I can’t get comfortable on bikes that are designed for
comfort, but there it is. It’s the first thing I look at if I’m choosing a size of bike, is how high the head tube
is, the stack height. – I’m actually surprised there, but I’ll actually go along
with you on that one. – Yeah, well I thought you would. – I can’t stand having my
handlebar too high at the front. – No, just take one look at
your retro mountain bike, there you go. – Right, I’ve got another one. Lube.
– What? – That is virtually
impossible to live without it, because not only is there
the extra friction involved, but just that squealing noise constantly. I mean, not only does
it make you go insane, but everyone that you’re riding with too. – True, yeah no… I mean I’ve not really
thought about it like that, but yeah I guess lube is an essential. We asked around GCN HQ
a little bit actually. Cannings said tires, decent
tires he can’t live without. Jo, who works part this
season, he said glasses. Stefan, what about you? – [Stefan] Decent bar tape. – Decent bar tape. – We’ve got some snobs here. – Yeah we do, yeah. – Right, well we would like
to hear your views on this, firstly on the list that
we have just given you, what could you live without,
and what couldn’t you, but also your own items that you couldn’t live
without as a cyclist. Let us know in the comment
section just down below. – Yeah, actually can we add
one more to our list, Dan? Something that you
cannot have lived without if you’ve been riding here in the UK for the last couple of months. – [Both] A rain jacket. – Yeah, or a soft shell in fact, actually, depending on how heavy the rain is and how hard you’re working. – [Dan] I think any cyclist
who’s been residing in the UK for the past two months
would agree on that one. You have to have a weather proof jacket to get out pretty much any day. – Actually not just the
last two months in the UK, since you were born, let’s not beat around the bush here.
– Last 35 years, eh? – Unless actually, you
happen to have been riding on Zwift, or the Sufferfest, in fact, and maybe training for
an indoor cycling record. – This is leading into
an incredible segue, Si. – Possibly one of the finest. It is of course, time for an update on Ollie’s hour of power. (retro music) – Morning. Today, I’m heading to
the University of Bath to do some physiological testing in a lab because those two slave
drivers, Neal and Mack, my coaches from the Sufferfest, have kindly set me another
set of fitness tests. Great. We’re going to be measuring
my lactate threshold, and also my VO2 max, which is kind of cool because I think we’ll
be able to compare me to the greatest of all time. Now the best cyclist in the world typically have a VO2 max around 80, or sort of 90 like Egan Bernal. So, let’s see what I can do. Although, there is a catch, I have to do it in a TT bike position. I’ve just done my two VO2 ramps, that
was completely horrible. I feel a bit like Casey
Neistat right now though, but yeah, the cadence one was hard, well it was both really hard, and it’s so much harder
doing it in the tri-bars than doing it from a drops, but I’m going to have a quick chat with the scientists, and
we’re going to find out what the results are. Thanks to the University of Bath, the results are in and
they’re pretty clear. Eddy Merckx is an
exceptionally gifted individual physiologically, and I’m not. So his VO2 max, the
maximum volume of oxygen that his body can process
per kilogram of body weight was calculated back in the 70’s, to be 77 mililiters per kilogram. Mine is in the mid 60’s, on a road bike. When I did it on the TT bike, it was calculated to be in the 50’s. So I’m at a significant disadvantage to Eddy, in that respect. But, I mean, Eddy
Merckx, even he’s rubbish compared to a husky dog. They are said to have
a VO2 maximum of 230, so there you go. Anyhow, because I’m never going
to match him physiologically, I’m going to head into a wind tunnel and get as aerodynamic as possible. See you later. (bouncy music) – [Dan] Before we move on, Bahrain McLaren had their team launch at the MacLaren UK HQ yesterday, where they also launched
their 2020 team kit, which is quite a radical shift
in design from this season, and mirroring the colors
of their F1 team cars. What do you reckon, hot or not? Let us know in the comments. The question on everyone’s lips, though, is can Rod Ellingworth get Mark Cavendish back to his winning ways in 2020? We caught up with him to find out. – Yeah, really excited. I keep getting these
random messages from him which sort of make me laugh. I mean, you know, he’s
just getting the work done. I think he’s sort of
saying, I’m really enjoying being back on the bike,
and with a real plan, that was the other thing, you know, I think he’s been drifting
around a little bit, and I’d like to work with a plan. I like them to sort of see
the plan ahead of them. But it’s not about what we’ve set, it’s about what he set, you know, so him and his coach who
he’s working with now, he has him set some
good plans ahead of him, and they’re just, they’re
taking them days off. – Next up, it’s time for
your weekly GCN inspiration where you submit your
inspirational photos or videos. Two methods to do so, you can
obviously use the uploader, there’s a link to that
in the description below, or of course you can use
the brand new GCN app, and just upload your photos
and videos directly there. Right, coming up, in third place is Kyle Petersen, and Kyle, before we show you his
photo, is going to win a £10 gift voucher for the
Global Cycling Network shop. – Yeah, a novelty size as well. So if you know it’s £10, it will actually cost us more
than that to post it to you ’cause it’s so big.
– It looks good though, doesn’t it?
– Very cool, very proud. – Considering the eight minutes
of work we put into them. Right, this is Kyle’s photo. – [Si] Wow, that is pretty cool. Now I noticed in his description, he said he’s training for the
world’s toughest race, the Munga in South Africa. Now, actually you were invited
to take part in the Munga and you did decline. – [Dan] At that point, I could live without competition, you see.
– But now, now if you invite Dan to the Munga, you’d probably fancy it, won’t you? With the tailwinds, you’d probably fancy a crack at the win. (Si laughs) – Don’t forget, Si, that I failed dismally with the gale force tailwind. So in an actual race…
– Good point. – I would fail even more dismally. Anyway, well done to you Kyle. In second place this week and receiving… – Well, good point Dan. A three month subscription
to the GCN Club, where of course, you get
a brand new pair of socks each and every month,
delivered to your door. So a three month free subscription is actually four pairs of socks, isn’t it? – It is, yes, and the
winner of those four pairs is Burnout, his name
on the GCN app, or she. “Extremely challenging
but extremely rewarding, “the picture perfectly
paid off the huge effort “I had to climb the Tre Cime
di Lavaredo last summer, “but totally worth it.” – [Si] That is a stunning view, isn’t it? And I can vouch for Tre Cime di Lavaredo, it really is quite an
amazing place, isn’t it? Also, I like how they’ve
sort of tried to tackle the age-old problem that cyclists face, which is what do you do with an arm code when you want to take
a picture of your bike and the view, as well. But I think that’s reasonably well done. – [Dan] Yeah, I’d say
that’s a cracking photo. – Hence why you get a
three month subscription to the GCN club. All right then, in first place, and winning another novelty voucher. Woohoo! Hey, we’re not going to be
able to use that next week, that’s another eight minutes. Anyway…
– A £100 going to the winner this week, that winner being… – Wakaba Hiram. Okay, so he’s got in touch on the GCN app, saying he’s from Kenya,
started cycling seriously a year ago, wanted to
buy an indoor trainer, but decided to go on
YouTube and make his own, because basically a normal
one is quite expensive, it’s a big purchase, so
here he goes, check it out! He said the resistance
on this thing is high, but he’s paying dividends. So there we go, “it’s made me improve “my performance in local races.” – That’s why I don’t want
to go and compete at Munga. – That’s a good point.
– And get my bum kicked by people with homemade trainers that are way better than me. Anyway, thoroughly
deserving winner of £100 to spend on anything you’d
like over on the GCN shop. Very well done to you. Don’t forget to get involved
for next week’s show with your cycling
inspirational photos and videos on the app or using the uploader. (comical music) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now. We’re going to start with
a case of break dancing for unfortunate cyclist, Niklas Larsen, who is all set to be making his pro debut for the Uno-X Norwegian Development Team, but unfortunately, that
debut is looking set to be delayed slightly. – It is, because according
to Skivefolkeblad, he was out with his team on a night out, strutting his stuff on the dance floor, and no doubt impressing the locals, when he went a bit too
far and broke his leg, Si. So his start to the pro ranks will be slightly delayed, but
let’s wish him all the best in his recovery because he’s
a very talented young man, he won the Tour of Denmark this year. – Yeah, you’ll have no
problem at all getting back. I’d also be very, very
interested to know actually what those moves were, I mean
they must have been some… They must have been epic
to get that kind of injury on the dance floor.
– Well I’ve pulled some pretty epic moves on the dance floor, I’ve never broken a leg in my life, so it must have been really extreme. – True, very true. If Dan hasn’t done it,
then it’s, you know. Right, now we’re going to move on to Matthew Glaetzer, the
Australian track sprinter who was unfortunately
diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few months ago, but
has just got a podium in his first world cup
back, which is fantastic. So he had surgery to remove
the tumor in his neck just a few weeks ago, but is
hoping to be going full gas at the Tokyo Olympics
in the summer as well, so fingers crossed for
that continued recovery. – Great news, and very
impressive indeed, isn’t it? Moving on to our friend over
on Twitter, Cycling Science, who has been posting some very
interesting links recently, two of which have been nutrition based. – They have indeed. First, we have news of
the latest superfood, or rather, confirmation, in fact, of the powers of acai. Because according…
– The Japanese Beer. – No that’s Asahi, the
beer, not acai, the berry. But anyway…
– Super beer. – Is it? It’s now officially official, according to the European
general of nutrition. – Acai, as I’m sure you’re all well aware, is a source of vital chemicals
and has been associated with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antigenotoxic effect, but it’s also now proven to
decrease blood lactate levels, and therefore increase
anaerobic threshold intensity. – Yeah, and quite significantly as well, the only downside, Dan, is
that participants in this test had to consume 400 grams of acai fruit pulp per day. – That is a lot. – It is a lot, and worse than that, it’s an expensive ingredient,
so I had a little look, that’s about $20 of fruit pulp per day. So you might as well be better off just using a menthol mouth wash instead. – What? – Well yeah, this one’s
officially official as well. Although actually, not peer reviewed, it’s just a really cool thesis from a student at Toronto
university called Erica Gavel. She basically tested the
effects of a menthol mouth rinse on people taking part in a 30
kilometer indoor time trial in warm conditions, and she
found that regular rinsing significantly improved performance by two and a half percent at that. – Wow, so fresh breath
and clean teeth improve your cycling performance.
– Yes. Well actually, no. That wasn’t her conclusion. She concluded that a
non-thermal cooling agent can have physiological improvements. – Incredible, really, isn’t it? Moving on to a shock admission
from the founder of Rapha, in an interview with Road CC last week, because apparently, Si, off-road is the new road. – [Si] Yeah, I read that as well. Just as in the site, isn’t it a shame that
we’re calling it gravel, and the term new road didn’t catch on, because then the headline would have been new road is the new road. Anyway, Simon Mottram, who is the founder, is quoted as saying that off-road riding taps into a freer, less miserable, less data driven side of cycling. – It’s slightly ironic really, isn’t it, because road cycling didn’t
take itself too seriously and wasn’t really
miserable at all, was it? Until Rapha made both those things cool a few years ago.
– That’s right. Glory Through Suffering, wasn’t it? – I think that’s the one. – Anyway, times change, we get that, and yeah, an awful lot of
people are riding on gravel now, so much so, in fact, that team EF launched their new kit, Rapha
kit, at a special gravel camp that was just a couple of weeks ahead of their actual proper team camp, which takes place on actual proper roads. – [Dan] I saw that, what do
you think of the new kit? – Well, I mean it’s not
remarkably different from last year, is it? But I think that is a good
thing because I really like it, because for me it kind of
taps into a like freer, less miserable, less data driven side of cycling.
– Yes, that’s what I drew from
the new design as well. Now another rider who will be in new kit in the next season is Rohan Dennis. Ever since his public spats with his team Bahrain Merida at the
Tour de France in July, people have been speculating
as to where he’ll end up for next year, well the answer
is that in 2020 and 2021, he will be riding for Team Ineos. – Yeah, what a relief for Ineos as well, because I was starting to think that maybe they were going to
lack a little bit of fire power for the next year.
– Yeah, where will they get the power from to ride at the front without Rohan Dennis? – Well exactly, it will
ride everywhere, in fact. I mean, jokes aside, it’s a
scary proposition, isn’t it? ‘Cause he’s such a super talent that what could he do at Team Ineos? Grand tour, maybe? – I think he’s capable of a grand tour if everything goes right for him. The important thing here though, Si, it is not what he’s going
to win the next two years, it’s the fact that next year,
when he does time trials, he will be wearing black shorts. – Yes that’s right, with
his world champ skinsuit. Nice work, Rohan and Team Ineos. Now, speaking of skinsuits, Dan, who would like to win not just a skinsuit, but a whole load of super aero kit? Not just skinsuits, this
is an epic giveaway, in fact, this week, four lucky winners will receive a huge
bundle from Nopinz, okay? And the bundle includes one of these, which is a
super fast aero road skinsuit, complete with the Nopinz
pocket at the back, plus a time trial skinsuit. They look quite familiar, Dan, you see a fair few of
those at world tour level if you look closely.
– You do see quite a few at world tour level, yeah. – Plus, over socks and then these, which I think might be my favorite. Oh yes, aero socks. Look at those. How cool is that?
– Flow-socks, they are called. And now you’ll no doubt want to know how to enter this giveaway because the total value of
each prize is almost £400. So all you’ve got to
do is head to the link, which you’ll find in the description just below this video, and
answer the following question, how many watts do these
flow-socks save you when compared to a standard shaved leg at 45 kilometers per hour? Now may I suggest, that if
you’re struggling to answer that off the top of your head, you head over to the Nopinz website where you’ll find your answer. – Yeah, you know I was
going to suggest, Dan, that had you been wearing a pair of these, you might have got those
KOM’s you were after, but then when I realized
you said 45K an hour, there’s no way you were going that fast. – But it will still save you a bit at 22. (machine whirring) It is now time for hack,
forward slash bodge of the week. Two ways to upload your photos, either you use the uploader
or use the GCN app. First up, Si, we have
a disgruntled viewer. – No!
– Well we’ve got a lot of disgruntled viewers,
but one of them wrote in, that one being Dan Sadler, who’s gutted because Lotus 110 Club and Tom Edw, have both now made it onto GCN, and he still hasn’t achieved it. So it’s a resubmit of last
week’s greatest achievement pic as a hack or bodge, of his
homebrewed kiddy cranked tandem. – Ooh, that’s pretty cool.
– Take a closer look Si. – [Si] Wow, check it out! That’s amazing. – That is pretty cool, isn’t it? – Okay, fair play, a deserving
inclusion into hack or bodge, and yes, I believe it is a hack, no doubt. Right, next up we got
this sent it by Magnar. He printed a bracket to
mount his Lezyne light underneath the stem. Centrally mounted light,
gets a big thumbs up from me. Looks like a slightly puny light, and I know, you know you can’t
judge purely from the size, but hopefully that packs enough of a punch to get through your gear
and brake cables there, but I like the positioning of it. – It is very neat indeed. Got to be a hack, isn’t it?
– It is super neat. No yeah for sure, it’s a hack. – We’ve also got this disgruntled viewer who said that they’d get really annoyed if we don’t pronounce
some hacks or bodges. Some things we sometimes forget. – Yeah we do. – So we’re making sure this week. Moving on, also on the GCN
app, from Jellyfishsalad. Bike observed path in Hindley Street in Adelaide, South Australia. Never seen anything like it before. – Wow.
– But we have only because you sent this picture rather like this quite often, but there’s a lot going on there, isn’t there?
– Well there is, because initially, Dan and I
had only noticed the umbrella. But no, it was pointed out to us that this has got some
rather special forks on. The first ever quadruple
crown suspension forks we’ve ever seen.
– Yeah. – [Si] And I talked
about saddle to bar drop, that’s ridiculous.
– Well it’s got a reverse… Stem, BMX handlebars, is that
a centrally mounted light, Si?
– Oh, it is! Bonus, it’s a hack Dan. – Yes, right, I think we both agree and that is a bodge. – Yes, a terrifying bodge, and someone should stop
riding it immediately. Okay, next up, we’ve got this one sent in from Denist, or Denis T, perhaps. Rejoining the chain without tension using a big bent paper clip. Now, a lot of you have done that because this is an off the market thing that you could purchase, and you may have bought it yourself, but can I actually lay the blame squarely at your chain tension now? You see, get rid of that, and not your chain off the big ring, and all of a sudden
you don’t need anything to hold your chain together,
’cause there’s no tension in your chain anyway.
– We haven’t had a chain keeper for years, Si. I just remembered. Send in your chain keepers for next week’s show.
– No, ’cause they’re still rubbish, look, he’s had to invent a whole new tool because his chain tension was ruining it. – Right, well we’re going to
stick with chains anyway, Si, because this also came in
on the app from Andy Oakey. “Had an old chain and needed
some Christmas decoration, so waste not, one not.” Look at them! – [Si] Wow, those are cool. What are they called, Dan? – I don’t know, what are they called? – Chain deer. Don’t be like that, Si. – I like the fact that he’s waited ’til his chain’s really filthy and oily, so he doesn’t even need to paint them. So he’s got a naturally kind
of browny chain on there, brilliant.
– I’m saying hack for that. – [Si] Absolutely, it’s a hack. – It’s our first Christmas
themed hack or bodge for 2019, which reminds me, we need some more. – We do.
– For our Christmas GCN show special, we
would love to get your… Sorry, Christmas themed
GCN hacks and bodges, so make sure you send them over to us using the uploader or using the GCN app, and we’ll feature the best
ones in that Christmas show. – Yeah, also Christmas tree by bike, which was a hashtag last year, wasn’t it? And I haven’t even looked
for Christmas trees by bikes, so how do you get your
Christmas tree home? Do you tow it by bike? If you did, or do, then
make sure to take a picture and send it in. It’s time for caption competition now, that point in the show
where you can get your hands on a rather shiny elite GCN water bottle. All you got to do is put a witty caption to a photo that we are about to give you. Results time, first of
all, Dan, from last week. – We have this photo from last week, it was about Billy Harding at the 2017 Cyclo-cross
World Championships, and our winning caption
came in from Joseph Warn, he put, “caption: that breakup got messy.” – Yeah, I can see that. – And I saw there’s 20 other people, Si, giving the thumbs up.
– Oh wow. – So well deserved, I would say. Send us your address, Joseph, and we’ll get that GCN elite
water bottle out to you. On Facebook, send us the message. Right, this week’s photo, Si, comes from Zonhoven, in
the infamous sand dunes, which sees a number of
crashes each and ever year. – [Si] Each and every lap, most of the time.
– Yeah, very true. Amongst the crashes this year, a European champion, Yara Kastelijn. I’m going to get it started.
– C’mon mate, c’mon dude. – All right, ready?
– Yeah. – What are you doing? Just drawing a cast of line in the sand. – Week after week, you
never disappoint, Dan, what an absolute pearler. – Week after week, I’m
very proud of myself. – Yeah, and week after week,
you constantly sort of like, use people’s names in the captions. – Yeah, basically every week,
Si writes the entire show, and I just stare at a
photo for three hours and hope I come up with something. Right, let us know your best captions and leave them in the
comment section down below. As ever, before you let
know what’s coming up on the Global Cycling
Network over the next week, we are going to go through a
few of our favorite comments from the previous week,
and we’re going to start with one that came underneath the soft shell versus
hard shell rain jacket, from sTTu, “when it’s
raining, I wear my house.” (Si laughs) – I like that one very much.
– Very nice. – Yeah, very, very, true. I mean, that is quite heavy
to put in your back pocket, but definitely keeps you dry
and more breathable as well. – We also had this one from György, under the same video saying,
“you know something is wrong “when a cycling show in the
UK is using artificial rain.” – Well it was science, wasn’t it, Gyorgy? And by the way, to all
those people that commented that my back wasn’t getting wet, my back did get wet, all right? Not having any of that.
– That was from the sweat. – Yeah, okay. Right, underneath Dan’s favorite ride… – I put this one in.
– Yes, Dan, funny enough, did put this one in. This is from bigstu. “Llyody the legend. “He’s braggin’, he’s raggin’,
he’s ziggin’, he’s zaggin’, “and Jude is proof that
he used to be (beep), “but probably just the once. “Merry Christmas boys.” Yeah, and merry Christmas, bigstu. – He’s not far off with that. In fact, I’m surprised
it didn’t make GCN’s top one hit wonders video a few years ago. Right, tips to keep you riding
your bike in the winter, this came in from Mark J.A. Please insert comment…
– I’ve got so many things floating around in my head now. It’s just none of them can come out. – “Please insert comment relating to GCN “not knowing what real winter is.” – Yeah, well funny enough, JD, was one of many people
that happily supplied, “zero snow in this video,
that’s not winter.” I think all these people, Dan, that have got really nice
romantic snowy winters, they don’t know how grim it is when it’s two degrees and raining. You come over here to the UK and you tell me that’s pleasant to ride in just ’cause it’s above freezing. – Yeah you tell them, Si. – Yeah, yeah.
– Right, finally we have this underneath the
GCN show from LeannevDH. Slightly ironic, that I’m struggling to pronounce Leanne’s handle. “Haha TJEERD is not a random username, “but a very common name
in the Netherlands, “you just don’t pronounce it as T-Jeerd. “Also, I’m guessing it’s Bernd “and not Bern-D, as Bernd is
a common name in Germany.” We really have reached the new low, Si.
– I know. There was us rinsing him
for choosing such a weird, weird username.
– The apps knew you can just use your own name. Why make up ridiculous usernames? – And he’s the one guy, yes, I’ve got Tjeerd, brilliant! So yeah, huge apologies. I’m so sorry, we did not know, well I did not know, but now I do. – And I would say, please let us know if we’ve mispronounced
any names this week, but well we haven’t got a long time to read everyone, have we? Right, coming up in the channel
over the next seven days. On Wednesday, we are going to show you what not to wear for cycling. And on Thursday, we’re going to
go through worst cycling tips. We’ve done that one
before a few years ago, but there are so many bad
tips that you get as a cyclist that we thought it was
about time for round two. And on Friday, we are
comparing one by with two by, for cyclo-cross and gravel riding. – That’s right. On Saturday, Ollie hits the wind tunnel. As we said last week, he’s going to need all
the help he can get, and lots of it is going to be
found through aerodynamics, so it’s going to be quite interesting to see what he’s up to there. Then on Sunday, it’s the GCN
wacky races commuter challenge, which I’m not looking
forward to in the slightest, I suggest you don’t watch it. – Monday, over on the racing channel, we have the race new
show, speaking of which, on the racing channel this
coming weekend on Saturday, we have the next round of the DVV Trophy. That is live everywhere in the world, except for the Netherlands
and also Belgium. And on Sunday, we’ve got the
USA National Championships, where Katie Compton is
going for something like the 115th title in a row. So let’s see if she can do that. – On the one hand, that’s
like a really nice thing, saying how much she’s dominated
the sport for so long, but on the other hand, Dan, it’s like saying she’s 130 years old. – 15th in a row, I think it is. (rock music) – We’re getting off on
the end of the show now but of course, we still have
time for extreme corner. This week, it’s our very own Hank, because I know what he saw, but he filmed a video
with GMBN at the weekend, in which he very nearly
got run over, didn’t he? Now we thought the beef between
us and GMBN was all gone, but no, Neil Donoghue, still
harboring some bitterness, as you can see. – But, I mean I’ve seen them, Neil! Bloody hell, Neil. – Whoa, that was close, wasn’t it? And you might think,
oh Donny’s really good, you know, he meant to do that. No, ’cause that is really close. If it wasn’t for the fact that
a professional road cyclist has such lightning reactions, Hank would have lost his toes.
– He would have then, yeah. In conclusion, Si, we can say that mountain bikers are boring. They’ve got no sense of humor, and they’re bluntly aggressive as well when they’re angry.
– Yes, absolutely, that’s what we should
take from that clip, 100%. Right, hopefully you’ve
enjoyed this week’s show. If you have, please
give it a big thumbs up. – And if you would like
some more content to watch and you haven’t yet seen my
ride around the New Forest, you got to watch it, it’s great! Just down here. – Hashtag Dan’s adventure. – Cheers mate.

100 Comments on “9 Things Cyclists Can’t Live Without | GCN Show Ep. 361”

  1. OK, so let´s summarize the things that – according to you guys – a cyclist can´t live without…

    clipless pedals
    saddle to bar drop

    Are you sure there isn´t anything missing?


    I´ll give you a hint… starts with a b and end with an ike 😉

  2. Definitely not able to do without Medjoul Dates.
    Though I must be the only cyclist who does not like coffee…. #caffienefreecyclist
    Great news too, Acai is a favourite of mine. 😋

  3. I couldn´t live without problems on my bike – there is nothing more satisfying than fixing your bike and loving it just a little bit more after it´s perfect again (at least for some time) 🙂

  4. The handlebar thing make me laugh because my main bike is a retro/touring/dutch style, which means it's impossible to have the seat higher than the handlebars. By far the least aero bike ever designed (though I can carry tonnes of groceries)

  5. Caption: One night I dreamed a dream. I was riding along the beach with my Lord. Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life.
    For each scene, I noticed several sets of bike tyre tracks in the sand, one belonging to me and the others to my Lord. When the last scene of my life shot before me I looked back at the tracks in the sand. And as my body lay there on the ground. I realized that this was at the lowest and saddest times of my life. This bothered me and I questioned the Lord about my dilemma.

    Lord, You told me when I decided to follow You, You would ride with me all the way.

    But I'm aware that during the most troublesome time of my life there are several tyre tracks in the sand and my demons are following me.
    I just don't understand why, when I need You most, You leave me."

    He whispered, "My precious child, I love you and will never leave you, never, ever, during your trials and testings. When you see the other tracks, and the other riders coming upon you it is you that has to decide to get back up and ride.

  6. Unfortunately I was driving so I couldn't take a photo but there was someone using the free cargo bike you can borrow from our local Homebase to get their Christmas tree home. Big shout out to Homebase for offering cargo bikes to borrow for free to customers to get their purchases home.

  7. Hmmm…. Wonder when Si is going to discover that violins are played the other way around. I keep squirming as soon as I see his mirrored imitations 😉

  8. Regarding chain lube. I can't go on a ride on my local bike paths without periodically considering setting up a booth offering free drivetrain lubrication. It almost physically hurts me to hear a squealing chain. I haven't done it yet, but maybe in retirement it'll be an interesting passtime.

  9. Hi guys. just sharing a hack. a very easy way to trim zip ties without leaving a sharp edge: use a toenail clipper to cut them off! It cuts them flush/flat. No edges! works every time. Try it out!

  10. Couldn't live without appropriate clothing; Either for the cold or heat, but if you're comfortable then the ride's always more enjoyable!

  11. Omgosh… 1.92 million subscribers. Well I really enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks but missing the old days a lot.

  12. 28:13 You should come up to Canada, well below 0 temperatures with a lack of "romantic snow" and some of our crazy winds. 😂 That will give you a taste of winter.

  13. Acai paste: Note that, on top of $20 a day for that 400g, you will also need about $5-$10 of loo roll and an hour in the 'oval office'. Pretty costly investment. But, you say, "VO2 though!"

  14. couldn't cycle without my friends…. the social aspect is what often drags me out of bed in the early morning, where a post – coffee drink is almost always included.

  15. I couldn't live without… a bike obviously. Its hard to say where but at some point a bike could be bad enough I would rather not ride it. It would be hard to live without cycling shorts, but if I had to I could, my rides would just have to be short. I'm surprised that didn't make the list. Other than that warm winter clothing. I did a lot of damage to my hands not wearing gloves in my teens getting borderline frostbite.

  16. I know you probably got this from every South Australian watcher, but it's 'HINDley Street' – like 'the hind leg of a dog'. Actually, Hindley Street and the hind leg of a dog have a lot in common. Not really somewhere you wan't to be sticking your nose. (Hint – it's Adelaide's attempt at a 'red light district'.)

  17. 28:00 That reminds me of a story I've heard about two friends having a phone call, one's in Poland, second in Siberia. The latter asks: 'how are You? what's the weather in Poland?' and hears in response: 'It's winter. We have -15 degrees of Celcius! How are You?'
    '-20, but no winter yet.'

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