Addams Family Pinball Repair – Part 1 of 2, The Transistor

Hi there. Today I’m going to see if I can
fix my Addams Family pinball machine.
There’s a light that stays on and I
would like to repair it without
destroying everything so, well, let’s see
what happens.
Yeah, so I had this Addams Family pinball hanging
around for a few years in the house.
It has a number of problems, the worst part perhaps are the playfield is worn down.
Second, the flippers are a bit too weak but that’s easier to fix,
and third, a few of the lamps and doing what they’re supposed to be doing.
On the top of the bakbox, there’s this plastic cloud that
supposed to be flashing like lightning
when you enter multiball mode and the
lights are just staying on all the time so, well yeah I think I’m going to try to tackle
all that today and well maybe I’ll move
on to the other problems some other day.
So first I need to get on the computer and look
at some manuals
Right, so first I’m going to look at some
documentation here.
Let’s see, I need to download and manual and I know they have one right here. So, let’s see, yep!
Operators handbook, might need that one and
operations manual I might need that one too,
so let’s get that one too
Ok, so the first thing I want to check
out is where are the lanp connected to
which transistor because i’m thinking
that it might be the transistor that’s
broken since the lights on all the time
its I think it might be those flasher
bulbs, 906, they’re not meant to be on
all the time and if they are on all the
time they will they generate too much heat and destroy the
plastics and stuff like that so they’re
not plugged in, in the system right now
but now just want to see if it is
flashes and which transistor they’re
using and where they are connected. So
I’m guessing it’s the solenoid table, um and
these are the coils and magnets and
here we have flashes and yeah
backbox the cloud and also “the power”
actually which is interesting because
that one also keeps lighting up when I
turn on the machine, so I have not a bulb in that socket either, so..
And it says here it’s flashers
and I have connections which pins is
connected to the circuit board and the
driver transistor Q30 and it says it’s a
906 light bulb. So I want to remember
these things like the Q30 transistor and
where it’s connected so for now I’m
going to take a look at the machine and
try to figure out if indeed it is the
transistor that’s broken
That’s a way you can do that, maybe,
without having to replace it right away
so let’s get over to the machine.
The machine: Feel the power.
Allright, this is a ten dollar multimeter, it’s from a hardware store but I think we can
use it for this. Just checking the
resistance beween ground and right here
on the transistor and it looks so far
Oh yeah, Q30, very nice, so that was
different from others and
I think it’s the same type of transistor all the way down here so, yeah Q30.
What I need to do now is to get back to the computer and look at the part number for Q30
and then I’m going to have to figure out where I
can find that on the internet.
So let’s get back to the computer.
[The Machine]: Dirty pool old man, I like it.
Alright yeah, so let’s see if we can find
something about Q30.
Might have to look at the other manual, yeah.
Yeah, let’s see here we go
Oh same table here
This is long, let’s start from the bottom.
Ok, the wiring table.
Yeah we already knew that so we need to
find the circuit board somewhere and it
you can see they, have everything here every nut and bolt have their own part number.
Circuit board, where are you? Circuit boards coming up.
Not that one. Dot matrix controller assembly,, ah here we go,
power driver assembly, so Q30, I can’t read that
Never mind, oh yep, here we got it,
Q,, yeah so we have the part number here
and all the ones are tested are the same type,
it’s not a guaranteed way, the way I
tested it just to find a faulty
transistor but if it works
hey we’re lucky and since all of them
are the same they should behave the same
so I have the part number here and now I
just need to see if google will help me.
I am fairly sure we can get this
somewhere, so 5162-12635-00
and I can’t copy it because it’s a
scanned version not a text version of document so, okay!
Yes! pinbits, Marcosspecialties, pinball wizard.
I’ll see if I can use my usual resource
of these things, Pinball Center,
English bitte.
let’s try TIP 102.
yeah so that’s like I guess it would be
almost a dollar or something
american dollar so this is it and they
have it in stock so I can just order it
and let’s get four of those. Cool now
I’ve been thinking about doing something
else with the topper, the flashers the cloud, if I get it to work
I’m thinking that it’s supposed to
simulate lightning and an old-school
incandescent bulb are a bit slow to
light up and and cool down again so
and a lightning is so much more instant and a flash
so i’m thinking i could try to replace
it with the LEDs instead, so I yeah
wedge base
Ok, show me everything please
Yes I’m thinking perhaps a flasher in cold white and usually big on cold
cold white color for pinball but in this
specific case perhaps it would be a good
a good type of light to to emulate lightning
so I think i’m going to buy three of
these and and test it out and see how it
works you know some probably going to
order three of these too yeah. So I’m not getting any further with this today I’m
going to have to wait until it arrives
so they say 1 to 3 work days but that’s in
Germany though, so i’m guessing 10 work
days before get it so i’ll make an
update and i’ll record myself destroying
the machine while I insert the new
new transistor, hopefully not destroyed
but we’ll see
so yeah, I think i’ll just stop right
here and I’ll get back to you when I get
the parts and then let’s see if we can
get it up and running so and until then
have fun on the interwebs

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