Addams Family Pinball Repair – Part 2, The conclusion

Hi there.
Today I receive a package and I try to complete
the repair of the broken lights
in the Addams Family pinball machine.
But first, let’s roll the intro.
Allright, mail time.
I got this package today in the mail at the post office and contains the spare parts I was waiting for.
I you don’t know what I am talking about,
I can make a link, somewhere here for the
previous video where I try to figure what
the hell was wrong with my Addams Family pinball machine.
So, uhm, coffee.
This should be it, hopefully there will be
transistors in this package and some extra
goodies as well.
In the last video, I saw that I needed to
replace a transistor to get the lights working
again and so hopefully this package will contain
Let’s see, hmm from a German supermarket….
Oh yeah, exciting.
At least I think so.
Right so, this is it.
This is the important part.
The new transistors which should be, I hope,
the right ones.
I can’t read it right here.
I will just have to trust them.
And some flashers, that I was talking about
that I wanted to try, I want to replace the
old incandescent bulbs with a LED to make
the lightning better in the topper on the
top of the backbox.
So uhm, yeah.
And finally this one is for a completely different
project so we will just leave this out of
it for now.
It looks good, let’s move on to the machine
right away and get this thing fixed.
Lets go!
Right, if we where going to do this right,
I was supposed to remove this entire circuit
board and replace the transistor here, but I am not sure this is the only problem that the machine has.
So will see if I just can do a quick and dirty test
right now and then if it has any further problems,
I can take care of it all at one without having
to remove the circuit board more than one time.
Let’s just see how this goes.
Ha, yeah, and it fell out the back so, erhm,
I’ll be right back.
So the plan to attach the new transistor to
the remaining leads of the old transistor
failed, now they fell through the back of
the circuit board.
So let’s fast forward this footage of me marking
all the connectors, unscrewing the circuit
board and getting ready to install new transistor.
Well, at least it’s being installed right
the first time.
There has been some damage in this system
before, I am not the first one here, I didn’t
really expect to be.
OK now.
I have almost reconnected all the connectors,
I have replaced the transistor and I hope
things will work now.
I have also marked all the connectors, with
the right numbers but it didn’t really seem
to be,, there were few you you could get in
the wrong place, better safe than sorry.
Also I unscrewed most of the screws which
also turned out to be unnecessary when I took
a good look at it because you can just lift
it up when they are loose.
Is that it?
I think that’s it.
Yeah, so, now we’ll see.
It took a bit longer than expected because
I couldn’t just to the quick and dirty way.
Last time I measured it, it had a short circuit
so let’s see if it still has that.
Nope, it’s different now.
Which if course can be good or bad.
Now it’s really exciting.
Will the entire machine blow up in my face
or not.
Going to plug it in now, search for cover.
Don’t know if you can see the display.
OK, next test, will the flasher be constantly
on when I plug in a bulb here.
Come on, no!
It’s off, yes!
So now we can go into the test menu.
Flasher test of course.
Here we go, turn of the bright light.
Will it explode or will it work or nothing?
Did you see it?
Yeah, that’s great.
A little flash.
Let’s move on.
Number two.
Of course they are connected by the same wire
so, uhm..
And yet again, someone has placed a completely
wrong bulb here.
Yeah, it works, bloody hell.
We still have one more flasher to go.
The cloud, err, the power also works now so.
Let’s assemble this thing again.
Yeah, sweet.
Oh yeah.
Well that’s all for today.
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