Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Drive Serve in Badminton

Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Drive Serve in Badminton

I’m going to describe to you the draw on the
hand serve. It is assured that one does in the backhand serve position. It is a serve
that is aimed at flicking the shuttle all the way back to the serve line at the back
of the court. Whether you can use this serve in both single and double it is however mostly
used in the game of double. The idea of the serve is to flick rapidly the shuttle in order
to go over the head of your opponent and fall as with as tight of trajectory as possible
on, in the case of double, the double service line. All of the specifics of the backhand
serve apply. Again, the shot has to be made below the waist and the head of the racket
has to be clearly below the hand. You want the hand, you want the handle on your racket
with a backhand grip, with the thumb flatly put flatly on the large side of the handle.
Again the racket is positioned in front of you and instead of doing a shot that will
propel the shuttle over the net and fall on the front service line, you really want to
lift the shuttle with a flick in order to propel it to the back of the court.

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  1. What! This guy wouldn't know a double serve if it hit him in the face. I know badminton and this my friend isn't it. 33 time badminton world champion Stevie the Iron Jawed Monster Simmons here to set the record straight!!!! When you serve with the flapper technique theres no stopping your wrath…

  2. no drive serve is underhand hit at ur oponent i swear its underhand

    lol i usually aim for my openents head though

  3. uuuuummm okayy
    but it's fun and easy for ME
    i don't care about the "great players"
    i only do it for fun
    i never said i was the best.

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    it was just an opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go do something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU WIN!!!! go play badminton and leave me the heck alone freaking stalker!

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  6. It sound like he is actually talking about a "flick serve". Perhaps the terminology is different here in the US than it is in the UK (or wherever this guy is from). A true drive serve is difficult to execute LEGALLY from this position.

    Most ppl who try a drive serve from this position commit a service fault, 'cuz the racquet shaft is parallel to the ground at contact (or worse, the racquet head is higher than the handle). One should step back a meter or so to execute a legal drive serve.

  7. Now I'm confused. Just found our that he has another video on the flick serve. I suppose that he is talking about a lower trajectory flick in this video. From this position, a LEGAL drive serve would go over the receiver's head.

    A drive serve from this position that does not go over the opponent's head is probably ILLEGAL. Gotta move back a bit from the front service line to hit a LEGAL drive serve. Way too many people violate the serving rules to execute their drive serves.

  8. HAHA in the slow motion shot he hit the rim at the top of his racquet and dragged it up!!! Fault serve in slow motion… How not to play badminton kids

  9. not showing the actual serve when talking about the serve? What? Show the wide shot of how the shuttle flies and where it lands…. So useless this video.

  10. 0:48 totally illegal service: head of the racket is higher than the end. Why is it even considered advanced?

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