All Star Sports Resort Review – Resort and Room Tour

All Star Sports Resort Review – Resort and Room Tour

What do you think of All Star Sports so far?
I thin it’s great!
Here we have the lobby.
With balloons,
and a TV area for the kids.
All Star Sports is very cute.
It has a lot of the giant decorations
throughout all the buildings.

They have a store that is close to the cafeteria.
This is Sport Goofy Gifts and Sundries
Look at all the Christmas decorations here…
And the cafeteria was really neat too.
Not as big as Pop Century’s cafeteria tho.
And the beverage center
They also have lot’s of different stations.
And a little area fot
The Market.
They have desserts, ice cream…
Mickey bars…
Some ready sandwiches,
some ready salads…
They have an arcade!
Look at that!
And this is where we go straight ahead
to go to the bus that takes us to the parks.
Did you like it? What was your favorite part?
My favorite part was when we went to the big field with Donald.
How fun! All these big fields that they have
Oh No! This is baseball! They are playing baseball!
What?! Why are they playing baseball?
I don’t know why they are playing baseball on a tennis court…
Look here!
He is the only one playing tennis. The kids are playing baseball.
And we have a football field.
Ready, set
and go!
And they are off…
And a basketball court too!
Try to dunk your basketball right there in the basket!
Right there!
How are we’re gonna dunk it in that ginormous madness?
And we are gonna explore some more. Come along!
Oh, look how cute guys! Look at that! Go check it out!
They have a Mickey pedestal,
and it says: All Star Resorts
Mickey! Thank you form making Disney!
Oh, yeah! He is thanking Mickey for making Disney!
Hidden Mickey! I found a hidden Mickey!!!
Oh Yeah!
Somebody found a hidden Mickey!
That was not so hidden…
My favorite part was playing ping-pong with you guys.
Oh yeah, the ping-pong.
Yes. That was my favorite time. Plus, I won.
I am prepared.
Oh! That was just like terrible!
But I beat you.
Yes. So, let’s rephrase that. She won agains me.
And then I won against Golden Boy over there.
No. That’s not how you play it. That’s not tennis.
I used to be really good at this…
You went easy on him. Didn’t you? I beat you.
Let’s just say that…
This is the room here at All Star Sports.
We also have two double beds.
We have a table, two chairs.
With a Golden Boy.
The Golden Boy is not included in the package, by the way.
It has a larger entertainment center with
some nice storage over here.
Sometimes, when we do breakfast in the room,
we put all of our groceries, when we order from Amazon Prime Now
And we put the groceries, and the cereal,
plates and whatnot. We put it over there.
Three drawers, a mini fridge, TV.
More storage up here on the top.
Some more ledges here on the side of the TV cabinet.
Hooks for jackets.
Like Pop Century, this one also has
the privacy curtain over here, so
when you are getting ready in the morning and the kids are still asleep,
then you don’t need to wake them up with a bright light.
This is very similar to Pop. It has an ironing table,
a place for you luggage,
hang your clothes there, some extra storage here on the top.
Mirror with lights.
The difference at Pop, we had a ledge here, and that was a nice
storage for toothpaste, brush and whatnot.
And here we do not.
We have a bathtub in there.
One thing in this room that I don’t like so much
is that there aren’t a lot of outlets.
Pretty much the same as it was at Pop Century, the non-renovated room.
So you have an outlet here.
You have some outlets here behind the cabinet, but
you can’t really reach them.
You have some here, and this is movable, and you can reach back there, and move it out of the way.
And you have some here by the table.
An another here by this side, but there is no night stand there.
If you have a bunch of electronics,
then good luck trying to find room.
Bring your own charging station.
This is our view here from the room. We are on the second floor.
And we have a nice view of the other building
And of the parking lot.
Yay. Very exciting. But there are some trees in between.
So that makes it nice. If you don’t look too far passed the trees, you won’t see the cars.
And it is very quiet here too, I found.
Comment below, what is your favorite All Star Resort.
And what is your favorite sport?
Not all star sport. Sport.
How could you say that?! This Sport is amazing!
What is your favorite sport?
Of course this one!
Oh!!! His favorite sport is All Star Sports!
I can kinda go with that too.
Oh my goodness. Ok.
Get ready!
And Like!!!

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  1. You guys are such good fun to watch!! We’ve never stayed on property before so it’s nice to see fun reviews on them xx

  2. what a great place to stay for the family!!! 🙂 what are the prices like in general for store, cafeteria, etc. ? now to be fair to your son……it is called Table Tennis 🙂 just kidding 🙂 looks like a real nice place to stay! how far is this hotel from the parks? my favorite sport is snowshoeing 🙂 thanks for the tour!

  3. Great video – our favorite is All Star Music! The outlets are so important in a hotel room – bringing your own charging port is a great idea. 💛 =)

  4. Looks like a blast for the kids! Haven’t stayed there yet but I appreciate the Twitter connection and resort tour! I’m obsessed with Disney World, too, and happy to subscribe! ✨🏰🎆🚝☀️✨

  5. I did a review of this hotel a couple of years ago but your review is a lot better.  You did a great job!  I am really liking your channel.  I have only stayed at All-Star Sports and All-Star Movies and both resorts are nice but our favorite resort on property is Port Orleans French Quarter.  I have a decent review of that property on my channel.  The only thing I really don't like about the All-Star properties is the beds- only full sized beds.  I am tall need room when I sleep so I prefer a queen size or bigger.  Anyways great video!! Oh my favorite sport is football!!!

  6. You really do an awesome job with these resort tours! Very impressive and well done! Thank you so much for sharing!

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