14 Comments on “Amateur Rugby | Savage Hits”

  1. Some fantastic clips in there, great video as usual Rugby Zone. Keep up the amazing work bro. #meohmyIhaveenjoyedthatyesboy

  2. Absolutely class. I play for PRFC here on the south coast of the U.K ad this is what it's all about, having a proper tear up with your mates on a Saturday. Admittedly I take it quite serious and hit the weights twice a week in season and 3 times a week off and pre season as I want to shine a bit but yeah, can't get enough of it. Fantastic sport.
    Also, shameless plug for my mates clothing brand. It's aimed at grassroots amateur rugby players only, it's new and he's going to be running competitions where struggling rugby clubs can reap a % of his annual profits. Check him out https://teespring.com/stores/1xv-apparel

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