Apna Sapna Money Money Movie Spoof | Rajpal Yadav Comedy | RELOADERS Tv

Apna Sapna Money Money Movie Spoof | Rajpal Yadav Comedy | RELOADERS Tv

“Cowshed, cowshed…” “Cowshed, cowshed…” “Cowshed, cowshed…” “Cowshed, cowshed…” Get a tablets. “Brother, is the water in the milk
in proportion…” or should we add more? It’s okay. “Brother, I need to…
– Will you do it in the ear?” I have a small question. Why do you see the same film everyday? I want to become Sarkar(Don) Sarkar (Government)? “Brother, when you stand in the shed
the buffaloes stops giving milk.” “When you pass the neighborhood,
girl stop flirting.” “When you pass the street,
dogs stop barking.” How will people vote for you? Idiot! Sarkar means Don! A don who Mumbai Police
looks for in Dubai. And Dubai Police looks
for him in Malaysia And that rogue sits in China
sipping tea with Chong Pong. Just one chance.
I’ll shake up the city! Brother… Phone. Hello.
– Mata Prasad. “That’s my name, tell me yours.
– Car-los.” “If you lost your car, go to the police.
I don’t do such petty jobs.” “Mata Prasad, this is Carlos,
the don, fom Bangkok.” Carlos! Greetings! Every struggler’s dream is to
work with Shubhash Ghai… …in the film world, and with
Carlos in the underworld.” I don’t have any crime record. I never got a chance
to commit any crime. That’s why I’m giving you job. “Who do I kill, how, where?” Understood?
– Yes. You want Sanya. “Not Sanya, Sa-niya.
– Yes, Sanya.” Pick Sanya. Write the address. Brother!
– Yes! Write the address.
– Yes. I’ll just write down! “6, Alvaris House…
What did you say? “6, Alvaris House.” “6, Alvaris House, Bandra.” “Thank you, Carlos!” I’m a don!
– Brother! How many times have I told you not
to give the buffaloes grams. Their ablution schedule changes. Did they have to do
it over the address? “6, Lavaris House?
– No.” “6, Al Qaida House?
– No.” Then what is the address? Why are you shouting?
Call up Carlos again and ask him. “Say something once that makes me
proud of you, not worry about you.” You want to ruin my impression
on my first job? Try to recollect! “I remember!
– 6, Alvaris House, Bandra.” Quiet!

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  3. Bhai bura mat manna par yeh spoof karna expectations vs reality karna yeh sab accha lagta hai ek baar thik hai do bar thik hai par abhi hame bas yeh sab he dekhne mil raha hai jabki aap sab bhot talented kalakar ho. Main aapko bhot time se subscribe kiya hai kyuki aap log pehle bhot entertaining the aap mast videos banate the jaise rowdies audition, indian idol ke audition , baadme naye topics pe video banate the agar aapko pehle jaise apni popularity badhani hai toh aap kuch naya try karo yeh aapko as a character bhot experience hoga aap log apne comfort zone se plzz thoda bahar aav we need old reloaders back plzz rohit bhai aap se bhot expectations hai

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