At 13000ft with the 1958 Ka6 glider! • 30 June 2018 [sub]

At 13000ft with the 1958 Ka6 glider! • 30 June 2018 [sub]

Today no powerbank for the cam so short clips We have Andrea below us almost 1800mt only with not compensated phone variometer not easy start but now better but … Luca Marin …. where is he? Where are you Luca? (wedding) We are over Mt. Sorapis Andrea is over me … obviously Don’t ask to me the climb average, because I don’t have grood flight instrument i climb a notch a notch on the old vario we are over Cortina we flew low @ 3000mt over Mt Cristallo, now we are behind it on a good thermal below us another glider with winglets KY I found thermal in front of the Mt. Cristallo 3500mt 3570mt slightly cold we try to go to Croda Rossa We have a straight line of cumulus 3800mt thankfully I brought myself a jacket i’m … freezing amazing so… on the right the Pustertaler precisely let’s see if I recognize Brunico here! In front of us, we have Kronplatz, with Brunico below And here San Candido … … no, Dobbiaco 4000mt, with the Ka6 4000 I can’t read this tool 🙂 You can see here, 3994mnt Over Croda Rossa Nice, nice, nice … we made a complete turn waiting Andrea Three Lavaredo Peak on the right Red Rock Mt. Cristallo Marmolada 3650mt we found a powerful thermal 3800mt 3300mt climbing Three Laveredo Peaks with the Ka6 we are at 3640mt half way from Marmolada and Cortina here the Tofane over there Cortina go back home I’m frozen say hello to Marmolada say hello to Luca. he…. went to a wedding one airliner 3000mt over me 1140mt degraded of 30% over Belluno 40km straight line we are over …. me and the glider … we are over the Lake Mis valley where I go? Inside low cloud. Luckily I didn’t go… to Mt. Panarotta the temperature has improved I’m starting to feel my feet we are at 2700mt I was on final glide, burning height, because … my feet are cold not good inside I’m curious, I’d like to go there to try if it’s good under the clouds now it’s wet and I regret not being in Cortina… with winter socks we are here we need to go to Feltre behind Mt. Avena mountains inside the clouds? very wet! not good weather tomorrow it could rain there great, +240mt over airport. 2200mt we turn over this cloud say hello to this nice wet clouds No mountains hello, we go home ….

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  1. Insomma…voli alto, fai er cicerone, il regista, ti copri, hai freddo, non senti i piedi, guardi il telefono, guardi gli altri che volano e pure piloti in scioltezza…..e chi ti prende più!!!! Meio che cambio sport va…..

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