Babolat Pure Strike 3rd Generation Tennis Racquets (Dominic Thiem) 2019

60% of the population is now living in
cities. So tennis has to become more urban.
[Antoine] Our goal with the new Pure Strike is about
bringing more feel to the racquet
and more responsiveness to the racquet.
This is what we call “sharp control.”
It is a new definition of control that we really
believe in and that Dominic Thiem for us
totally embodies. When he plays his game
we can totally understand
he hits hard, far from the baseline,
long shot, you know, but still he needs
very much his control.
[Alex] In terms of type of
players, obviously this is for a player
looking for control and we are in
that control player wanting to hit very hard
without compromise. You have also
that player that want that little pop
that you found in that previous version,
so definitely a performance player who
wants to stand out on the court.
[Bertrand] Since years we tried to be the brand of power,
energy, spin — and Strike is another story.
You know that the eye of a human is
mostly attracted by a color. The first
thing you can say from the product is about color.
If I’m talking about a racquet,
what do you think about this racquet?
Could you describe this racquet?
The first thing you’re going to say is
It’s a white racquet. For us white is purity.
The modernity of purity today is essential.
Don’t talk too much.
Deliver the right function, the right technology
in a short time and this is
exactly the spirit of Strike. Short time,
short reaction. Yes it’s pure, clean, modern, urban.
This is my type of player.
And we believe this is the new type of player;
this is the beginning of a new generation of player.
[Antoine] If you are a player that last used the Pure Strike,
it’s going to be a very, very easy switch for you
because we made sure we would bring
the same spirit into the new Strike with
added feel and added responsiveness.
If you loved the Strike you are going to
love this one even more.
[Alex] We wanted to make sure that we kept
that playability, so if you go
from the former one to the new one, no
problem, and you’re even gonna have
that special feel on top of it that makes a
huge difference on court.
[Bertrand] You can’t imagine the amount of days, hours,
and months of job from a team like Zebra and Babolat.
And I remember the number
of trips and days we spent in the factories
to make it happen, so I hope
that the maximum of the players will try
and adopt this racquet because it’s
a part of our guts.
[Antoine] The Strike is a project I’m very proud of. The team has
worked on it very hard. It’s coming soon.
Be ready!

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