Badminton Fight Rocks Badminton Community

Badminton Fight Rocks Badminton Community

here at the Canada open and to former
Thai players star brawling upn throttle reminds me of Drake and Chris
Brown feel not really okay but here’s the video we have it the I am i bad guy for being amused by this
and I love hats Aikido oh that’s interesting here why do
some against all fighting and I like fighting a public space they were about to play
each other this is fully appropriate I couldn’t say so rate this is what it’s all about this
why they do in sports is white although I don’t like cocky I like the fact because there’s
something so he went about getting that stuff how you can imagine if you could be
doing this at an office no one can do this nobody in accountants office can run across the desk and beat the
crap outta their boss is a real prick but in sports you can get away with it
yeah sure maybe I’ll be suspended for a couple we’ve will come
back in a bit I’m signs a secret there’s no winners in this fight but you
playing you’re playing badminton you to escape a
course that the best you blame even bass we get to ask if that’s embarrassing see
not tell that story but you don’t now when this fight go to boys like so its eggs up kick this guys that were
playing badminton I dude you out there by to know by then
get details about what that’s why this story is hilarious right you’re playing bad man how he did
could you be ok what did you do with that shuttlecock I and I don’t know I okay so let me tell you why they 5 yeah
however like to know okay so they were actually partners and
the London Olympics last year you Capri far and then our happened well
obviously 1 a.m. in January this year said he was
gonna retire so you gonna quit the partnership young men resurfaced not
long after with a new partner so the guys course old trough love this job so 0 we’re used to be poured downgraded
to do you do quite sure who broke away from me he’s upset that the guys playing with
someone else’s shuttlecock exact yeah said Brad mitten Fortner

100 Comments on “Badminton Fight Rocks Badminton Community”

  1. lmao, think you need to get a girlfriend – hopefully you are using beat to describe sex or wanking. Instead of actually want to beat her up.

  2. It is pretty hard actually badminton. You need well quick reactions. But pretty funny fight, personally. Not a big fan of hockey fights. Used to be but they do get rather brain damaged- especially ontop of the violent tackles. When I saw ice hockey in sweden. Was hoping get a fight, never happened. Yet I still really enjoyed the game. So fighting isnt really needed.

  3. P.S. YES U ARE RIGHT u little LIB…it does remind u of Drake and Chris Brown cause that shit was SAD and this shit was SAD.

  4. Badminton at the top level is a very hard and physically demanding sport. Much like every other sport in the world, to be the best you have to be a) talented b) in top physical and mental condition and c) determined. To say that Badminton is not as physically demanding as , say football , is to have never played Badminton at club level or above. Cenk, although I normally agree with his views, is talking out of his arse in the video, frankly like a typical American "Sports" jock.

  5. brawl? one dude just fucked up another dude after he ran and went into fetal position…thats not a brawl

  6. Yeah but in High School you're just doing it to be doing it, you're not really as good at it as you think then :p

  7. I'm not a badminton fan, but it does require as much skill and athleticism as plenty of American sports. Granted, it might not be as macho as driving around in a circle all day, or sitting in the outfield chewing tobacco inning after inning waiting for a chance to be involved in the game, but no reason to suggest that badminton players are such pussies it's completely absurd that they would get heated over their sport. These guys were in the Olympics after all.

  8. chill out!If you hate him for the love of violence in the media or spots,that s ok.But you, being this mad to swear like that,makes you look all the same.

  9. tune into TYT daily for your hard hitting badminton news!

    this is just a case of another homosexual relationship gone bad

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  11. I like this show, but wow, once in a while you guys really just say some ignorant shit. Badminton is a pretty internationally recognized sport. Just because it isn't big in the US and isn't a contact sport you perceive it as feminine or gay..? Also, what are you, 12? "ShuttleCOCK"… Really? Get over the name.
    Because it's a Youtube show perhaps we tend to forget that you guys are still as ignorant as most American TV media with regards to anything that isn't American… Disappointing.

  12. Tight shirts and shorts? We must have been watching a two completely different videos. AFAIK, they are normal t shirts and shorts and are not made to follow body curvature.

  13. Example of great American Sports; Baseball:

    Regarded as the cure for insomnia, baseball is a sport at least 100 years old and involves fun things to do with bats and balls. You can swing a bat. You can hit a ball. You can catch a ball. You can throw a ball. You can watch people catch, throw, and hit balls. It is an incredibly exciting game, lasting for on average three hours of your life that will never come back.

  14. Wasn't there a big 'thing' during the London Oly because the players in badminton were playing too easily or something, loosing the matches on purpose. That's what I remember.

  15. I think you need to look up what 'sociopath' means. I'm pretty sure the meaning isn't a misunderstanding of language……

  16. uhhh, i think the difference is Badminton isn't a physical contact sport like hockey or football. I think your hatred has gotten the better of you so you couldn't really understand where he was taking it.

  17. I hate to kind of agree with you, but I do. I make it a point to almost never be a YouTube hater, but I can't stand watching this girl. If I wanted this kind of presentation, I would hit up my local high school's journalism department.

  18. Come on, guys. There was a badminton fight. A BADMINTON FIGHT. This should be trolling gold and all the top comments can talk about is whether or not we should like the new newscaster. What has Youtube come to?

  19. It's a sport like any other, why can't you get as heated over Badminton as Baseball when it's basically your entire life?

  20. They don't understand badminton, they think of it like any other sports they never played, stupid, weak, and pointless. But to us people who play competitively, wow, fuck you for once.

  21. I hope to god you're trolling. Every video should have a label on it saying that this wretched creature is hosting, so that everyone can avoid it.

  22. well…im not gonna bother to reply to that with any clarity. i have better uses of my time. i encourage you to watch the sports before you form opinions however.

  23. Wow! Another news video claiming badminton isn't a good sport with drama and a real need to skill and strength. They are happy to just make sexual jokes like everyone else who judges the sport without actually being able to play it

  24. Double standard on TYT if this is funny but other assaults are condemned. No questions even asked over what injuries were sustained or anything. Yeah just laugh at the guy instead. How would they react if it had been a female ex-mixed doubles partner?

  25. Lol I understand she's an airhead sometimes & not as experienced as Ana, but there's something I like about her. Plus I like seeing someone other than Cenk & Ana every once in a while.

  26. I'd rather see a scarecrow than this vile human being. Everything she says is just so painfully insipid and trite.

  27. LOL, well to each his own. I do hate her hipster shades, though. Still, she's nowhere near as bad as Chelsey in my opinion (the idiotic bimbo on TYT University).

  28. Okay, at the start of the video, was I the only one who imagined a slo-mo taking off of the glasses and letting down of the hair?

    She's…. sexy…..

  29. What is your problem? There are literally a million of you mindless conservative zombies just flaming TYT like the stupid kids you are.

  30. You're too immature to answer a simple question or even express an opinion – you just mindlessly flame. Forget I asked, your opinion literally means nothing to me.

  31. All kinds of stupid bullshit here – first the cool internet tough guy talking about how it's "so human" to want to beat the shit out of someone and how they should do that in accountant's offices. Then the same loser makes pseudo-homophobic comment about "playing with someone else's shuttle-COCK" GET IT ? COCK? WE ARE THE BIGGEST HACK JON STEWART IMPERSONATION SHOW EVER?

  32. What is YOUR problem? You assume he is conservative from that comment? And honestly it looks like you're the mindless zombie who thinks anyone who disagrees with TYT on ANYTHING (I mean, this is BADMINTON, not even politics -_-) is a conservative. I admire a lot of what TYT does, especially wolfpac, but my response to this video is the same as James'. TYT, fuck off when you don't know what you're talking about. Stick to politics.

  33. Sorry guys its obvious none or you have played badminton at a high level or you wouldn't make fun of it so much. I've played rugby, hockey, tennis and soccer at varying degrees of competitiveness. Let me tell you Badminton trumps them all in terms of speed and fitness required.

  34. I was about to subscribe until I saw this video. This is real ignorance. When someone goes to a white guy and says "your momma", he'll get angry and fight. An Asian wont care if you say "your momma", they will laugh at you. Asians have a bigger problem with betrayal, and loyalty is very important in many Asian cultures. There is no understanding of cultural differences here. Also, badminton is a tough sport and things can get heated, which these ignorant turks dont understand. I wont be watching another video. How could this have 1383 likes. 

  35. Take football and make it non stop and you'll have hockey.  No one doesn't like hockey…you just don't know hockey.  There's a difference.

  36. That guy advocating violence? Wish I could break his jaw. Or at least get on top of him and pummel his face.
    What a fucking tool.

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