Badminton-Finger Power Training

Badminton-Finger Power Training

Training For Finger Power Hello, I am Lee thank you for coming to IBBS I hope you will enjoy this video I am going to demonstrate the importance of finger power also I am going to show you how to improve the finger power now, in order to give you good understanding the difference between using finger power and hitting shuttle without finger power, how is the difference I would like to show you that first so you can see, how much difference is there the first action is with finger power the second thing is without finger power just using wrist have a look please lifting from the net when you defend smash also same with finger power, without finger power is different smash please this is finger power without finger power backhand clear same have a look please this is finger power no finger power with just wrist hitting finally, drive backhand drive have a look please first one and second one is different so, this finger power and using this finger power during the stroke skills is essential, must in these days badminton now I am going to explain to you how to develop this kind of finger power, simple way one day perhaps 300 times in the morning 100 in the evening 100 something like this just sitting or standing stretch your arm and hands stretched look just hold it slowly and very hard 1 2 3 4 5 6 100 and then relax and do it again lunch time and in the evening time but do it well and properly like this rather than like that this is not good there is no power can be made from here slow and very hard first time, you will find very hard to do 100 continously this is basic way, simple way after that you can do push ups just stay in this position for some time about 20 seconds and after little while extend it if you are young junior, then do this first and then when you feel you have some power then you can move on to next one without practising go to this posture will be in a way bit dangerous, but be careful this kind of racket head cover will be very useful in developing your finger power for example like net kill you can do it with cover on so, the important thing to remember in practising like that with cover on is tap swing, rather than follow through have a look please forehand same rather than or backhand same this is wrist training rather than the finger finger, you must stop and come back in order to stop and come back you need this power have a look when you defence smash, also same you can do with cover on same, stop come back come back, come back that’s finger not like this, same come back rather than like this ok have a look please rather than or without shuttle cock you can do it by your self alone with cover on posture like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 if you do it perfectly 20 to 30 times you will feel hurting here as well as your palm but, if you do like this then you don’t feel it this is right practice when you are developing your finger power forehand, same 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 rather than 1 2 3 no you need to come back that means you are improving, increasing your power in your fingers I hope you find it beneficial to your badminton thank you

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  1. Hi Couch Lee. After watching almost all your videos, I've improved my game in defense and offense 100%. In really in debt to you couch. I also tell my friends about your great videos specially those who are willing to improve their skills. Thank you Couch Lee

  2. Hi there, I am very pleased to know that my clips helped you to improve your skills. Thank you very much for taking time to post your comment. There will be more new clips uploaded soon and I hope you like them too. Lee

  3. Yes, please do that and it is so much better if you imagine the shuttlecock in your mind. 1. watch shuttlecock just before opponent hit. 2. imagine where shuttlecock is coming 3. hit the shuttlecock where you would like to.
    In your each swing these three things in your mind. Lee

  4. hi coach lee
    for finger power trainning is there any age restriction. My son is eight years old i am encoraging and playing with him regularly. Mostly follw your tips and techniques. he struggles with cover a bit but manage to do it. Please adivese

  5. Coach, have you coached international players other than Korean players? Just want to ask why Chinese players are so good. They swept gold in the Olympics, that's just crazy. I want to know what kind of training have they undergone to. Thanks, coach!

  6. As long as you are asking him too much he can try most of them except the weight jacket of course. He will get used it very fast. But please focus on the manner and attitude to practice and matches. Ones the recreational attitude goes in him it is difficult to take it out if you would like him to compete badminton. Also focus on the basic skills. Give him badminton potatos not badminton cakes. Lee

  7. It is simple I think, they traing harder then anyone else. And it is fare that the players who train harder then anybody else wins. It is not by luck, it is not by only talent it is pure hard work and hunger to win. If anyone works harder then them then they will have chance. The result of competition is true result of the level of how seriouly painful training the player has been doing for length of time. It normally 8-10 years or more.

  8. Thanks to you, coach! Thank you for replying to all people commenting here in YouTube.We all do appreciate it! We really do.

  9. Hi, you should use all of it. Some situations you may have to use fingers more such as when you are making tap action but some times you should use more wrist as well as fingers when you are doing clear and smash. Lee

  10. Thank you for posting your comment and I am very happy to know. I feel it is may duty also I am enjoying it too. Lee

  11. It has to be finger. Wrist is a little bit too big. You will see what I mean when I upload smash defense clips in late December. Lee

  12. coach for best lee sir
    my name is thoufeeq ahmed
    i am in India
    my coach for lee sir
    your all video watched me

  13. Yes you are right thank you for posting your comment. I am in canada and am 53. I see and feel my self as 30 but time goes really fast. Lee

  14. Hello Sir! I recently bought arcsaber 008DX, it comes with extra stiff flex. Wondering being new to badminton it would be a right choice to play with this type of racket?


  15. Great videos, I'm starting to play after many years and I need to relearn proper technique.  You mention the racket covers but I checked several sport stores and no-one sells the covers individually, only with some rackets.  My old rackets did not have one my new one came with a case.  Where do you find those?

  16. Thank u soo much sirr… I am starting to play badmintion and i need to improve the power on my fingers.. This video helps me a lot..

  17. Thank you so much
    I was suffering little bit from this situation
    I couldn't backhand clear perfectly
    I knew the technique but I didn't know that how to build up finger power but now u learn me
    So thank you soooo much

  18. Thank you Mr Lee for your valuable video clips and tips. I highly appreciate your way of explaining each step very clearly,convincingly and of course it's easy- to -follow and practice. I hope many learners are benefiting immensely by your coaching videos.

  19. thank you sir for valuable clips,it is making me better day by day thanks
    sir can you please tell me some correct way of exercise for shoulders and make them strong

  20. Most amazing video on badminton training that I have found till now. Thank you so much for taking the effort to teach these advanced techniques!

  21. Coach plz can you help me with your next vidio what type of grip positions are to be used for serving, smashes,drops etc……

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