Badminton-Play To Win: Service and Return of Service

Badminton-Play To Win: Service and Return of Service

Service and Return Service In service what’s important is could you just ready to serve please very good stop like Symond he put shuttle in front of his body but normally club players what they do they put their shuttle very close to their body so its really very difficult to control it so remember to put your shuttle to away from your body so you have good room to control it that’s one reason another reason if you put your shuttle here the flying time is longer than you hit shuttle from there if the flying time is longer that means your opponent have more time to move forward so remember put, this is excellent from here good make sure your shuttle is not high enough that’s fault, the impact point must be lower than waist height ok very good would you like to do that please ready go ok let me demonstrate again here quite many club players do this way here there and hit like that its so difficult to control the shuttle if you do that what you need to do just be patient and believe your service ready and push what’s important is after serve that ready is important because you have to be ready for intercepting for the next shot so ready serve ready go so what’s important remember serve be ready for the next one net play please serve ready go you don’t need to put your racket here because shuttle won’t be there all the shuttles will go higher than that level so after serve your racket should be ready here for the possible angle, but many club players after serve their racket goes here so they don’t have chance to intercept next one, shuttle goes too late

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  1. Sir Lee, Your coaching videos are the best ever and so simplified by the demonstration, thanks a lot they have helped me a lot.

  2. To me you are the god of badminton….I really would like to know about your coach as well…No coach in our locality helped me to learn Badminton bcoz I was 20+ years old at that time…Learnt a lot from you…

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