Basic Footwork in Table Tennis

Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills and I’m
Jeff Plumb and today we’re going to talk about
Basic footwork.
In Table Tennis most of your movement is sideways
so it is really important to get that movement
correct. Some basic things that you need to
think about are making sure that you are down
low in your basic ready position. Once you
are in that ready position it is a matter
of moving sideways with either a little jump
or a shuffle.
The easiest way to learn the basic footwork
is to do it slowly and one ball at a time.
So i’m going to feed the ball out one at a
time to Jeff.
We start with hit, jump, hit, jump into
position and hit. And I am catching the ball
each time to give Jeff plenty of time to get
the movement correct. Once you feel like your
movement is correct, then you can start to
hit the ball continuously, so it is a hit…
and jump. Hit and jump, hit and jump, hit
and jump, hit and jump.
The other really important part about footwork
is to make sure that when you are hitting
the ball that you have stopped, so now let’s
focus on move… stop… hit… move… stop…
and hit.
Move, stop, hit. Move Stop Hit. Move, Stop,
Hit. Move, Stop Hit. Let’s have a look at
this in slow motion one at a time.
So it’s hit, move, stop, hit. Move, stop,
hit, Move, stop. and hit.
Why is it really important to be stopped?
Because if you are not stopped you are going
to be unbalanced when you are making that
stroke and then it is going to be difficult
to recover for the next ball.
So you can see that whenever Jeff’s is hitting
the ball now his feet have stopped he is in
position and then he makes his stroke. And
Jeff can do it super fast.
So the footwork movement is called a shuffle
step but in reality it is best if you are
jumping with both legs at the same time. You
will notice that all the best players use both
their legs at the same time. They have got
their feet wide apart knees bent and it is
almost like they have got a rod between their
knees and all that is happening is that they
jump sideways this way and sideways that way.
If at the start you are finding it difficult
to make that movement you can use the shuffle
step to get there but in reality I want you
to progress quickly to making the jump and
hit, jump
and hit.
If you have found this lesson useful to learn
your footwork go to and learn
a whole lot more about Table Tennis.

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