Behind-the-Scenes at the Bachelor in Paradise Resort

Hi everyone!
I’m channeling my inner Chris Harrison right now.
The host, of course, of the iconic
Bachelor in Paradise series.
If, like me, you’re a member
of Bachelor Nation,
you are going to recognize this iconic archway.
This is where it all begins for contestants
on Bachelor in Paradise every season.
Right now we’re at the resort
where they do all of the filming.
It’s called Playa Escondida.
We’re going to get a behind-the-scenes look —
see some things that you don’t
get to see on the TV show.
I cannot wait!
Welcome to Paradise!
I can’t believe I’m walking
down the steps to Paradise.
This is too much.
I feel like I’m a contestant.
Oh, here’s something I didn’t realize.
You pass the guest services desk
on the way down.
This is where they always do those cutaways
like ‘who’s coming down the steps’?
‘Who will be the next person to enter Paradise’?
Today it’s me!
Coming down to the beach.
If Marc’s not on this beach, I don’t know
who I’m going to give my rose to.
Oh thank god!
Oh hey Marc.
Oh hey!
Could I just grab you to chat for a second?
Yeah sure.
Okay, great.
Why don’t we go over to this cabaña?
Like, can you conceive that we’re on the
Bachelor in Paradise beach right now?
Not at all.
It’s so crazy to just be here
where it’s all filmed.
I know.
Why don’t we go chat about
who’s got who’s rose over breakfast?
Here’s the pool.
Oh my god!
Recognize this bridge?
And look at this view.
I think they normally put
like sofas over in this area.
But right now it’s tables.
Gorgeous view of the beach.
Oh my god.
And how many times have we seen people
chatting, kissing under this little bridge?
There’s a lot of different things
you can order here.
Yeah how’s it looking?
It looks good.
I feel like all I really ever see them
eating on the show are plates of fruit maybe
and drinks.
And scallops.
And scallops, of course.
Oh my god, maybe we should have scallops.
Maybe fruit this time for breakfast.
Sitting at the restaurant and
just being still for a second,
I’m actually struck by how quiet and
kind of calm and Zen-like it feels here.
And I guess if you’re not stressed about
the drama of a rose ceremony
and whether you’re going to
get kicked out of Paradise,
you actually just sort of feel the…
the quiet pace of it here.
And there’s jungle all around, there’s greenery.
I can hear the ocean sounds on this side
and then these two waterfalls
by the pool on this side.
If I look up above the palapa of the bar area,
I can see one of the other rooms,
which looks like a kind of
Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouse,
which I have never seen a shot of on the show.
And it’s…it’s actually, it’s smaller
than I thought it was going to be,
in a good way, and you…you get the sense that
when you’re on the show as a cast member,
you kind of can tell what
more or less everybody’s doing,
which would make it, like
stir the drama a little bit more like
‘Oh, what’s he doing down there on the beach?’
‘Oh, who’s sitting at the bar over there?’
or, I don’t know, ‘who’s still asleep in bed?’
So it would be pretty easy to like
keep tabs on people here.
Cheers to Paradise!
Our journey to love!
So we got papaya, kiwi, pear,
watermelon, pineapple,
red apple, melon, banana,
berries and strawberries.
Wow, that’s beautiful.
Thank you.
And for you señor…
We got huevos rancheros with some papaya,
beans, Oaxaca cheese,
that’s fried banana, and tomatoes.
Looks amazing.
Thank you.
Never seen them have this on the show!
I know!
We just finished our breakfast and found out
that they have horseback riding here
so I got my hat on, I’ve changed into
some appropriate horseback riding clothing.
So that is where we are heading right now
to get a better view of things.
¡Mucho gusto!
This is for you, this horse.
¡Mucho gusto!
We’re meeting my horse, Peri Gonzalez.
Peri Gonzalez.
Nice, like a pro!
¡Okay, vamonos!
Oh, we’re going offroading.
This is fun!
Horseback riding in Paradise!
I mean…
I think it was Jenna and Jordan in the show
who went horseback riding on their date.
I’m kind of wondering if this
is where they came.
Look at how enormous these palm trees are!
Hey, ‘big enough to eat’ he says.
I see the water.
Looks like we are emerging
from the jungle out to the beach!
Enjoying yourself?
I am loving this!
You look good on that horse.
¡Gracias amigo!
Thanks buddy.
He’s thirsty, eh?
That was really really cool.
I just feel so…
Like you really adjust to their kind of slow pace.
I feel very calm right now.
Very lucky.
The horseback riding was amazing.
I loved it!
And now our room is ready
so we are going to check in to our room.
And our room comes with a golf cart.
That is a first.
That is definitely a first.
I’ve never had a room before
that comes with a golf cart,
which apparently is because you need a golf cart
to get there, which is also a first.
So Marc is driving us to our room.
Yeah normally we have to walk.
This is great.
From a horse to a golf cart.
I could get used to this.
Totally feel like I’m in Mario Kart.
I know!
The way that it drives.
It actually kind of handles like the Autopia ride at…
-Disney World.
Makes me want to go really fast.
It’s not going to win the tight steering award.
Or the brakes award.
I’m just trying to not go off the side.
Not an off-roading…
Which I would be doing in Mario.
Yeah, it’s true.
We’ve arrived at our room
via golf cart I might add.
Good driving.
Thank you.
Oh my god!
-This is not a room, this is a house!
This is a double decker!
By the way, the name of this room is Chachalaca,
which is the name of a local bird here.
And we heard the funniest thing about this bird.
We’ve seen them all over on the golf cart
and they’re scared of humans so when they
see a human, they go into a pooping position,
like lift their tail as if they’re
about to poop on you to scare you away.
It’s a good self-defense.
This is what we were told about
what our room is named after so…
so let’s go to the Chachalaca.
-We’re in the pooping bird room.
♬ Chachalacalapallama ♬
That’s not the song!
Oh my god!
There’s a hot tub!
Look at that view!
Oh my god.
Look at this view of the jungle.
It’s so quiet here.
This is crazy.
There’s nothing in front of us.
Except jungle.
It’s totally private.
I’ve never seen them stay in this room
on Bachelor in Paradise.
Definitely not.
They should.
This room is incredible and I can’t wait
to spend more time in here
but I’m also really excited
to get back to the beach
because I want to see like,
where they do the rose ceremony
and just more of the property so,
shall we go there now?
Let’s do it.
Back in the golf cart?
Back in the golf cart.
I love saying that!
Always up for it.
Back in the golf cart!
You’re in your element.
I am in my element right now.
Didn’t you used to drive a cart…golf cart?
Yeah I’m actually a professional golf cart driver.
As in I once got paid to do it because I was
the beer cart girl on a golf course one summer.
And it was the best job ever.
Because I got to just drive around
a golf cart or a big Gator
like a Kubota Gator if you know what that is.
And whip around super fast
serving people like food and drinks.
Alright well then hit it!
I am in my…in my element right now.
The part that you see on Bachelor in Paradise
is actually just a small part of this resort,
which is much much bigger.
They just show like the beach part,
down by the water, and a couple of locations.
But as you can see, it’s way bigger here
and they have rooms…
there’s 32 rooms in this resort
and they have them spread out
so that each one feels really different and really private.
There’s also other people’s homes along here too.
Yeah and people’s homes.
And I mean they even have the farm with the
horses and the roosters and chickens like we saw
so, it’s really cool all the…
the areas you don’t normally get to see.
I just have to point out how our room
and our golf cart have its own parking spot.
How cool is that?
As you’re walking through here…
woo, have to duck.
It’s very windy and narrow, and lush.
Like, I don’t know if you can hear those birds chirping
but there’s these beautiful big trees
and it just feels like walking through the jungle.
So lush and green.
I’m just walking down the steps
from the guest services desk right now.
Right behind me here, this is the walkway
where they come down to the beach
for the very first time
when they’re welcomed to Paradise.
And, over here, I don’t know
if you’ll recognize it quite yet
is a very important space.
This…this is where the rose ceremonies happen.
So the cast mates are seated
with their backs over there
and then if I turn around here,
you might recognize these steps kind of going down
and this is normally where Chris Harrison is standing
and then over here, this is the lounge area
right by guest services up there
and that’s a flatscreen TV behind.
And there’s a little bar area here.
This is where people stand
when they’re giving their rose away.
Right now it’s set up as kind of
an extension of the restaurant,
which is just across the pathway there,
through the little jungle area.
So they’ve got tables and chairs
and actually I can see down through the back
into the little bar area where they’re always sitting.
But pretty cool to think that this is where
people get sent home or maybe find love in Paradise.
So if I leave the rose ceremony area here,
and cross this little bridge,
which you might recognize from
I think Leo and Joe’s little fight on the show,
and come over into this gorgeous area,
this is where the lounge is normally set up.
So there’s sofas over there,
I think they have like the cocktail parties here.
Look at that insane view.
You can look down and this, right over there,
that is that main bar area again
and right now they have like
umbrellas and lounge chairs.
But when they have the show, they have those
little cabañas all kind of set up here.
What I love here that I never saw on the show
is this beautiful palapa.
Isn’t that gorgeous?
And right now it’s set up as also a lounge area…
looks a bit different with the tables and chairs.
You can have a drink, have your coffee.
I’ve seen people sort of having their meals here as well.
There’s another little pool right up there.
And then over here, that is where
the rose ceremonies are.
So it’s really close.
All connected by that little bridge
that I just crossed over there.
So if I leave the little sitting area,
there’s this pool you can see behind me.
So pretty.
And then just a short little walk over here,
the water to my right, is the yoga studio.
At the hotel, they have yoga every morning
and they’re actually going to start doing sunset yoga, which would be amazing.
Not hard to find your center here
and in the show, I believe this is where
Krystal and Chris had their yoga session.
But can you imagine doing yoga in here?
I don’t even have a yoga mat and I feel
pretty centered already, I have to say.
So these are the main stairs
where people walk down,
there’s a nice little shower here.
Up there is where the rose ceremonies happen.
And then this is the bar area.
So the rose ceremonies are just there and
I didn’t realize how close the bar area is here.
There’s actually two different bars
and then that kind of lounge area with the cool palapa
is just above it there you can see.
And beautiful hammocks here.
So you could just imagine walking down the steps
and having everyone seated there
saying ‘Welcome to Paradise’.
This is the main bar area.
It’s so close to the beach I could practically
rim my glass with salt from the ocean.
And Yuki and Wells obviously aren’t here right now.
The stairs where they come down are right there
so it makes perfect sense that when people walk down
and see Paradise for the first time,
everyone’s sort of crowded around the bar.
But this is where you can get a piña colada,
margarita, whatever you want.
There’s a whale!
Right over there!
What kind of whale is that?
There’s two!
There’s three.
Yeah, yeah.
Three humpback whales?
We were just down by the beach
and someone started yelling whale, whale,
and I look out to the water
and there are three humpback whales.
At first I could just see like them
blowing out through their blowholes
and then they surfaced and I saw
their bodies come right out of the ocean.
I’m in Paradise and I saw three humpback whales.
That is a first!
The hotel is letting us have a little sneaky peek
around some of the other rooms
because every room here is totally different.
This is called the Luna Penthouse
and that ceiling has to be at least 20 feet high.
It’s huge.
And I’m pretty sure this is where on the show
the girls kind of put their makeup on,
do their hair.
You see them kind of chit-chatting as they
get dressed and beautified for the day.
This balcony has a hot tub
and I definitely wouldn’t mind
sitting in that to check out a sunset.
K, this is awesome.
This is the interior of the shower, which
by the way, has a door out to the balcony
because who doesn’t need to access
their balcony through their shower just in case?
Here’s the bathroom.
So much space in here.
Oh hello!
Checking out the view?
Yeah, just doing my hair and makeup.
You look great.
This room is where they do all of the interviews
with the cast members when they’re doing the show.
So when they’re talking about
‘what you thought of this’
or ‘he kissed her’ or ‘what happened then’,
this is where they’re sitting with the producers
when they’re doing that.
It’s all full of cameras.
And so when the show comes here,
they basically take over for a month or two
and then take everything out of all of the rooms
and bring in all of the gear
that they have to film the show.
So this turns into more or less a studio.
The room I’m in right now is called the Rocosa
and I’ve heard from so many people
here at the hotel that it’s their favourite.
Apparently it has something to do with the bathroom
but I think that we’re at the highest point
of the resort right now
and I’m pretty sure that this is the room
that I saw from breakfast this morning
down by the pool when I kind of pointed up
that looked like a
Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouse.
And I can confirm now that I’m up here,
that is exactly how it feels.
This is the biggest room in the hotel
and you have a beautiful view down to the water
but it feels…feels very open and spacious
but very private at the same time, which is nice.
There are recliners here, there’s a private bar.
The entire wall of doors opens up to the jungle
and then there’s a jacuzzi built for two.
It’s just…well, feels like paradise.
Can you imagine just sitting out here
and looking down over the water?
Like it’s extremely private and yet it feels
really spacious and open at the same time.
Look at this incredible room.
This gigantic tree for this table.
This is so unique.
It almost feels like something out of the Flintstones.
So beautiful.
And all this stone inside.
And I love all of the artwork
that they have here too.
This is so cool.
I keep hearing about this bathroom.
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
This tree is in the bathroom!
Oh my god.
Look at this!
There’s the shower head.
Okay, seriously here are the faucets
for the shower right beside the tree.
This is insane.
There’s the tree, there’s the shower.
I have to say, having a tree in the shower
feels like I’m in like an Herbal Essences
commercial or something.
Apparently it’s a local artist who does
all of these paintings here.
So she came to the room and…
and did all of these paintings.
Oh, I love the octopus.
I’m seeing like the more that we walk around
and see some of the different rooms,
there are 32 rooms here by the way,
and they’re all different.
And seeing more and more,
I’m getting the sense that
you could have a completely
different kind of experience
depending on which room that you stay in.
So it would be really fun to stay in a different one
like every night that you were here.
Because you could be like down by the beach,
you could be in the treehouse.
Okay, case in point.
As I was talking, a gigantic
piece of that tree just fell down.
Just another day on the balcony.
Giant pieces of palm trees falling down.
It’s so cool to see some of the different rooms here
and the sun is going down.
And we are racing to the beach
because I want to be in the water,
on the beach when that sun goes down.
Oh, look at it!
-There’s the sun!
We’re coming for you!
Don’t go away!
Chase that sun!
Got out beach towels.
And we’re going in there.
We made it.
This looks perfect.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.
Look at this guy surfing!
Look at the view from here as the sun goes down.
This is so much fun!
But we’re going to go in the pool
and end the night there.
Oh! Big wave coming!
We came up from the beach to see the sunset
from this little pool you might recognize from the show.
It’s where people have their little
secret smooches and serious talks.
And it turns out it’s a hot tub.
Who knew?
-Which I didn’t realize until I put my toe in.
But it has a perfect view down to the beach.
This has just been the most incredible day.
It really has.
In Paradise, like there is no better word
to describe it here.
I think Playa Escondida’s just paradise
every day of the year?
I think so.
Certainly has been today.
So I hope that you guys have enjoyed it
as much as we have.
If you liked this video,
remember to give it a like
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We’re going to watch the sunset
and we’ll see you in our next video.

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