BEST FLAT IRONS? ✨ BaByliss PRO Nano vs HSI Professional Glider (Amazon Hair Straightener Reviews)

BEST FLAT IRONS? ✨ BaByliss PRO Nano vs HSI Professional Glider (Amazon Hair Straightener Reviews)

Hey there! Welcome to Elevate Beauty
Company my name is Summer and today I’m going to be testing out the number one
selling highest reviewed most reviewed flat iron on Amazon this is the HSI flat
iron I’m going to put it head-to-head with my trusty battle-ax sweater iron
that I got from Ulta this one is about a third of the price
but it has amazing reviews so we’re gonna see if it really does live up to
the hype and if you can save your money and go with this one and so I’m going to
quickly unbox the HSI professional flat iron really really quickly it comes
packaged up really nicely it has a velcro core bundler let’s see it’s got a
nice foam pad in between the plates so nothing gets damaged or scratched it has
a simple on and off switch right here and then it has a dial it’s not digital
like my battle is so that’s probably one of the reasons for the difference in
price but you know if it works just as good I don’t think it really matters if
it’s digital or not but this one just goes back and forth it also comes with a
heat glove if you like to use the heat glove I prefer just to go for it and
then it actually has a really nice silk bag that comes with it so you can stick
your flat iron in here and you can travel with it really nice and easily
here is a look at the two irons side-by-side they’re pretty similar in
size the only real difference that I see is that the bevel is like I said is the
digital I do like that I can turn it on and I can hit the memory button then it
will go right to the memory setting that I have set and it will
in the heat so I know exactly what the temperature is at all times and I know
when it’s ready to go now with the HSI like I said it’s not
digital it is a dial so you just kind of have to try it out and see if it’s warm
enough to start working on your hair so those are the main differences that I
see we’re gonna put it to the test and go side by side and see if they are
comparable or if one outperforms the other I usually set my Flatiron at about
390 and like I said with this one I just kinda have to guess that it’s
like around 390 I would prefer to have it digital however if you’re looking for
something that has a lower price point and you didn’t want to spend over $100
on your Flatiron for sure you’re gonna have to go with the one that just has
the dial and kind of guess at how hot the temperature is now if you see your
hair smoking you see that moisture loss happening you might want to turn it down
make sure you’re not damaging your hair it’s always better to start at a lower
temperature and then work your way up as needed I want to give you guys kind of a
quick look at my natural texture I did a quick blow-dry I didn’t round brush it I
didn’t use my my volumizing blow-dryer adjusted a quick blow-dry with no brush
so it is a little bit frizzy I do have wavy hair you can see on this side it’s
a little bit curly underneath so that’s my natural texture my texture up at the
root is pretty straight and smooth I do recommend that you use a heat shield
super important when you’re using heat tools especially if you’re somebody who
uses them daily like I do that you’re using a shield now this is the launch
rival heat shield I love it so much I have really soft thin hair I
have a lot of it but it’s relatively thin and this gives that heat shield
protect it that I’m looking for so I’m not damaging my hair and it also gives
it a little bit of grit and a little bit of something to kind of hold on to so
that my hair will kind of hold either the straight or hold the curl whatever
style I’m going for it kind of just helps it hold gives it a little bit of
volume and it’s care to infuse so I love this a lot and it
locks out humidity where if you live in a humid environment like in California
or you live in Florida or anywhere else like Texas where it’s humid we don’t
have a lot of that you’re in the desert but if you do that’s something that is
probably really important to you you can get it for between like fifteen and ten
dollars depending on what sale they have to get started I’m gonna pin part of my
hair up so I just go through right about the ears so I can get this back section
really nicely I’m going to twist that up and pin it and then I’m gonna go through
with my heat shield and just spray that on my hair give it a second to cook to
dry and then we’re gonna go through so this site is gonna be my babble s iron
and this site is going to be the HSI so let’s just give it a quick little pass
through and see how it does so he section it off about two inches I don’t
go straight to my route because my route is pretty straight and silky and I don’t
want to add extra heat on to that so I kind of go about two inches down and I
reach out and then I kind of curl that under a little bit and that gives me a
little bit of style without having it be super stick straight you don’t want it
to be like stuck straight to my hair to my head so I’m gonna grab another
section and again pulling that out I’m gonna pull it up and around and that
kind of gives it that little tuck under that’s not super curly it just naturally
kind of pushes underneath let me grab the back side really quick so you can
see that did a pretty great job it’s nice and smooth the end texture is nice
and smooth all of those split ends have just kind of been smoothed out now let’s
give the HSI a little try it helps have you turn it on okay hold
on one second all right I think we are warmed up like I said you just kind of
have to guess to see if it’s warm enough but let’s give it a try and see how it
does and I’m gonna press down pull it out and then just kind of round it
underneath and it looks like it’s doing an okay job good I’ll redo that end a
little bit I don’t think it’s quite warm enough so let’s turn it up a little bit
and give it one more second okay so let’s pass through the end one
more time it is pulling at my hair just a tiny bit so that’s something that I’m
looking for is it straightening on the first pass so that I don’t have to go
over again with heat and continue to add heat to my hair and number two is it
pulling at the hair at all so I think it’s doing a pretty good job overall
let’s get the back end so compare comparing both sides I think
it’s doing a pretty good job this is a little bit more flat this has a little
bit more body but let’s just kind of continue going through and doing a
couple more layers and see what the overall comparison is sometimes I will grab my brush and use
that instead of Mike and if it starts to get a little bit too warm so what I’ll
do is I’ll just brush underneath and I’ll grab it from under and then use
that to kind of guide my hair through the flatiron and that just helps to kind
of brush it out as you’re flattening and if you don’t is that it’s pulling at
your hair at all it will help to smooth out your hair before it goes through the
Flatiron and will help with any polling that you notice okay so let’s take a quick look up close
I think it’s doing a pretty good job pretty even as far as getting those ends
nice and smooth okay so here is a side-by-side I think
they’re pretty comparable I would say they both do about the same job as far
as straightening and flattening and smoothing go I will say that I did have
to move this one all the way up to the 450 to get it as smooth as I wanted and
this one’s at 390 which is a sixty degree difference which for me I feel
like is a pretty significant difference to get the results that you wanted so
I’m wondering if this is as accurate as this one is so I think overall they’re
pretty much performing the same I’m getting the same amount of straightness
if you are looking for something that is a smaller price point and having that
digital tracker right here if that’s not important to you then this for sure
would be a great buy I can see why it’s got a lot of great reviews I can see why
it has been purchased by so many people it’s an amazing price for 39.99 I just
prefer the digital I think that like I said they’re performing the same
I just prefer knowing what my temperature is at and knowing when it’s
ready to go saves me a little bit more time I don’t
have to guess I can I can keep the temperature down as low as possible with
getting the results that I want and therefore creating less damage in my
hair over time but I mean I think it’s a great flat iron so if you’re looking for
something to replace a flat iron that isn’t working for you or you want to get
an extra one for travel or you have a vacation home you want to keep one at or
you’re looking for a gift for somebody this is a really great buy I really do
recommend it and as far as my my preference I prefer the fabulous just
because of that digital capability but for the price point if I were going to
just buy a second iron for the heck of it or to travel or something like that
I would for sure grab the HSI one now I use my flat iron quite often to curl so
I’m very interested to see how they would perform
head-to-head curling the hair so I might do a video on that to let me know if
that’s something you’re interested in thanks so much for hanging out I hope
this was helpful and I will chat with you guys later

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  1. BEST AMAZON FLAT IRONS ✨ BaByliss PRO Nano vs HSI Professional Glider

    Do you think the digital temperature is better then the analog dial? Would you spend the extra $100 for the digital readout?


  2. The BaByliss is my favorite! Knowing how hot the flat iron is BEFORE I put it on my hair is worth the extra money 🤑🤑🤑

  3. I bought the HSI as a gift to my sister, she said it worked great. Of course if was a gift so maybe she is just being polite lol

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