Best Screen Recording Software for YouTube (Computers & Phones)

– I’m gonna tell you the
best screen recorders for your computer and for your phone and we’re starting right now. (hip hop music) What is going on? My name is Nick, welcome to another video. If this is your first time here and you wanna learn how
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and clicking the bell so you don’t miss anything. Okay, I’m pretty sure that
the most frequently asked question that I get on this channel, outside of how to get
views and subscribers, is “Nick, what’s the best
screen recorder for my phone?” “Nick, what’s the best screen
recorder for my computer?” “Nick, what is the best screen recorder?” “Tell me!” So, I’m gonna tell you
the best screen recorders for your computer, I’m
gonna tell you the best screen recorders for your phone. And it doesn’t matter if you’re
on an iPhone or an Android, I’ve still got ya covered. I’m sharing free, paid, all of it. And we’re starting with computers. Number one on my list is Camtasia. Not only is Camtasia a screen recorder, but it’s also a video editor, so you can actually edit your
YouTube videos in Camtasia. Bonus! The things that I personally
like most about Camtasia are the ability to zoom in and out, just makes everything look
cooler when you’re doing it, makes it a little bit more interesting. The fact that you can highlight
your cursor is awesome. It sounds simple, but having
a little colored thing around your cursor when
you’re showing people what you’re doing on your screen? It’s awesome. They also have automated call-outs, which is basically just
things that will pop-up on your screen and animate
into place, which is awesome. You can blur stuff, focus
on stuff, highlight stuff, all types of really, really
cool options inside of Camtasia. And because of that, Camtasia
is my personal choice. All of the screen recordings
that you see on my channel that are done on my computer,
those are done with Camtasia. I’ve got it on my desktop
and both of my laptops. It is an absolute
must-have if you’re serious about screen recording and making videos and all that stuff. Trying to, you know,
pro everything up a bit. The down side of Camtasia,
it comes with a price tag. And depending on your situation, it might be a hefty price tag, and that’s why I made the disclaimer saying that it’s mostly for people that are really serious
about editing their videos and screen recording and all that stuff. People that are, you
know, trying to operate at that higher level. But if you are still on your
way to that higher level of operation, I’ve got another one for you that is 100% free and it’s called OBS. That’s right, not only is
OBS a livestreaming encoder, but it is also a free screen recorder. Let me know if you knew that
or not down in the comments. The plus sides of OBS are it’s free, you can use it for live-streaming, and overall, it’s pretty easy to use. The downside of OBS as a screen recorder, you can’t do all that
zoom in and out stuff so it’s a really basic screen recording. All you’re gonna see is what’s
on your screen and that’s it, you’re not gonna get all
the zooming in and out, you’re not gonna get
all the extra effects, you’re not gonna get any of that stuff. Just bare bones, this is
what’s happening on my screen, nothing fancy, this is just, this is it. “But Nick, I wanna
record ’em on my phone!” “How can I do it on my phone?” “Tell me!” Okay, if you’re on your phone,
you also have a few options. Of course, if you’re
already using Camtasia, they have an app as well that
you can use on your phone, just as a heads up in
case you didn’t know that. But if you are not, you
can use DU Screen Recorder if you have an Android, and
that does not require root or anything crazy like that,
you can just install it and start recording right away. DU Screen Recorder has been
extremely reliable for me. I’ve never had any problems at all, I’ve never had it crash,
never had it mess up the recording or anything. It has just been rock solid. If you’re on an iPhone,
you can use the built-in recorder, which is an
option, but I’ll be honest, I’ve had that one screw
up on me handful of times. It actually took me a lot longer to do the TubeBuddy mobile app
video than it should have because I started it out
with the built-in recorder, and then after I went through the entire tutorial, it crashed. Literally within the last minute of the tutorial, it crashed. However, the next app on this list saved me in that tutorial. You can actually see the
TubeBuddy app tutorial that I made with that screen
recorder right up here. Make sure you install the
app if you haven’t yet. A link to the TubeBuddy app will be down in the description below. If you don’t know what it is, it’s something that’s gonna
help you grow your channel and optimize your channel
and all that fun stuff. But the next app on this
list is called Record it! It is just rock solid, haven’t
had any problems with it yet, it has done a fantastic job,
and I give it two thumbs up. And one thing that I would
like to say about the built-in version with the iPhone is, it’s Apple, it’s supposed
to just work, come on. But anyway, if you want
to learn more about growing your channel, making
videos, and all types of other YouTube related stuff, start
now by hitting the round subscribe icon so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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