Best Short Chess Games 3 – How To Win Chess Game in 4 Moves

d4 Nf6 Nd2 e5 de5 Ng4 h3 this is big blunder
because of Ne3 and Queen is trapped
only thing that what white can do is to take
Knight on e3 but then Qh4 and mate
is coming only possible move is g3
and Qg3 is mate there’s also
another variation of this mate but in
six moves it’s instead of h3 Nf3 now
black plays Be7 and after h3
Ne3 and queen is trapped again so
he must take on e3 now Bh4
and then g3 Bg3 mate so he must
take and in the same position Qh4
g3 and Qg3 mate I hope you like
those games so if you have short game
send us on our email see you soon

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