BlindSquare BPS Indoor-Navigation am BFW Würzburg

I will now demonstrate how BlindSquare can support orientation both outdoors and indoors seamlessly.
I’m at the bus stop near BFW Würzburg (a vocational training c enter) and will walk to BFW, to show you the indoor system installed there.
20 m, Friedensstraße, Jahnstraße and Sonnenstraße.
20 m, Friedensstraße and Günterslebener Straße.
20 m, Günterslebener Straße and Sonnenstraße.
Bus stop: Sonnenstraße, about 6 m
Now we are in proximity of the first beacon.
This means that we are now transitioning to the indoor system.
We will hear walking instructions followed by a short tone.
as soon as we hear it, we can shake the phone to hear a more detailed description.
We don’t have to listen to them if we don’t need them.
BFW Würzburg main entrance
Straight ahead: Welcome to the BFW Würzburg!
11 o’clock: Residential building including reception desk, dining room, and kitchen.
Walking directions to reception desk:
Walk ahead downhill for approximately 40 m,then follow the sidewalk to the left alongside the dining room.
Near the entrance, continue right for a few meters.
Messages from BlindSquare’s indoor system can depend on your walking direction.
When I enter the building, I will hear information about what is in front of me, inside the building.
When I leave the building, I again will hear information about what is in front of me, outside the building.
Heading is detected using the iPhone compass.
Entrance to residential building.
Straight ahead: Welcome to the BFW Würzburg!
You are entering the building walking south.
Good afternoon.
Hello, how may I help you?
I’m looking for Mr. Karbstein’s office.
First, take the exit, then continue alongside the dining room on your right until you are at the main entrance of the school building.
Mr. Karbstein’s office is located on the first floor.
you will receive additional information through the indoor system.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.
Straight ahead: Entrance of school building for prep courses
On your right, you’ll find the time clock and a QR code containing the menu.
A few meters ahead of you is a glass door leading into a corridor. On the right, it leads to classrooms and rooms for occupational therapy.
On the left, it leads to washrooms. Continuing ahead, you will reach the elevator and a stairwell. This area is marked with tactile floor indicators.
If you continue ahead even further, you will reach the user help desk.
Eastern stairwell with elevator, floor 0
You are on floor 0.
This stairwell connects floor 9 (underground parking lot) with floor 2 (management and training).
Classrooms for prep courses are located on the first floor.
Attention: in contrast to the residential building, the stair is perpendicular to the door.
Here, the beacons are part of the lighting installation manufactured by Osram.
This ensures continuous power supply to the beacons.
Beacons can be installed in many ways, here they are part of the lighting installation.
Eastern stairwell with elevator, floor 1
Turning left after leaving the stairwell, a connecting corridor leads to course rooms, a lounge, and vending machines.
To the right are classrooms for prep courses including blind & low vision skills and basic courses in physiotherapy.
The office of rehabilitation advisor Mr. Karbstein is located in room 1714.
Many of the doors here feature QR codes.
Some of them are mentioned in the guidance information of the indoor system, this one isn’t.
But I know that QR codes here are always located on the same side as the door handle and on the right side of the door sign.
BlindSquare includes a QR code reader.
this makes it easier to provide additional information, because a QR code can accommodate more information than a Braille label.
Tools Button
Alert: choose action
QR Code Reader
Room 1714
Back button
Room 7114 heading
Area 7, room 1714
Rehabilitation advisor Dirk Karbstein.
Phone: 854
Office hours: Monday, 9-10 o’clock

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