Board Games of History

Board games.
For millennia, they have served as a form
of entertainment for humankind.
Now, as our legacy, we prepare to bring them
to the next level: the moon.
This is … Board Games of History.
The popular board game of Chess has evolved
into several variants, the most well-known
of which are Western Chess and Chinese Chess,
or Xiang Qi.
Chess actually originated in India as a game
called Chaturanga.
Though the original game and its rules have
been lost over time, it was preserved through
the different games it evolved into.
Today, Chess is enjoyed by people all over
the world, regardless of social, political,
or cultural differences.
Chess has withstood the test of time, and
will continue to do so in the future.
It was ancient civilizations’ legacy to
us, and will be our legacy to posterity.
It has been spread all over the face of the
Earth, and has the capability to go further:
to the moon.
Chess is a great example of the work of some
of humankind’s best minds and a symbol of
strategy and intelligence.
Leaving Chess on the moon would not only strengthen
the legacy of an amazing invention, but would
also serve as a testament to a global culture,
as well as a source of entertainment for generations
to come – even past the boundaries of Earth.

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