Bodrum holiday resort and spa(Dutch with English subtitles)

Bodrum holiday resort and spa(Dutch with English subtitles)

we are going to turkey
that’s nice.
where are we going?
to Turkey
to which city?
nice eej?
We will see
Damm that was hot on the bus
but we are here
Breaktime. banana eat time
let’s go through the gate
completely searched. checked the bag
well kim kim kim
we made it
this is no vlog. beacause we dont like vlogs
but I just wanted to say that we are going to board
of course is the crew not present yet
of course we will be sitting next to them
do not spill a coke on your pants while flying. that’s not nice

Oke action
that is noud’s bed
or is this youre bed
this one?
you gonne sleep there?
1 of those 2 I have to choose

Where is the shower?
show me
here it is
the toilet is here
oh there
the sink
the big bed is here
the tv is there
that’s stupid that you have the TV
the fridge
we just went to another swimming pool
malibu drinks
some meatballs
Sunday morning 8 am. I really didn’t want to do it but
I just went with the crowd to lay down a towel
this is not normal
everything is full and everyone is having breakfast
this is not normal.
but its a must if you want a place to lie down
nobody has the guts to pull it off
yesterday i did it. removed Towel and took the bench
so lifeguard thought it was good
could have done today but didn’t feel like it
it is enjoying here though
the food was so tasty yesterday
breakfast was not tasty
breakfast is open but I don’t feel like it
dirty dry bread, tasteless meats
wait until lunch. hope it is better
evening dinner with doner and stuff. cant wait
let’s see what we are going to do today
very many hotel guests there. so I think when we leave the place is gone
hope we go into bodrum this week
silly joke right
now for real
we are very bad tourists
Noud has an ajax suit
2 bags full of stuff
we were able to bargain a bit

okay then we don’t do it
I don’t think we should stay here too long
is going the wrong way with the money
today no swimming pool but a day at the beach
last day unfortunately
so we go home again
just enjoy the pool while we can
nice story man
time went fast
time went fast
there is a time to come and a time to go
we are sitting again
going home
wave goodbye. we are going home
hallo nederland
no? you want to go home?
you want to go home?
i dont want to

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  1. Hallo, wij gaan binnenkort ook naar dit resort, en al zoekende naar filmpjes kwam ik die van jullie tegen. Leuk filmpje, en ook fijn om het resort al vast door de ogen van een landgenoot te zien.
    Hebben jullie ook die hutjes gezien op het strandje? Weet je toevallig of die te reserveren zijn, of is dat net als de bedjes wie het eerst komt eerst maalt?

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