Bodybuilder VS Cyclist TOTAL LEG DAY feat. Robert Foerstemann

Bodybuilder VS Cyclist TOTAL LEG DAY feat. Robert Foerstemann

Alright folks. You want to see some action, some heavy weights being lifted? Watch this cyclist do squats: 200kg, 10 reps. Come on, do it! That’s an easy warm-up weight for you! Let’s go up to 220kg. Now show me who’s the king of squats! You’ll do it with ease – come on! Push! You’re strong, do it! That’s enough for the bodybuilder! Enough squats for today! Let’s see.. Nice, you’re shaking! Keep going! More. Don’t stop. Do it! 10 left.. 9.. 8.. 7.. Keep going, there is no pain! 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Well done! Awesome, there’s always one more rep to do! Let’s see if I have any chance to beat this beast.. Bring it on. One meter left. Go, go, go.. keep going! Awesome. He definitely showed will power. That’s how top athletes develop! When talent, and will collide.. .. this is the result! I’m so done.. He dominates me! -Nice workout! He simply dominated me too hard. I sadly got to be realistic! Blood and sweat! Come on, show us your biceps. -I doubt I can..

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  1. Der einzige Weg sich per Muskelkraft schneller fortzubewegen als Robert aufm Fahrrad ist sich ein Arschtritt geben von ihm geben zu lassen 😀

  2. hahahahaha sein arsch sieht aus wie von einer fetten mexicanerin. Passt überhaupt nicht zum rest.. so einen fetten hintern habe ich schon ewig nicht mehr gesehen 😀 ach du kacke, sieht das bescheuert aus. AAAAHAHAHAH

  3. This fucking music had me dying the entire time. What the fuck? Why I was imaging some jim carrey movie or fucking mario. This shit had me weak jesus christ.

  4. Yep, people have always said id lose muscle cycling and mountain biking as much as I do. Then most would later ask how my legs were so big. Bikes. Boom.

  5. that is the lamest outfit i have ever seen and i am scared that you put that in my brain now. Going to start a go fund me for workout clothes for Robert.

  6. Коленки у чувака внутрь скашиваются и дрожат. Слабые ножки-то.

  7. He has the shape of a giant midget. Jeez.. Who would ever want a physique like that? No matter how strong he is..

  8. For those who doesnt know, there are different kinds of cycling, Road race (tour de france etc) and track cycling or the one this cyclist cycles 🙂 Track cylists are pretty huge compared to road racers thats why there is alot of skinny riders due to high amount of distance they r racin compared to track cycling
    Also track cycling is mostly all about power dats y they r big

  9. Guys… bodybuilders have more weight in their upper body due to more muscles…so obviously he is lifting heavier each time… whereas cyclists have less weight in their upper body…

  10. There is a thing called too much. This is why people have heart failure. Body building is good to a point but if you get too big your heart cant pump and if it gets enlarged well lol its the big gym in the sky. Hope you can read English.

  11. Store clerk: hi , are you looking for jeans?

    Cyclist: yea I'm looking for 32 x 32

    Store clerk: you want them straight leg or bootcut?

    Cyclist: do you have horse leg cut or baby rhino cut?

  12. I just don't just do squats i do Calf's and Burpees Even Lunges and Climbers and jumping jacks and running,

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