BOX FORT BOUNCY CASTLE!! 📦🏰 Ultimate Indoor Bouncy Castle Fort!

guys before the video starts stay tuned
because a couple minutes in I’m gonna
announce it really awesome giveaway and
how you guys some it is sweet deeply did
its load you can’t find us what’s good
guys let’s just mr. Pooh’s look hey mr.
po mr. Poole it’s Randall ya gotta cut
you gotta come with me mr. Pooh
oh the moles to talk to ya never look
look papa Jake isn’t gonna treat you
right look he just stepped on you he’s
doing his vlog now it’s not even letting
us in it all the fans said they want
Randall and they want mr. poo they said
mr. pool Randall’s yeah we only want mr.
poo look look at pop Jake over there
he’s making a video without us come on
come on you gotta come with me Randall
you gotta come with me no I got some
people to show you come on man come on
this way okay yes all right come on come
on it’s just it’s just this way come on
come on mr. poo what is this place this
looks scary this is where all the
neglected toys from Papaji come yeah
once I had to put the password the
password the password is let let’s eat
Logan yeah you you guys think that’s
funny come on mr. poop I got to show you
around I want to introduce you to the
big cheese okay what is this point is
we’re not always that this right here
mr. poo this is where all the toys are
meeting we’re going to come up with a
plan to take over papa Jake’s channel oh
no it’s that’s not a good plan papa
Jake’s our friend do you think Papa
Jake’s our friend you think a friend
would not include us in every video look
at the comments mr. Pooh
every single comments mr. Poole and
Randall should have their own channel
that’s what we’re gonna do mr. Poole all
right all right we’re all coming here to
me to talk about how to take over the
channel it’s good it’s gonna be it’s
gonna be rattling mr. Poole to the end
papa Randall then mr. Pooh papa randl’s
channel to the end I gotta introduce you
to the Big Cheese he’s organizing this
whole thing papa JQ from TV and we are
back with a brand new video and today
guys we are doing ohh again it’s not
basketball time it’s video time but you
know what they call Papa Jake they also
call him totally missed that Logan edit
that so it looks like it went in but
guys today we’re back and we’re doing
something you’ve been asking for for a
while and in fact it’s something I
wanted to do for a long time but we
could not do it until we had a big
enough house because we’re getting a
castle today that’s right we’re building
the castle but it’s not just any castle
it’s a trampoline jumpy gasps it’s a
jump it’s not like a castle like swords
or Gigi it’s like a like a jump I mean
that was that was a little bit farther
than that what a dunk should look like
we are making a jumping castle box for
we’re gonna be making a box for it not
only huge but also has a full jumping
castle inside check this out
this is the jumping castle so we need to
make a box sport that can fit this
inside but here’s the thing we’re not
going to inflate it before building the
box sport oh no we’re gonna make the box
work first then inflate it so Logan if
we mess up just one calculation one
centimeter off the whole thing that’s
not good no it ain’t so we got to make
sure that we calculate this box for
exactly the size of the jumping castle
once we have it blown up we can have a
bunch of fun in it and if it works
really well I was thinking we could
probably bring it out here and use it to
do some mad basketball dunks also guys
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before I start building as I promised
slash teased at the start of the video
we are doing a giveaway in this video
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then you can choose whether you want an
Xbox PSN or steam card now you do be
building out here to Scala
got the whole ceiling up here get the
basketball there we’ve got a ton of room
to build this thing I’m not entirely
sure on the exact specifications on how
big this box for needs to be so I mean
this might just act as like a big
balloon and the whole box fort will
explode or I don’t really know but I
think it’s gonna be a lot of fun so
we’ll have an open ceiling we’ll build
it and then the final moment of truth
will come but when we inflate this thing
and we see what happens let’s start
are you guys still there can you hear me
this yeah man
I got the box court built now all we
need to do is put up all the sides and
cut out some windows as well as the door
I think this thing is gonna be awesome
I’m pretty excited because not only can
we use this in this video but this opens
up so many doors to use in like our
billionaire Vox boards and even just for
comfort I mean who who doesn’t want a
box were to have a massive jumping
castle inside
we just finished building the box for it
we’ve got these awesome windows here we
even have door entrants that we could
get in and out of I don’t know what this
is gonna hold up we still don’t know if
this thing is a thousand times bigger or
even a little bit bigger and it’s just
all gonna fall apart but like I said
it’s kind of part of the experiments
already yet all right it’s not perfectly
secure hold on okay now she’s secure
stop doing Flair
I’ve never inflated a jumping castle
before but I’m kind of excited
I like the no roof it’s got like the
whole like open area box here is the
jumping castle all right so we got
everything set up now it’s time to blow
this thing out are you ready dude yeah I
guess all right let’s do this
got the pump turning on now I don’t know
if it’s even in the right direction but
once it starts inflating we’ll have a
better idea so here we go in three two
a bit of a knot here I’m going Evo can
you fix it
okay the knot is sort of Phenix oh I can
see it out here it really looks like
it’s not gonna fit I’m too far gone
hi this one even bigger than we
anticipated Oggy you’re gonna have to
use the slide yo Jake I want to go in no
joke in man this thing is sweet all
right here we go inside our house that
was originally inside a box for it but
exploded so now it’s kind of just a
jumping castle cool
that looks like oh yo Logan I’m coming
in bro
Colby yeah cheek you’re gonna break this
this box board is sweet and guys if you
have any crazy ideas you want us to do
with this jumping castle in future box
sports like the billionaires box 4 or
even check this out we could surround
this entire thing in cardboard including
the roof and happy crazy box 4th that’s
not only comfy but also a lot of fun
guess what came for you
I’m currently inside the jumping castle
I’ve depleted its load you can’t find us
all jumping castle what happened to the
for it Jay
yo Jay Jake you’re inside the fort say
yes if you’re not in there I’m just
gonna inflate it
I was hiding in here the whole time
I know Jake that’s why I blew this up
well come on in dude
yes if you guys think we should do
another video with this obviously we’ll
include in our billionaires box ports
but if you think we should do a
dedicated video make a proper
billionaire jumping castle box for
Maurice around or anything like or or
they could be anything or even like a
spaceship dude we can’t like walk on the
moon in this thing you guys have an idea
let us know down below and smack that
like button let’s try and get fifty
thousand likes for eight awesome 24-hour
jumping castle box for survival video
and of course guys thank you so very
much for watching this has been Pappa
Jake from Team epiphany and Logan and
we’ll see you guys next time for another
awesome videos

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