BU Women’s Rugby Club Builds on Game’s Growing Popularity

I think a lot of people don’t know that
women’s rugby is just as intense, just as tough as men’s rugby is. You see people not being afraid of getting
hurt, you see them like, I don’t know, fearless, and I think that’s what I really like about
this team is that we don’t go easy on each other at practice because we want each other
to get better. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s move. You know, the practice is sort of structured
like a rugby game. It’s such a fast sport, there’s not really
time to be nervous once you start. What I want to see: you keep a nice wide base,
you drive your legs in contact, your body height is low. Does that make sense? Most of the people that join our team have
never played rugby. So, we teach them the fundamentals, like how to safely tackle someone, how to
safely get tackled. You’re always trying to get lower than the
other person and drive them back as far as you can. Core strength is a really big thing, with
tackling, rucking, and scrumming. If you’re lifting a person up in the air
that feels very weird for the first time that you do it. Let’s make sure we execute the lift, let’s
make sure we execute the throw. So that means the ball needs to be in the
air before the jumper’s in the air. It’s pretty high intensity. There’s days when it’s like practice last
night was rough, but at the end of the day, we know that that
hard work that we put into practice is definitely worth it in the game. Definitely a lot of focus going into the game,
like, anything that is in the stands gets completely tuned out. Guys, make them scared to hit you. It’s the most physical sport I have ever
seen ever played. At all times offensively, defensively everyone
has a job. It’s kind of a mixture of handball and football. A big thing is that you can’t pass the ball
forward. Usually you’re jut trying to pass back down
a diagonal line. So a lot of it is like communicating with
each other. For me, my thought process is let’s keep
everyone organized, keep everyone in a line, keep them moving left and right so that we
can try to break their line and when we’re one defense, try to stay
in a line so that they can’t break ours. Scrums can go one of two ways: really good
or really bad. If we break apart at any time, the whole thing
falls apart. It’s the most amazing feeling, as a team,
to have those girls there, like, together, and supporting each other. I mean I would definitely say rugby is an
outlet for me, like it’s something to look forward to on the weekends, like “wow, I had a rough week, I’m going
to put all my energy into this rugby game.” My confidence levels have soared because of
rugby, it forces you to eat right, it forces you to work out. It makes me want to push myself to be better. I don’t know, I feel a lot stronger when
I’m on the field. It’s so much fun.

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