Building Another Glider

Building Another Glider

Hey, guys! Brad here! If you’d like to see
us make a tutorial on this glider… Let us know! Add some comments
down below, like the video, and… Subscribe to our channel! Take care guys… We’ll see you next time!

56 Comments on “Building Another Glider”

  1. Please do a building tutorial. I'm trying to get my 11 year old granddaughter interesting in building. She likes your videos

  2. Would love to see a build video! I've made two of the Sandpiper 12" following your earlier videos– thanks for those! Now I need to learn to trim them. Thanks again.

  3. Hi friend!! Nice video!! I would appreciate to know what kind of instrument is that on 2:46… It resembles the degrees of a stair!! It looks like its for making wing's dihedral!!! Whats the name of this instrument that appears around 2:46, friend? Can you teach us how to build it??? I need one of those!!!

  4. Love that "smack" into the wall! while in A&P school, I was 'playing' some 1" wingspan jobs, the clay kept the bird stuck on the wall as long as needed! 😀

  5. Love the design
    I’ve had a break for probably 6 years. I just purchased some balsa and made a few catapult launched gliders again. I really like your extended grip out the tail end.

  6. tenho assistido seus videos e ja me tornei seu fã,daqui do brazil um grande abraço,acabei de me inscrever no seu canal!!

  7. If and when you make a tutorial could you please cover the part where you make the rounded leading edge with several straight cuts before sanding? I have been doing mine free handed and it is very tedious and inaccurate.

  8. I am done with buildibg 5 Sandpiper model just as tutorial video.. Now i am planning to build this one… Look great.. In deed a tutorial can help.. Could you please share your Email id… Will share some pic with you… Plssssss need your suggestions… What is most important factor to give a long flight… Is it weight…? And one more request… Type of tweak that can help a hobbyist in making changes after built… Imean how d glider behave on which factor

  9. I dont know why people are asking for a tutorial….its all in the video itslef…anyway,the glider islooking awesome

  10. Greetings from the U.K.! Just recently found your great videos. I've today finished building a Sandpiper and test flying tomorrow. I like the look of this one. I'm amazed how high it goes and then lands almost at your feet! how do you do it?!! Best regards

  11. Hello, I'm a technology teacher. My students will participate in a flight competition with the same model you made. Is there anywhere to find the plans for your model. They watched your video but we can't figure out the measurements. I appreciate your help!

  12. I just silenced this video and put on some Esperanza Spalding in the background, it was a good video to watch that way.

  13. Enjoy all your videos, and thank you for sharing. I saw a girl who built one of your gliders for Science Olympiad. Can the rudder be placed on the top instead of on the bottom?

  14. Your awesome, ordered the American Kestrel and it came in today, didn't have time to build it today but will tomorrow. I have also scratched built the Sandpiper and the Tornado, and both fly well. I haven't got to fly them in an open park just yet. The weather here in Oklahoma is either too windy or wet. I'm hoping for the perfect conditions and opportunitie to do so. Keep it up Night Hawk.

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