Bukan Kahwin Paksa (2020) | Episod 11

Bukan Kahwin Paksa (2020) | Episod 11

Izz left the house? “Dara, what are you talking about?
I didn’t do anything with him. This is just a misunderstanding.
I’m free tomorrow if you want to meet. We can have breakfast together
but you’ll have to come to Melaka.” She’s in the wrong
but I have to come to Melaka? But, I want to meet her. “Okay, I’ll be over to Melaka.
What time and where do you want to meet?” “How are you, Mr. Beats?
Did you forget about your friend here? How’s your wife?” “I’m doing good.
My wife’s fine. Just found out that
she’s pregnant last month. How are you and husband?” “That’s too soon! Praises be to God.
Congratulations. If we placed a bet when we got married
the last time, you could’ve won! My husband and I are fine,
but no baby yet. Please pray for us. So, how do you feel
now that you’re going to be a father?” “My feelings? I’m happy, nervous, scared.
But the weird part is I feel like… …I don’t deserve this.
It feels like it’s too great of a gift… …for a nobody like me.
And if He was going to take it back,… …I’d know why, because how could I
raise another human being… …when I’m not that good?
Sorry, I’m a bit emotional.” “I feel you. If I got pregnant and
then had a miscarriage,… …it could be because I’m not
good enough to be the mother. I pray for your wife and baby’s health
and everything goes smoothly.” What’s so funny?
What are you looking at? Ryann. Yes? I’ve started to pray.
-Okay. Do you like it? I don’t mind if you want to pray. What about you? What about me? Don’t you want
to pray with me? Don’t you want to be my imam? Come on, Nita.
I’m not a hypocrite like…. Like me? No, I mean, we’ve been
living in sins. So, I think it’s too late for us. No, we still have an option
to repent. Aunty Yana!
-My darling Elly! What about my uncle?
Isn’t he your darling? Elly.
-Didn’t you tell me to say that? I didn’t tell her that. Are you stalking me or what? I was about to ask you the same question.
What are you doing here? Are you waiting for a friend? Yes, sort of. I’m taking this kid to the market.
-And then, the park. Let’s go. Elly, wait up. You’re not going to work today?
-I’ll be working from home. Do you want to go out
and have breakfast with me? Are you asking me out? Who else did you think
I was talking to? There’s only the two of us
in this house. Well, you used to avoid to
go out with me in public. You’re asking too much questions. Aku cuba nak buat baik. Are you coming or not? Okay, I’ll go and get ready. Elly, Azz, wait! You go ahead, Elly,
and get whatever you want. Are you sure?
-Yes. Here. You gave her RM50.
-I know. Anyway, are you free later?
Maybe we can grab a coffee. Coffee?
-I want to try the new cafe. I’m buying. That’s what I wanted to hear.
People rarely buy me anything. Are you meeting with Dara here? Don’t ever think that by doing this,
Dara will let go of Izz. No, I’m seeing Dara because….
-What? No wonder you’re inviting us
so you can have a backup plan. No, Azz. Let me explain.
-Let’s go home. Let’s go home.
-What about the park? Why did we leave Aunty Yana?
-Because she left us long ago. Now, let’s go. Okay, we’re here now.
Why did you want to see me? No, the question is, why are you
ruining my marriage? Who do you think you are? You’re complaining about that?
But it’s okay that you stole my boyfriend? We were together for three years
and how could you marry him? Did you care about my feelings? We were happy before you came
into the picture. Fikirlah sikit. You’re right.
I ruined your relationship. I’m sorry.
I shouldn’t be here in the first place. Dara! Now, this is right. Really?
It was never right before? May I sit? Sure, aunty. Mama! Have a seat, mama. You’re Manja, aren’t you?
-Yes, I am. Eunos talks about you
every day… …that I feel like
I’ve known you forever. Stop it, mama. Did you order your food?
-Not yet, do you want to go to another cafe? Are you comfortable here? No, I don’t think so.
I’m from Penang,… …I don’t go to cafes. Manja, my mother must have
nasi kandar,… …especially with two boiled eggs
and chicken thigh or wing. You two look alike. The elders say that it means
you two are meant to be together. Really?
How come we don’t look alike? I’m just kidding, mama. I’m sorry that I scolded you just now.
I was stressed out. Was it about Izz?
-No, it was someone else. Don’t worry, Dara.
Your husband belongs to you. Nobody is taking him away. But you guys were together
for three years. I don’t think you could
move on just like that. Well, I used to think that way. But, I realized that my ego
stopped me from moving on. Well, nobody likes to get dumped. But, I came to realize
that I was lying to myself. I was angry. I could just move on
but I didn’t because of my ego. Macam mana dengan Along? Well, a lot of people told me
that he loved me. I didn’t believe them. But, now when I did,
he was mad at me. But, if you didn’t want Izz anymore,
why did you come to KL to see him? Because I wanted to prove
to myself that I could move on. This is so complicated. But, that’s what makes us human. But, Izz truly loves you, Dara. I could tell from the way
he talked about you… …that he really cared about you. Go home, and please love him
the way he loves you. I know that you hate that I called,
but don’t make that voice. I’m just not in the mood. I know.
You left the house, didn’t you? How did you know? Dara came to Melaka to see me. Hello, Izz? Dara came to see you?
My Dara? She went to Melaka? How many Daras did you know? What did she want? She thought that
I was ruining her marriage. I knew it. But, don’t worry, Izz. She cares about you. Percayalah. You see, she came to Melaka
just to attack her husband’s ex. If it wasn’t love,
then she must be a psycho. Ariyana.
-I’m just kidding. But seriously,
Dara really loves you. So, I think you should go home. Okey. Sweetheart,… …someone wants to talk to you.
-Who? Is it mama? I don’t know who it is. Why don’t I put you on the phone
so you’ll find out? Hi, is Mr. Izz in?
-Mrs. Dara. Do you remember me? You’re Sherry, right?
You came to my wedding. You still remember.
-Of course, I do. Is Mr. Izz in?
-No, he’s not. He went out for lunch
and then straight to his appointment. Do you know
when he’ll come back? I’m not sure.
Do you want me to call him? No, it’s okay.
I’ll call him. Thank you.
-You’re welcome. Elly, I told you not
to jump on my bed. Uncle, let’s go to the park. I’m busy.
We’ll go tomorrow. I want to go now. Tomorrow, okay?
I’m busy. Please.
-Tomorrow. But, I want to go now. Please.
-Fine, go and get ready. I’m ready!
Let’s go! You’re wearing this?
-Yes. This isn’t a sport attire. Come on! Watch where you’re going! You? I’m supposed to say that. You ruined my life. Well, who cheated with my boyfriend? Your ex came to me! I don’t have the time to argue with you.
-Me, either! Are you okay? You’re not well. Do you want me
to send you to the clinic? No, thank you. I can drive you home
if you want. No, there’s no need. Where are you going?
You’re not well. I’m hungry.
-We’ll find something to eat later. It’s Aunty Yana.
Aunty Yana! Did you make a plan with her?
-No, I’m just a little girl. I don’t know anything. Come on.
Aunty Yana! I have some bread.
I brought a lot food. Did you plan this with her?
-No way, she’s only five years old. You’re right.
You can’t be using her. Let’s eat. Sit down. Why do you look at Sis Lily? Sis?
She seems older than me. Why her you call her “sister”? And you call me aunty? Why do you address yourself
as aunty? Who is she, Elly? She’s my kindergarten teacher.
She’s very kind. Your teacher?
So, why didn’t you call her teacher? She said that she’d feel younger
if I called her sister. She’s in denial. All of the kids like her. Kids like me, too. She’s pretty.
-And I’m not? You’re pretty, too. Hi, Elly.
-Hi, Sis Lily. I’m Lily.
-I’m Yana. Sis Lily, Aunty Yana wants to know
why you want to be called sister. No, I didn’t ask her that. You did. You even say that
she’s in denial that she’s old. I didn’t say that. She misunderstood it.
I was talking about something else. Let’s play somewhere else. Dara? Dara? Ms. Dara is not in.
-Where did she go? She didn’t tell me. Never mind.
Thank you. Azz, Elly took it wrong.
I didn’t say that Lily was old. It’s okay.
It’s just a small matter. Why did you see me for? Is it because Izz couldn’t accept you
because Dara didn’t approve of it? You never give me the chance
to explain to you. It’s not that I wouldn’t let you
to tell me the truth,… …but there have been a lot
of lies before. I went to see Dara to tell her
that Izz loved her. And I realized that
I no longer love him. There’s only one person
in my heart. You just realized it now? Azz, saya minta maaf. I’m only human. Saya buat silap. I’m a human, too, Yana.
I have feelings. Did you realize that
you’ve been hurting me all this time? It hurt a lot
but I endured it. That’s the purpose
of this meeting. I wanted to ask
for a second chance. Kita mulakan yang baharu. There’ll be no pasts,
no problems. Semuanya baharu. I think you should think it through
before you talk. But, I’m serious this time. If you really are,
then you should think it through. I don’t want you
to change your mind soon. Right now, I don’t want
to put any hopes. I hope that you’ll understand. I’m really sorry. Terima kasih, Dara.
Saya rasa lega sekarang. Good.
How long have you been married? How did you know
that I’m married? Because you’re pregnant. Who is he?
Do I know him? Ryann. Ryann? Are you serious?
Congratulations. Dara, actually,
I want to apologize to you. Tak apa. I’m the one
who should thank you. Why? Well, if you two weren’t caught,
I wouldn’t meet my husband. You’re right. So, I was kind of
a matchmaker? Yes, sort of. So, did you really forgive me? Yes, I did. I pray that you and
your baby will be healthy always. And I hope that you and the baby
will change Ryann. Actually, he’s a nice guy but…. He’s lost. Where did my love go? Why are you screaming?
-What are you doing here? This is my house.
-So, who told you to leave? Who told you to call me
a hypocrite? Go and brush your teeth!
Your mouth stinks! Go to the other toilet.
-This is the only toilet with toothpaste. Move, I want to spit.
-I’ll spit first. It got on me! Wait, I think you know now
why I went to see Ariyana. Who told you?
-Who else do you think? Ariyana! What’s the matter with you? Darling, listen.
I think you’re ready… …and I’m ready to hear
your apology. Go ahead. Why?
I didn’t do anything. You didn’t?
Alright, you can kiss my hand. You know, you can practice
for Hari Raya,… …since it will be coming soon. No way.
I didn’t do anything wrong. Well, why did you look for me
at the office? Sherry!
-Clean it up. Honey! What is this? Rinse your own toothbrush! Let me out first.
-I need to go first… …because I have
a lot of appointments. Wait.
-What? Now you look better. Even if I look bad,
I’m still your husband. No, you’re mama’s choice. Take care! Can I take Mr. Adi with me for a minute?
I need to talk to him. Okay, excuse me for a minute. “Dear my beloved husband,
I know that I have flaws. But, I’m grateful that Allah has given me
a strong, patient and caring husband. Although you’re annoying sometimes,
you snore a lot,… …you chew food with your mouth open,
but, I accept you the way you are… …and I hope that
you accept me the way I am, too. But, imperfection is perfection. So, with that said, I, Dara Safiya,
would like to apologize… …and declare my love to Izz Rizrin
with all my heart. And I miss him so much! Come back to your wife.
I love you.” He gave me a blue tick?
Why didn’t he reply? I apologized for crying out loud! I feel so relieved now. It’s true that when you apologize,
you have nothing to lose. It only makes us feel better. Who did you apologize to? Dara. Dara?
-Yes, yesterday. And I was thankful
that she could forgive me. She congratulated us
on our marriage. And on the baby. It hurts, Ryann!
What’s wrong? Why did you tell her?
-Well, we’re married, right? I didn’t want her to know
about our marriage… …and your illegitimate child! Ryann!
You’re hurting me! This is what you wanted, right? Ryan, it hurts! Should I keep it off? Yes, serves you right! How could you
give me a blue tick? Uncle Long, why wouldn’t you
be friends with Aunty Yana? She told you that
she wanted to befriend you, didn’t she? How did you know this? Well, I have a superpower. You eavesdropped, didn’t you? I didn’t. You know what? I just wanted to care
for my own feelings. Besides, I didn’t want to
rush things like before. I’ll take a little more time. I don’t want to have any problems
when I’m married to her. Well, what can I do if
we’re not meant to be together? I’ll accept somebody else
who will grow old with me. She’s asleep already? I’m sorry, Nita. Every woman
who is with me must hurt. It was the same noise. It’s the noise again. This is too loud. Whatever will be, will be. It’s me!
What happened? Can you give salam next time?! Peace be upon you.
-I was scared. What’s the matter? I’ve read all of your messages. And there’s one thing
that I’m not happy about. I feel angry, too. What is it?

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