BWF Responded – Lin Dan Bamboozled video

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Welcome back to the channel I just wanted to give you guys a quick update regarding our last video In our last video we talked about how Lin Dan got bamboozled and did not get any ranking points for playing at the Gwangju Korea Masters. If you haven’t watched that video please go and watch that video first before watching this video. The link is down in the description below. We asked a lot of questions in that video. BWF saw our video and sent us an email with some clarifications on the topic. A huge shout out to BWF for sending us the email. It just shows how Bwf has been doing really well in terms of reaching out to fans through Instagram and different other platforms to popularize the sport globally. In our video, We discussed about how some players including Lin Dan did not get any ranking points because of a certain BWF rule. Let me just remind you of the rule once again. This is the rule Many of you also pointed out how the “special exemption” rule is really ambiguous. BWF provided us the details about this in their email and I want to share this info with you guys. First of all BWF pointed out that the special exemption rule was included to avoid any extraordinary or unintentional events which might bring negative consequences to an athlete. There have been many types of special exemptions given to different players this year. The first type of exemption was given to players who became a top committed player only in the second half of 2019. Michelle Li is such an example. Such players could play as many tournaments they wanted in the first half of the year as there were no restrictions. It was impossible for such athletes to plan for the full year which Super 300 tournaments to play in and which tournaments not to play in. This is why the special exemption was granted to Michelle Li. The second type of exemption was given to the doubles pair of Wang Chi Lin and Lee Yang. As you guys might already know, Lee Yang was playing Lee Jhe Hui last year. Now he is playing with Wang Chi Lin Lee Yang was not a top committed player in November 2018. Only Wang Chi Lin is a top committed player. It was reasonable that such doubles pair with only one top committed player is given the special exemptions as their world ranking is much lower than that of other top committed players. Allowing them to play more super 300 tournaments will help such pairs to improve their ranking. Now the last type of exemption was the one given to Lin Dan. BWF gave a blanket exemption to all the players to play a 5th super 300 tournament. This was in recognition of the tight tournament schedule and allowing such an exemption provides some flexibility around tournament planning. However, exemptions were limited to five Super 300 tournaments and exemptions have not been given for a sixth tournament. When was Lin Dan, Goh Liu Ying and other players informed that they had been given the special exemption to play the 5th super 300 tournament? We tried to get an answer to this question from BWF but sadly could not get a solid answer regarding this. This would have debunked the mystery why the players went ahead and played the tournaments without getting any points. We got a simple reply saying that All the players and associations were sent the regulation at the beginning of the year and that the regulations are available online on the website. Apparently USA player Zhang Beiwen also did not get any points for Macau open as it was her 6th super 300 tournament. We found out that there were some miscalculations regarding Zhang Beiwen’s ranking points in some pages on the BWF website, even though it was correct in some other pages We informed this to BWF and since then it has been corrected. Hats off to BWF for quickly correcting the mistake in the data. That’s all for this video. Thank you all for watching and please give us a like. See you in the next video.

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