Cajon Tutorial: Reggae Cajon Groove

Cajon Tutorial: Reggae Cajon Groove

Hey there Cajon Drummers! Welcome back to another video here on Cajon Groove Guide. Today we have another lesson all about playing reggae on the cajon. So just like in the previous reggae lesson we’re going to use a “One Drop” feel. If you’d like to check out that video first It’s very basic, easy to understand. I’ll put a link in here for you now. Let’s get started with today’s groove. We’ll break it down into two parts. The first part will focus just on what’s happening up here around the snare. And then in the second part, we’re going to add in that all-important bass. So two easy steps and we’ll have a new cajon groove to play. So, just playing the snare part of this groove, sounds like this: 1, 2, 3, 4… So, the next thing to work on for this groove is the right hand. It’s job is moving between the corner and the middle snare. Let’s listen to just the right hand for a moment. 1, 2, 3, 4… So that’s the tricky thing that’s happening with the right hand. One the left hand we have one double that we need to look out for. I’ll show you nice and slow so that you can practice that as well. OK so we’ve almost finished putting together this groove We have the pulse, we have the right hand going between the corner and the middle. We have the left hand doing that one double. OK so I almost forgot! One of the finishing details on this groove is a finger roll. So at the end of the phrase, We’ve got “tap, tap, snare” Just with the left hand using these two fingers. I’ll link in here as well a playlist for all of my videos about finger technique So you can brush up on that before if it’s something you’re still working on Otherwise, let’s add that in as well. Okay! The last thing we’re going to do and thankfully the easiest thing is add in the bass! So if we remember where that double is Right? On beats 2 and 4 That’s where our bass is The only difficult thing is We don’t want to have a big.. Double hit on the bass We want to have the first one as strong and the second hit to be a bit lighter on our way back up to the snare Right? All together… So the goal is to have that fat accent on the bass and follow it with just a little ghost note. And there we go! Thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed. If you have any comments or questions leave them down below this video. If you enjoyed it, please hit that like button And subscribe if you’d like to see my new videos as I upload them I will see you on the next one, bye!

22 Comments on “Cajon Tutorial: Reggae Cajon Groove”

  1. I got my very first cajon and used it on my first show last month. The show was a success! I learned everything from your videos.Thanks a lot, Ross. I'm going on my second show end of this month. Keep making great videos!

  2. As a Jamaican percussionist I must say your reggae grooves are well done, getting my first cajon and I can see myself using these grooves, keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Ross!! I love your videos!!
    I really wanted your help. cajon is all about improvisation. I have been drumming for 7 years and playing cajon for a year. Due to the limited portability of drums, I use the cajon mostly for various event and I wanted to participate in solo instrumental competition. Any tips or advice on how I can use the cajon and should I encorporate cymbals along. I'll be playing against guitars and pianos :). looking forward to your reply

  4. hi are a inspiration.well done for your fantastic cajon vids. been through every one and must say…great.your playing is very tight (loads practice eh) how do you play without annoying neighbors? i had to make a sound proof booth which helps..or play with thin gloves when practicing which is not ideal but a compromise .love knuckle knocks…i also use fingernail knocks…lol which add a new texture. once again,,thx for your fantastic videos.look forward to your next one

  5. Hi love your channel, I just got my first cajon its a meinl subwoofer with birch front, I am a conga, djembe, kit drummer. I find that the slaps on the snare section are not as poppy as I would like, I tried loosening the 2 corner screws but that didnt seem to help, should I loosen more screws or even all of the top screws?

  6. Hi Ross, i love your channel, and it's another great groove from you,
    i do love your "one drop" concept on this reggae groove, it does help me,
    you know i'm just playing cajon recently, and i'm no drummer, so this thing is my very first instrument that i can play for, and i learned everything from your videos, thank's Ross
    keep the great groove, i can't wait for another great groove 😀

  7. Reaggae It's my fav one…!! And you are great at playing that beat.I want to learn that but I find it a littlebit difficult than the other one.Your videos are way to fast for me to catch up 😂 So can you do it slower…!!

  8. Going from 30 years of drum kit to cajon is both a challenge and a lot of fun. Your explanations and demonstrations are a great help, I love your attitude as much as your playing thanks

  9. Hey Ross. I am a big fan of reggae music, so this video was very fun to watch. However, I am still having trouble learning the actual groove. I really love the feel of reggae, but I have a difficult time learning how to play reggae grooves on the Cajon. This is just me, but I would love another Cajon reggae groove tutorial if you have the time in the future. Thank you for reading this if you do.

  10. I usually really enjoy your videos, but this one is a little misleading. What song/feel are you thinking about when you play this groove? It doesn't sound like reggae. It would be a nice addition if you played along to a song. Still, thanks for your hard work.

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