Captain Stuart Hogg ahead of Round 3 Test

Captain Stuart Hogg ahead of Round 3 Test

This is the kind of weather we want to play
to implement our game plan you know we want to play fast expansive rugby and here’s hoping
that the conditions can stay like this for tomorrow. We are in a good place we haven’t
quite performed to where we want to be but that is exciting for us as we can get better
and the challenge for us tomorrow is to really put our game on to the Italians and hopefully
get our first win of the championship and I truly believe that if we can implement our
game plan then we are more than capable of coming away with the right result. Like everything the momentum swings in rugby are massive and when the Italians are on top of it at some point then this place
is rocking but I am led to believe that there is a lot Scottish fans coming out here as
well tomorrow so we will be looking to get them involved in the game and be a great atmosphere
from them and hopefully give them lots to cheer about.

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  1. Want to play fast expansive Rugby yet we're playing a defensive minded team against Italy? Also why is Haining starting for Edinburgh today and not Scotland tomorrow BOLLOCKS

  2. Bonus point win would steady the ship nicely, but a win is the main thing. Played decent the first two games, fine margins and some improvements is all.

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