Catapult Glider Landing Contest

Catapult Glider Landing Contest

[Brad] Looking pretty good. I think you got to be close. I think you’re gonna be close. Yes, no it’s close, it’s close, it’s close! [Brad] Here we are at the AMA in Muncie, Indiana. This happens to be the… I
guess the you control field where they actually have the cable on their their
airplanes. It just rained so we’ve got quite the humidity and maybe some
thermals. [Bruce] Here we go! [Brad] It goes pretty good. We’re aiming for the circle. It’s looking pretty good. I think you’re gonna be close! [Bruce] A little dive, there. [Brad] I think you’re gonna be close. Yeah. Yes. No it’s close! It’s close! It’s close! [Bruce] No, it’s way too far. Just about another 40 feet or so. [Brad] So if we were doing a point system on these circles what would that be? [Bruce] Ok, hundred center, fifty in the
outer, twenty-five and ten. And I had a 20… [Brad] I’d call that a 25. You’re touching the 25 zone so that counts. [Bruce] But, yeah, both. 25 and another 10. [Brad] But, you don’t count them both! [Bruce] 25, 10 is 30… er 35.
in your first shot okay that’s pretty [Brad] Ok, that’s pretty high! I don’t know. [Bruce] Nope, it ain’t gonna make it. Not enough turn. Not no wind, either. [Brad] Not quite there. I think you’re shooting it too far away from it. [Clown Horn Honking] oh I think you need to move a little bit
more towards the target. [Bruce] Yeah, but what if the wind picks up? It’ll drag it farther… [Brad] Right now, you’re not even making it so there’s no wind. Shot number 3, here we go. Yeah it’s hanging. I think you… no no
no no come back. Come back. Come back. Come back! I think you can score this one! You
can score this one! Get in there that’s points. That’s points! Slide into it! 25!!! It’s another 25. [Bruce] I still need to move down a hair more. [Brad] It’s on the line I’d
call that in. See the wingtip is in. [Bruce] We going by touchdown or skid? [Brad] I say where it lands– where finishes yeah, why not [Bruce] So that’s another double there… [laughing] [Brad] So not too far. All right I get three shots! Ok, Shot #1. [Brad] I don’t know about this one… [Bruce] That wind picked up. [Brad] Ah, not even close. And it’s floating… You hit a thermal there. [Brad] Yeah, I told you that grass is humid over there. [Bruce] I don’t even see it. [Clown Horn Honking] I see it now. [Brad] Oh, not even close! [Bruce Laughs] [Brad] So, here we go… Now, it needs to drift. Yeah… That looks good. It’s points. Land, land, land! [Bruce] You got a stall on that one. Okay 100, 50, 25, 10– That’s 10 points. The last ring is what 5? Okay 10 points and you had 50? Oh, boy, I need to hit a 50 now to beat you! OK, so now I’m gonna go over here. [Bruce] You need to add a tad weight to that thing. Stalling. Either that or put tad curve to the tail. [Brad] Ok, we have shot #3. Shot 2 was 10 points, so my total is 10. Here we go. [Brad] Gotta hit a 50 to win. Drop, drop, drop. It’s not looking good! And it’s a 25. All right you had 50 and I had 35. Round
2? [Bruce] Round 2. You go for it. [Brad] Round 2, I get to start. Here we go! It’s a little high, but it’s circling alright. That’s a good 50 points! Not going to get the 100. 50! [Bruce] That’s what I’m going to do is not launch it so quick… or so hard… [Brad] Yeah, it’s within the rules. [Brad] Ok, First shot was 50 points, this is shot #2. Oh, it’s a little high… Oh, big stall though. [Bruce] That helped you. [Brad] I don’t know. I think I’m going to circle out of it. Did not help me… Land, 5!!! Ah, 5 points! [Both laugh] Barely hung on for the 5. All right
that did not travel much that way at all. OK, 55 points. Shot #3. Here we go! [Bruce] Uh-oh where’s that going? [Brad] This looks troubling. [Bruce] ooh. That helped you. [Brad] Oh, nice lift! Yes! 25! [Bruce] 75… 80… [Brad] 80 points! New record. Your turn. [Bruce] Launch. Ah, get up there. It didn’t get no lift. [Brad] Where’s that going? [Bruce] I don’t know. [Clown horn honking] [Brad] Well least it’s on the blacktop. yeah
okay okay it circles around come on [Bruce] Here we go. [Brad] Ok, it circles around. Come on. [Bruce] That wind is really… [Brad] That’s looking pretty good,
actually. Come on back. Drop, Drop, Drop! [Bruce] Hey, I almost hit the 50. [Brad] That’s a 10. [Bruce] A 100 is the only way I can beat you. [Brad] Yep. It’s a hard target that 100 right
there. [Brad] In the grass this time. Woah, where is it? Where is it? Well we could do do-over on that one. That was freaky. We don’t know what happened there. It flipped funny. [Bruce] Yeah it did. [Brad] Ha ha… 5 points, though. I’ll give you a mulligan on that, though. [Brad] All right shot #3. [Bruce] It ain’t curving. [Brad] come back! hard to see [Horn honking] [Bruce] I didn’t have a turn on that one. Yup, you won that one. [Brad] This is round 3. First shot. It’s 1 to 1. Here we go! Oh, come on! No! [Horn honking] [Brad] Zero. Ha ha ha… [Brad] Uh, I think I need to be more this way, too. OK, I did launch it this way last time. Shot #2 [Brad] Drop, drop, drop… Alright, I’ll take that 25. [Bruce] That’s a good shot, yeah!
Do the same thing for another 25 or 50. [Brad] Yeah, that’s a respectable score. [Brad] I’m going to go more in and more this way. Ok, shot #3! [Brad] Yeah I like it! I like it! I like it! Come on, come on, drop! [Both cheer] [Bruce] Just a little bit more! [Brad] Closest yet! All right 75… Did I have 25 last time? [Bruce] No, First one was zero. [Brad] I mean second shot. Was that 25? or 50? [Bruce] No, it’s 50-50. [Brad] All right, I lost track of my score here. Ok, 100 points new record again. [Brad] Round 3. First shot. I think he’s tuned in. okay all right [Bruce] Oh, no. Oh, no! Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn… [Brad] Ok, you’re in the 25 zone. [Brad] Shot #2 in round 3. [Brad] That’s pretty high! [Bruce] Yeah, it was. [Brad] Needs to crank it. Come on. Oh Oh that’s good that’s good! That’s good! Yeah not bad! [Bruce] So, I got 50 and one more 50 wins, right? [Brad] Yep well I had a hundred right? [Bruce] Yeah, so I got one more 50 would do it. [Brad] Shot #3. You have 75 points. The score to beat is 100. 25 will tie, 50 will win. Oh I think you might do it! Yep! I think you’re gonna do it! You did it! Easy! Even close to the hundred!!! Oh, right over it… Nice! [Brad] A new record 125! WINNER!!! [Bruce] That was fun. [Brad] Well, that was our target challenge. Thanks for watching, guys, we’ll catch you later. Well done Bruce!

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  1. Another great video I can’t believe how fast your channel is growing already at 400 congrats I remember when you were on 30 subs well done 😁

  2. Oor meive a dictence lake fotbol fil 100 yart the hit flyg unlimite dependy tha termical win currens hwos is inperdectic flowing or like hagar to largech bery long mofet frdera wit tha store blin (is a exanpel)

  3. You could get very complicated with the rules to ensure nobody just points it straight down at the 100 point circle. How about bonus points for every second in the air but only count if the glider lands in a scoring circle. So a 10 second flight landing in the 5 zone gives you 15. Maybe even multiply the seconds by the landing zone. So 10 second flight landing on the 100 zone gives you 1000 points. Getting carried away now so I will stop 🙂

  4. That does it! I gotta have a Lonnngg talk with Missy about our bird building time! That's TOO much fun! 😀

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