CGR Undertow – THE PINBALL ARCADE review for PlayStation 3

Pinball machines are something that is difficult
to explain. The feeling you get when you are
standing behind the machine, with your fingers
on the buttons, and your focus resting solely
on that silver ball. Man, it just doesn�t
really get any better than that. It brings
a tear to my eye to think how the kids of
today are not lucky enough to have pinball
machines as available as they were in my days
as a youth. But pinball lives on, in both
concept and spirit in the realm of videogames.
The Pinball Arcade tries to bring home the
experience, and succeeds very well at it,
in more ways than it might intend to.
Pinball Arcade doesn�t want to just have
the player feel like they are playing a pinball
machine, but rather that they are in a pinball
arcade, with many different options in terms
of machines for them to choose. Alright, now
here is the real cool thing about the game.
The machines are actual digital versions of
real pinball machines. I mean, you might remember
playing one of these. That is a great addition.
It brings a level of authenticity that many
pinball videogames are lacking.
Each table is wonderfully presented, with
all the bells and whistles that make pinball
so much fun. The controls work perfectly and
give the seamless pinball experience that
everyone is looking for. You can even call
for an attendant when the ball gets stuck.
How cool is that? But each pinball table plays
just the way you want. The flippers feel great
and the ball physics are spot on. You can
really easily shoot the ball right where you
want to. And reaching the high score, and
seeing the lights flash and sounds cheer.
Few things go towards self esteem building
like that. And the game even offers online
leaderboards for each table, so earning a
high score can be bragged about and is not
a tall tale none of your friends believe.
But the game does have the same evil intentions
as regular pinball machines, and that is looking
at your quarters, but now just your digital
wallet. You start with a couple tables, which
are great but if you want to play the other
tables they dangle in-front of you, you have
to pay an additional fee. And it�s not like
they are DLC, they are there, you just can�t
reach them. Such is the world we live in.
The Pinball Arcade is a great way to play
the silver ball, with tons of real tables
and all the excitement of real pinball, and
the disappointment of not getting to play
the ones you want for free.

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