CGRundertow MARVEL PINBALL 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

CGRundertow MARVEL PINBALL 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

No one does pinball video games like Zen Studios,
and this week, they’ve brought a good one
to the Nintendo 3DS. Lots of bonuses, lots
of secrets and lots of spandex.
It’s Marvel Pinball 3D. Because, see…they
all wear spandex.
Now, we reviewed the console version way back
in 2010, and as with so many Zen pinball games,
we liked it quite a bit. Coming back to it
almost two years later on the 3DS, we’re
reminded why we liked it. This is an awesome
game of pinball with a fun Marvel theme. That
said, it’s a little more fun on consoles.
Marvel Pinball 3D comes with four separate
pinball tables. You have tables based on Iron
Man, the Fantastic Four, Captain America and
Wesley Snipes…I mean, Blade. As you’d
expect, each table has its own unique design
and is filled with all kinds of crazy missions
and secrets.
The game plays really well on the 3DS. The
shoulder buttons control the paddles,
and that’s really all there is to it. The
only problem I really had with this version
is the way the pinball table is only shown
the top screen. It kind of squishes everything
into this tight space, so the tables look
small and the ball is sometimes hard to see.
It’s understandable, since the bottom screen
doesn’t do 3D, but still…tiny balls.
That said, the 3D effect makes a huge difference.
It makes everything look much sharper and
even more clear, as it’s a lot to easier
to discern things when they’re in stereoscopic
3D. In fact, I’d say Marvel Pinball 3D is
one of the rare games where there’s a huge
improvement going from the 2D graphics to
It just looks awesome.
In terms of game modes, you have single player
games with local and online leaderboards…but
you also have hotseat play, which has you
passing the 3DS from friend to friend in a
sort of hot potato multiplayer mode. That
said…obviously, there’s
not a ton of modes here. And along with only
four tables, its eight dollar price tag is
something to think about.
Zen Studios has done a nice job of bringing
their fantastic Marvel Pinball game to Nintendo’s
new portable. The thing is, it is a little
better on consoles. But if you’re a fan
of comics and pinball and you’ve never played
this before, Marvel Pinball 3D should be at
the top of your eShop wish list. Otherwise,
keep the eight dollars.
Buy some spandex.

30 Comments on “CGRundertow MARVEL PINBALL 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review”

  1. Wesley Snipes wasn't able to do his voice here because he was having fun ruining a Twilight Convention

  2. Pinball Pulse is the best pinball game you can buy on the 3DS eshop. It only includes one table, but it's one of the best pinball tables you'll ever play.

  3. never been all that interested in pinball games… and i probably wont buy this either.. unless there is a sale on it like they are having with vvvvv this weekend

  4. Dudes, Using the D-pad+B-bottom offers far more precision, and what i find more enjoyment. I only use the L-/R-bottoms when i'm on the road or otherwise can't find a table.

  5. I Believe there to be 8 different camera specifications, some allow tracking the ball around the table, leaving it to never leave the screen.

  6. How could you have made this entire review without realising that "X" changes camera view?? There are 8, some of which follow the ball and show the table more closely.

    This review makes the game look alot worse than it really is.
    However the video should have mentioned that the flaws in the first "zen" pinball game are ALL present in this one, sadly. Terrible loading times, current "score" is unclear (not shown on top screen) inability to change controls (wtf!?)
    and nudge button=useless.

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