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  1. For me cheap is like 20-40 dollars and expensive is the 99 dollar ones…but who am I to talk, i don't even own one stick haha

  2. Thank you for proving that it's not the stick that matters… there's way too many people that assume that the extra $200 makes you the greatest player on the ice…

  3. I just saw this on my recommendation list, and Idk how accurate this is, I got a proper composite stick, one piece, intermediate size, extremely light, even has frickin Griptac on it and I got it for like $30 at my local Canadian Tire, so I’m not sure how true most of this is???

  4. Jeremy, you should remake your "Cheap hockey sticks VS Expensive sticks" video. All the videos comparing expensive sticks to cheap sticks are great, but shooting around with it and playing with it doesn't exactly help. However, when we are comparing different pricepoint sticks we need to see the statistics on the stick. Such as:
    1.weight-weigh in to compare the sticks.
    2.shot speed-something to see if the more expensive stick actually makes your shot harder
    3.checking if the sticks are the same lie, curve, flex.- that way its fair game

    and while you are testing, you should:
    take lots of shots
    use a blindfold-try to see if there is a difference.

    I'm not hating on anyone and I'm just suggesting this idea. Since I'm a hockey noob, as I improve I may want to invest in a better stick. I really want to see if it is worth it and see how a more expensive stick will help your shot.
    Sorry if you're very busy and I sound like an annoying child. Just a video idea.

  5. I've always played with the $30 Montreal M9 sticks because I never saw any noticeable performance differences besides weight. Now the older wood sticks I find are getting harder and harder to find as everything is composite.

  6. Last years to tier sticks are usually 50% off. They still break faster, but if you are looking for performance it’s a bit more affordable. Warrior does a better job on their cheaper sticks than other brands I’ve I’ve tried.

  7. More expensive = lighter except in the case of warrior. To me their sticks are heavier than other brands even the expensive kind. And it felt like a lot of weight was towards the bottom half. I wouldn’t trust what he said about not noticing it. A lighter stick feels different in the game. You’ll have a harder shot and quicker hands. I would use a wood stick to practice and a $180 stick would feel like nothing and then the $230 sticks would feel like air.

  8. $99 cheap? Dude I make my own wooden hockey sticks for about $20-25. Wooden sticks get a decent flex, they don't break as often, and you get better puck feel. Even Gretzky said he'd like to see a move back to wooden sticks. If its good enough for the great one, its good enough for me.

  9. Do retail sticks still have carbon fiber?. I bought a 60 dollar stick, and a 80 dollar stick. Bauer n6000 and ccm ribcor 45k.

  10. I am in my late 60's and have played with every kind of stick except the aluminum shaft or the current expensive sticks. Mid range $75 stick intermediate sticks with 65 flex works perfect for me now, playing 3 times a week. The only problem with sticks is that you get used to playing with one and when you need to replace it the production is over. You have to find a new stick.

  11. Very good review, lots of points to talk about. I think this was one of the most comprehensive looks into stick quality I've seen. Well done.

  12. I just bought a CCM tacks 40 McDavid 65 flex with a p28 curve for 85 bucks it feels really lite and comfortable and I can get of quality shots and still have the ability to have those quick hands

  13. i used to get top of the line sticks when they were 180-200 but now that they are 300 im n ot about it

  14. If I’m playing rep hockey I would buy the $300 sticks like right now I’m using a Bauer Nexus 2n pro but if I move to JR B witch you have to pay for your own gear I would buy $300 sticks but at bear league I would just buy the no name hockey sticks

  15. i play competitive high school hockey and i own a $109 stick from bauer (not sure what it’s called)… honestly who in their right mind would spend $300 on a stick so pointless

  16. whenever i ponder "why dont i play hockey anymore? im not THAT old yet, i can still get out there" and then i see prices and it becomes clear and i go play golf with the same clubs ive had since college instead….

  17. I disagree here. There is a world a difference between the $100-300 sticks. My first top tier stick was an Easton S17 ($250). I couldn't believe the difference vs the Easton $100 I had at the time. It made the cheaper one feel like I was using a uncut piece of lumber. Same when I switched to Bauer. I had a Vapor X40 ($99)which broken in the warranty period. They sent me an X50 to replace ($169) massive difference! I then purchased an APX and APX2 in straight years (both around $300) and they were fantastic. I'm now using the Vapor X900 ($199) and to me there is not much difference between it and the top tier. Unfortunately the bastards are only making my pattern in the top tier now.

    The biggest difference is the lessened material and full one piece stick. Every aspect of performance is improved. The added weight in the blade area of the entry level sticks makes sticking handling less precise, increases time to pass, and harder to load and whip shooting.

    The biggest problem is the lack of durability. The blades die fairly quick and are very prone to breaking from stick checking….

  18. This guy kills me every time I watch one of his videos and I hear him say the word "eXpecially." It's so odd. There's no "x" in the word especially.

    BTW Costco carries a nice composite (by Sherwood?) for only $29.99. I just need to whack a puck, so good enough for me!

  19. LOL at paying $100, and especially LOL at paying $300, for a stick that isn't even made out of wood. It's a piece of plastic; it should cost ten bucks at the most.

  20. Weight won’t matter too much as long as you have the right curve. Curve is probably the most noticeable thing; I borrowed my buddy’s stick and that was the only time I hated a stick, it had a really harsh curve on it.

  21. I am just planning on playing (very casual) pickup hockey about once a week with buddies and am looking at an STX Stallion HPR. I found the high end model on sideline swap for $85. Will it last me a few years of casual play?

  22. I have been rocking my Christian Aluma Lite Pro 6.0 for a good solid 7 years now…. still hasn't died on me and probably wont. Def feel like maybe I should move away from the aluminum and get on to the world of flex. hahah.

  23. I paid $99 for my qre4 and its amazing. Loving it so much.. I mean I'm a big dude but I can easily puck handle with it 1 handed. Feels light as a feather, and after 4 games there is not a single defect or chip in the stick yet. This stick is a serious game changer for me.

  24. Sticks are way overpriced, the recreational player should be buying knockoffs wherever you can find them. For 70-80 bucks you can get the same weight and performance without the name brand and high price.

  25. Man I was always the kid waiting for someone to break there new fancy stick so I could shove a nice Coffey wood blade in it. My mom bought a case of Coffey blades from play it again and said here you go this is all I can afford. I played with wood sticks until peewee then I got my first 2 two piece Easton shaft which I it grew the next year and someone on my team broke the blade for the mission m1 shaft thats same shaft from bantam all the way threw high school and now into beer league. Granted I have used a ton of blades but for my style of play it works great. I'm always in the corners and always doing a ton of stick work with it.

  26. i purchased a Bauer S1($330) and Nexus 2700 ($100) both 87flex, the nexus feels solid the S1 feels very light and to much flex even though they are rated at 87. i played with the S1 for a few games then went back to the Nexus. i was loosing passes off the S1 because of to much flex when the puck hit it, that surprised me. Maybe its just me and need to make some adjustments to my game. i normally use mid range priced sticks and do not "need" a high end stick for my game.

  27. I still think it does make a difference to have a good stick.  Having the right flex also helps…and it's often with higher end sticks….like the Bauer Nexus N2, that gives you more choice in flex, which is a great option.  More flex sure helps in getting nice wrist shots off.  I'm tall at 6'2" and about 185 lbs, and it sure helps to have more option in flex.  Otherwise, I'm relegated to 95 or higher….which really feels too stiff for me.  With the Bauer Nexus N2, I was able to get either 77 or 87 flex, which is really nice to have as a stick option.

  28. Hey Jeremy I just bought my first stick that was 90$ USD but on sale for 70$. It was 50 flex and that's about half my weight but I can't flex it well when I shoot do you think I could get away with a 40 flex

  29. Well, the $99 “cheap” sticks aren’t bad, I have a CCM Ribcore 65k and a Warrior WO3 Backstrom QRE4 Covert.

  30. i bought a bauer surpreme one 55 like 9 or 10 years ago when playing in a hobby league. dont know its flex but its got the "naslund" print. i still have that stick…using it for shooting on a pad. still works great. and it was about 40€…or maybe 60-70$. so in my opinion…its not about the price (same about skates), its more about how comfortable you feel with it and if you cant improve your style of playing with that equipment.

  31. The warrantees on the $300 sticks should be at least a year that way it justifies you paying that kind of money for a stick. A 30 day warranty is a complete rip off if you’re dropping that much money on a stick

  32. I agree with your analysis. I used to pick up pro stock stocks and thought it would help my game. I play in beer leagues so all that would happen is my stick would get slashed and busted faster. Reality is we hardly take the typical slap shots anymore. Most are wristers or snaps. Lots of slashing and hooking so I go with the heavier cheaper ones. Plus I don’t make $10 mill a year. I went so far as to buy an old Easton aluminum shaft of eBay. That thing weighs a ton but I know in face offs my stick will crush the other guys if he tries to break my shaft.

  33. I would think that even at Center the heavier sticks could perform better than the lighter ones because it seems to be a battle for the puck not like along the boards but a battle for the puck nonetheless

  34. How long do they last? Shot speed differences? Can you puck handle faster thru certain drills?
    This vid is a complete waste of time without answering these questions. Feel? Insanely subjective and that's the only thing he really mentions.
    90% of these sticks are marketing and they're bright and shiny.

  35. Crosby entered the league with a wooden two-piece stick. When he switched to a one-piece composite, he scored like 50 goals lol …

  36. I went from a $25 stick to a $60 stick and thought I was getting a more expensive one… now You’re telling me $99 is cheap?! Come on man!

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