Cram-A-Cruiser Challenge | @TorontoPolice Chief Mark Saunders & Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons

PC Victor Kwong: Good morning and thank you very much for
coming to Toronto Police Headquarters
Today I’d like to introduce to you Chief
Saunders and Mike “Pinball” Clemons.
who will be introducing a new challenge. Chief Mark Saunders: Good
morning everyone and thank you for
attending. Today, first off I’d like to
extend a warm welcome to Michael “Pinball”
Anyone that knows him knows that if you
get to meet him in the morning
it’s a really good morning and I believe
you’re here today to offer a challenge of
some sort? Michael “Pinball” Clemons: Indeed I am Chief Saunders.
Such a wonderful man, I’ve
actually got a chance to meet him out in
community you know the
police mandate is to protect and serve
protecting is inherent in their job
description but the one part they they
don’t get a whole lotta credit for is
and already see you have so much to
do in
and you’re already out in the community and
when I saw you there I says well
you know what I am me maybe just maybe
that I could challenge you like, like you know
in any other construct I can’t challenge
the Chief,
right? But but but today I can challenge
the Chief not only that
I got another Chief right so they’re
two Chiefs that we’re challenging.
So we got this little contest called
Cram a Cruiser and we’re challenging our
Toronto Police to go against the
Hamilton Police. Friendly challenge
in collecting food for
those families those really worthy and
deserving families in our community
at what is one of the most difficult
times for the food bank. So we’re going
to ask
you to accept this challenge right? I’m
gonna ask the Hamilton guys if they
will do the same but first I have to ask
you to accept this
challenge to Cram a Cruiser. And listen
while you know I’m I’m really friendly
and this is a great concept, great idea
I really don’t wanna lose to Hamilton.
So-so so Chief this is our Just Give
campaign and this is a very important
day. This is
probably the most important day of our Just Give campaign
and I’m gonna give you the shirt and
how does Just Give and Cram a Cruiser
relate to each other
Just Give is a week long campaign and
as a part of that
one of the days will be Cramming a Cruiser. That same day
we will also be at City Hall and so you
can come down the City Hall
you say well well how do I get a police
officer come to
to my business. no, you can come to City
Hall come see us
and you can give right there at City
Hall. We’ll be there at noon
and if you stay a little bit longer
you could do the big gigantic hug with
us. We going to do
this Operation Hug right around City
Hall To say, to tell City Hall
we love you to tell our city we love
you and we’re gonna show
well Hamilton that our city has the biggest
heart right?
Are you willing to accept this challenge
Saunders: Yes
Well as you can see Mister Clemons I’ve
got my jersey on so it’s time to perform.
So on behalf of Toronto Police Service we
accept that challenge and you know what
Torontonians let’s show the rest of the
why we are the best at what we do. So
number one let’s win against Hamilton
Chief De Caire’s a great person, I’ve known him for
a long time but you know what
Toronto is gonna do a better job we’re
going to win that competition and more
let’s help those that need help the most. Let’s get that food
in those vehicles so that we can help other
Torontonians that need it so so badly.
But lets make a couple rules ok? So
no sirens, okay no sirens, no speeding,
no police escorts, have to wear seat belt,
must obey the law
but most importantly you have to have
fun. We have to have fun
all for a good cause I think its gonna be
a great time. So please
Torontonians bring any non-perishable
food that you have to any police station
in the City of Toronto we’ve got until
June the third
and then we get to celebrate by wearing
the crown and shaking
second-place team Hamilton so best of luck.
Clemons: and finally I’d like to give a little
bit of encouragement to our schools, so
schools you have to sign up by Friday.
You don’t have to bring the food in by
Friday, you have to sign
up by Friday. You have to just let us
know so we can include you
in the route and then the
police will come to your school.
And the key is now when they come you got
to be fast it takes like five hundred
items to Cram a Cruiser and so
you gotta get in there and just go because
the going to have a lot of stops to make so
let’s make this fun. Let’s make this
exciting and let’s help our community
if I can have a final word it would
be this
I, well, I grew up to a single
parent and
don’t want you to feel sorry for me my
mom was amazing she was terrific
but it was very important people who
came around to help us out and and to be
there for us.
Namely for me the police in our city
had a league called the Police Athletic League
was the nickname of it and that’s where
I grew up from eight-years-old
to to to when I went to high school they
our coaches the police were our coaches
in the community
and so it is that same indomitable
spirit that I I find here in Toronto
I love our Toronto Police Services and
all of our police services in the way
they give
and the way they serve and I have to
tell you that I couldn’t be prouder
to be part of this campaign in teaming
up, in partnering
with my Chief so thank you very much and
and please
know this, that we are excited
we are we also have the chance to
partner with well the people who really
kind of got this whole thing started
and that’s a Purolator “Tackle Hunger”
guys and so they’re going to be
kicking off and doing their own thing
they’re going to be doing it for the
whole week we got this special day
they’re going to be doing it for the
whole week and we’re gonna see how many
families we can help so thank you
Thank you Chief and Hamilton look out
Kwong: Thank you very much that concludes
today’s conference

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