Hi guys & welcome to a new video!
We are the freekickerz
Today we have a guest- it’s Niclas
He is the winner of the everyday-epic giveaway!
We will do 3 different football challenges – let’s see, who will win! Enjoy!
Challenge 1: Snapshot Challenge
We already got the teams: Felix & me VS Tim & Niclas (Goalkeeper is Jan)
Let’s see which team will win this!
Jan, pay attention!
This was a bad throw .. sorry 😀
How do you want the ball?
Just throw the ball above me 😉
What was that? Let’s try again, Tim..
I couldn’t see the ball 😀
I thought this would go in..
I think the keeper wasn’t ready, was he?
Nice goal!
Guys, you won the first challenge – without problems
The 2nd challenge will be a free kick challenge
We have to score there!
If you don’t score, it’s gonna look bad for you.
We will score!
No way ..
That was close, I thought Jan was just watching again
Too bad, I thought it was going in because the goalkeeper was irritated by the wall.
If Tim doesn’t score, we could win this challenge..
And hopefully Niclas also doesn’t score..
Should we move the wall?
We will get this point (Felix)
We really need to score NOW!
We have to score or we lose this challenge!
Both shots were really close, Niclas
If i score, this football is great .. if not than..
We have to get used to this position
Josef (Felix), you will score now!
Either Jan put the wall another way, or..
The free kicks are too easy for him..
It’s easier for the goalkeeper because the free kicks turning in to his direction
Jan, we’ve agreed that everyone in this round will score, okay?
I wanted to do the Ronaldinho..
Nice shot, Niclas! Great!
Thanks, Konzi!
Now we have a sudden death!
If a team scores more goals in the round, it wins the challenge.
We better should score some goals, like we promised before..
So, boys, with the slightest bit of luck, you won this challenge.
The score is 2:0 for TEAM T&N
Only 1 Challenge left – My suggestion:
You don’t have to agree..
My suggestion, who wins this challenge, wins everything.
We can, but only if we win.
Okay, we agree with this 😀
This was too easy for Tim
If i don’t score, i will you our JOKER.
Will this be your first GOAL today?
But you have to score the penalty first..
No way, what’s wrong with us..
We need to do a team meeting.
We use our first JOKER!
We decide, where the goalkeeper has to jump
Okay, than we will use our JOKER:
Konzi have to use his weak foot!
Oh, no – i couldn’t even score with my strong foot today..
I’m sorry, Niclas – we use our 2nd JOKER – weak foot for Niclas
We’re back in the game!
Felix has to score & if i score, you lost this challenge..
Why did i choose this corner, damn..
Nice one, Niclas!
We use our 2nd JOKER – we decide where the keeper has to jump!
Nice one, Felix!
Starting from zero!
Awesome penalty, Niclas!
It was a goal!
Okay, Felix – what is he going to do?
Now filming the save!
I knew it, that’s how I get you.
If you score with a backflip penalty, we will get 2 points & win this challenge
If he misses, we lose!
These were our challenges with the Everyday-Epic Winner “Niclas”
I hope, you enjoyed this day?
Yeah, it was a lot of fun!
And you could also get some advices from Tim’s Knuckleball technique?
Team F&K (aka Josef)lost the challenges by a very narrow margin. At the end it was a 3:0 ..
We tried everything..
Now we will change our clothes, get something to eat & drink & watch some football? Sounds good?
Let’s goo! Hope, you enjoyed the challenges, rate this video & see you next time!

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