Crossrope Jump Rope Review | Why This Jump Rope Is My #1 Choice (Crossrope Review)

Crossrope Jump Rope Review | Why This Jump Rope Is My #1 Choice (Crossrope Review)

In today’s video, I’m giving you a full review
of the jump rope that I use, and that is of crossrope jump ropes. In fact, they’re the only jump rope that I’ve
been using for the past seven years. I’m gonna give you everything you need to
know about this jump rope system. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and
hit that notification bill, so you’ll be notified of new videos coming at you every week. My name is Kyle Easter and I’m the creator
of, and let’s jump right into this review of the crossrope infinity jump rope
system. The first thing that you need to know about
the infinity jump rope system is what sets it apart from all of their jump ropes on the
market, and that is that it’s an interchangeable jump rope system. It’s not just one single jump rope. It’s a series of jump ropes, all weighted
differently from a quarter pound up to two pounds and there are sold in sets of ropes
so you can get the lighter to ropes in a set or the heavier to ropes in a set, or you can
get the whole package with both sets of handles in a complete set. Now let’s cover really fast what I mean by
weighted jump ropes. Now in the past weighted jump ropes, a lot
of the times, the weight was in the handles themselves. As you can see in this clip, weight in the
handles doesn’t do me a whole lot of good because my handles … If using proper form
and technique aren’t moving a whole lot. So with the infinity jump rope system, the
weight is in the rope itself, so as a weighted jump rope spins around your body, now the
weight being in the rope is pulling in all different directions. The centrifical force is going to be multiplying
the weight of the rope pulling out away from your body, which is going to be working your
grip strength, your arms, your shoulders, your back, and even your chest, a whole lot
more giving you a much more intense workout. Here is an example of me jumping with a lighter
jump rope and notice my hands how still they are, and I’m maintaining the same exact form
the whole time. Now, here’s me jumping with a heavy rope at
a fast speed. Notice how my arms are having to stabilize
a whole lot more while jumping with this rope. All right, so now you might be asking yourself,
what do I need two jump ropes for? Let alone four. First off weighted jump ropes are far easier
to learn with because of the extra weight in the rope it provides more feedback while
it travels around your body to your hands, so now you’re able to more easily identify
where the rope is, which is gonna help you develop the timing and rhythm for jumping
rope. Using weighted ropes also allows you to raise
the intensity of your workout so you can get a far better workout in less time. They also allow you to increase the strength
in your upper body, in your grip strength, forearms, your upper arms, your shoulders,
your back, and even your chest are all gonna really be feeling it when you’re using these
heavy ropes and weighted ropes also help you develop more power and speed for when you
go back to the lighter ropes. You’re gonna be able to move those ones so
much faster and for longer periods of time. All right, let’s get into why I have stuck
with these jump ropes for the last seven years. The infinity jump rope system rates highly
on what I have coined the PDQ scale. The PDQ scale is made up of performance, durability
and quality, which crossrope killed in each one of these categories. All right first let’s talk quality. Crossroads spared no expense in finding the
best materials to create this jump rope system from the handles to the bearings, to the grips,
to the ropes themselves. You can tell from the moment you pick them
up that they are a high quality system and this leads in to durability. When you have high quality, they’re gonna
be durable products and crossrope is super durable. I’ve had my current system for over a year
and it’s still going strong. My handles … The grips are very comfortable,
they’re showing no wear and tear. The bearings are ceramic ball bearings, they’re
spin super smooth and they’re continuing … I haven’t had one issue with those. You don’t have to lubricate them. They’re very simple and easy to take care
of. And the ropes, they never retained coil. They last forever and they still have a wire
down the middle so they’ll never completely break in half the PVC will eventually crack
through and you’ll wear it away, but it will never break. So you can literally jump with them forever
before you have to replace the rope. And last but not least, performance. I’m a performance kind of guy. I want a system that’s gonna continue to let
me grow and push my abilities to the next level. And crossrope certainly does that because
of the high quality products and the durability and the smoothness of rotation … The quarter
pound rope is plenty fast for anybody and the heavy ropes still rotate so smoothly I’m
even able to do skill work with those. All right, let’s talk price. The starter set for crossrope is there get
lean set which is priced at $88. I understand that sounds like a lot of money
to some of you for jump rope and a lot of people end up saying, “What you can get a
jump rope for $10 at Walmart.” I guarantee your $10 jump rope or your $20
jump rope is not going to compare to this system at all. You’re gonna have to replace it. I’ve gone the cheap route. I’ve done it and I’ve seen so many other people
say the same things over and over again. They ended up going from rope to rope because
they keep breaking and they’re not performing well and they’re having problems with them
and then they get crossrope. They’re amazed at how much better this system
is. So keep in mind that this system is going
to last you a long time. Like I said earlier, mine has lasted me over
a year, $88 for over a year of workouts and I jumped four to five days a week. I’m not gonna complain about that at all,
and then ultimately you’re investing upfront to get the whole system and the handles are
the most expensive part. So now I can replace the quarter pound jump
rope for just $18. That’s no big deal. The other information that I really want to
make sure you guys are aware of is crossropes warranties and guarantees. Let’s take a look at that on their website. Here we are on the crossrope website and as
you can see, they offer a risk free 30 day trial period. This is a pretty sweet deal. You can try the ropes out for 30 days and
if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can send them back and they will refund your
money. Crossrope also offers a 100 percent size exchange
guarantee. That means if you are not satisfied with the
size that you purchased, you can contact them within 30 days and they will give you … do
an exchange with you and even pay for the shipping in the US. Last and but not least, crossrope also offers
a two year warranty on their handles. This is the most expensive portion of the
system, so this is an awesome deal. You’re guaranteed two years of use of your
handles and only needing to replace probably a couple of ropes throughout that time. Another thing I love about crossrope is they
back up their system with a ton of extra value, far more than I know of any other jump rope
company doing, so let’s take a look at some of the extra value that they offer. If you are interested in crossrope, they did
hook me up with a 10 percent off code, which you will find in the description below and
I have them linked to their site so you can go check them out, go ask them questions,
go read some reviews. Reviews are your friend. I’m one person, I love them, but go hear it
from other people and what they had to say as well. I hope you found this review helpful. If you did, hit that like button and leave
a comment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding
any of the things covered in this video, I’m more than happy to help you out. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and
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week. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the
next one.

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  2. Glad I bought the get lean set. Don’t like that I had to pay $28 for shipping and still wait 8 days for them to arrive. Definitely got a solid workout off the first run yesterday.

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