Cycling in Pune – Exploring Khadakwasla

So, I took a gamble coming here, it was a
bit of a climb, which I couldn’t … I couldn’t ride up. It took about 10 minutes, but this route has
been quite amazing. Take a look. Hills behind, lovely trails, farmers, cows
somewhere … ehh, god knows where they are now But, I could probably go a bit farther down
as well, but had to stop because it was too mucky, and I’ve run out of time. Oh, there’re the cows. There you go … In today’s video, I’m going to show you
how exploration can be rewarding even on short rides – we’re talking just about 15 kilometers
from the center of Pune. If you look at the map around the Khadakwasla
dam, you’ll notice that there’s a hill that’s close, with a temple up top, along
with a few roads that almost reach it. I wanted to see if I could get to this temple
with my bike, by riding across the hill. On the first route I tried, I rode over a
stretch of rock slabs, which were a bit slippery, but it was quite an interesting experience
– this section was cosy, damp and pretty cool. The route did open up in a bit for some pleasant
riding in between fields and the hill and while it was fun, I couldn’t find an easy
way up the hill, so I turned back. On the second route, I came to a strict no-entry
sign on one side, and a pretty steep climb up ahead. I was feeling a bit lazy and almost turned
back … but then met folks who told me I could go straight on and ride on the hill,
which is what brought me here. I had to walk up with the bike and was immediately
rewarded by a very unique view of the Khadakwasla dam. It was simply beautiful up top and as you
will soon see, the hike up was definitely worth the effort. I think I rode about 1.5 kilometers one way
until I was stopped by muck, and decided to turn around – there’s going to be a whole
lot more possible here once its dry, so if it ever stops raining in Pune … I’m definitely
coming back to ride here again. So the next time you ride to Khadakwasla,
don’t just hit the dam and ride back home. Ride up this hill, ride across it, follow
the routes I took, or find your own way, if you look at the map, there are a few other
roads that lead up too – and … talk to the locals for suggestions on where to ride. The right person can really be a goldmine
of route information and locals have significantly improved my riding experience several times. Of course, this applies to wherever you’re
riding – if you see a side road that looks interesting, take it, found a hill? Try to ride up … take a different route
back home. It doesn’t matter if you finally don’t
get anywhere specific, just enjoy exploring your city, and experiencing places you’d
probably never get to if you weren’t on a bike. BTW, I think this would be a pretty sweet
downhill for someone more skilled … and less scared. Yup, I’m just a darpoke … Thanks for riding along, and until next time,
keep exploring!

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